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Oct 17, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Oct 17, 2020
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I think, therefore I yam.

facebooknormie · Oct 6, 2023

Visited again to see if anything's happened to the author of peak fiction

Yunhi · Aug 17, 2023

اردت ان اقول لك ان هناك شخص يقرأ لك فكتبت بهذه اللغة. قد يجعلك هذا تدرك أن هناك قراء أجانب بلغات أخرى يبحثون عن استمرار للقصة 
شكراً لك اتمنى لك نجاحاً باهراً
Nyaa · Jul 10, 2023


yam.laure · Author · Feb 26, 2023

Gosh guys I am alive, sorry I haven't logged into scribblehub in a while. I've got my final exams coming up next month on top of a lot of stress and mental health probs (im ok im ok)

I'll hopefully find joy in writing after my exams but currently I'm gonna have to pause this for a while. I should've let my readers known ahead, that's completely my fault. :(

But thank you so so much for ur support all this time and I am so glad people read my stories. I cant express enough how grateful I am!

ravien_gale · Mar 4, 2023

Or rather, as well as you can be

ravien_gale · Mar 4, 2023

Or rather, as well as you can be

Nyaa · May 19, 2023

So... it has been more than a year for 'I will try my best to remain a mob character'

I feel like that means it's time to move it to my dump list for stories that have been abandoned by their authors and left on foreverhiatus.

markos · May 19, 2023

Exams are a bitch all right.

Tori_the_Birb · Sep 3, 2022

Oi, please upload chappie.

Venusaur26 · Jul 22, 2022

are you alive?

Tori_the_Birb · Apr 7, 2022

I've waited long and months, then I get another cliffhanger. 

yam.laure · Author · Mar 26, 2022

Sorry for the hiatus, things have been a bit hectic on my end lately. I've got a few chapters drafted, need to edit them a bit and will publish them over the next few days. Just making an announcement to tell yous I'm still alive. Thanks for the continuous support!

TheEldritchGod · Mar 26, 2022

I forget. I thought I offered to help "ghost write" a few ideas for you, but I don't remember if I sent it, or you replied, or what was happening. I have damage to the hypothalamus. I forget crap all the time. Anyways, offer still stands if it would help out:

I write something, send it to you, you re-write it to fit your vision of the story. I would just need to know where to send the text file. 

yam.laure · Author · Mar 26, 2022

@TheEldritchGod Sorry, I haven't been checking my inbox and forgot to reply. I appreciate the offer, your writings and ideas are honestly amazing, but I've kinda got a vague pre-planned plot going on, just waiting for me to write it. Again, thank you so much for the messages. clear.png

ImAPotato · Mar 26, 2022

Friendly reminder that potatoes make for a great throwing weapon against most problems.

Pwah · Mar 27, 2022

Glad to have you back my man

Nyaa · Mar 11, 2022


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    I think, therefore I yam.

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