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Oct 31, 2020

Joined: Oct 31, 2020
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Full username:

Edge Valmond.
Email: [email protected]
Sites I am on:
RoyalRoad and Scribblehub.

Valmond · Author · Apr 19, 2021


New Story to come, well, whenever the list catches up. Just know it is done.


Which is actually my first LGBTQ+ story. Using all of the skills I acquired, I can safely say, I did so on the same level of all of my works. 

Valmond · Author · Apr 12, 2021


Queen of Monsters

Chapter 4: Those Who Are an Enemy

Has been released.

Also, for when ‘Vivere in Ventum’ comes out, there will be a sequel.

Vivere in Ventum: A Heart on the Wind

The second book is one of the best works I have done in a while, and I can’t wait to start releasing it. However, it will follow the usual process.

Queen of Monsters

Gate of Memories

Vivere in Ventum

Vivere in Ventum: A Heart on the Wind

While this is happening, the Restoration series is going to keep being released.

Valmond · Author · Apr 9, 2021

Queen of Monsters

Chapter 3: A Fleeting Dream

Has been released.^^

Valmond · Author · Apr 8, 2021

New Novella to Come

Vivere in Ventum

—>To Live on the Wind

You can check out the book cover and summary currently. Editing is in progress right now. However, it is only on Wattpad currently.

Valmond · Author · Apr 5, 2021

Queen of Monsters

Chapter 2: Those Who Must Ascend

Has been released. ^^

Valmond · Author · Apr 4, 2021


Queen of Monsters

Will be released on Monday’s and Friday’s.

Unlike the rest of my works, the chapters are not split off. Meaning they will be between decently long to moderately long. Though, they won’t be anywhere close to much of my chapters in my main works.

So, if you’re the type to wait until more it out, great. If you’re the type to get overwhelmed. Then, I would recommend reading it before the next chapter is out. This way, you can take it as it comes. 

Agentt · Apr 3, 2021

Queen of monsters...I had a plot in mind which is exactly I really feel guilty writing it.

Congratulations on new novel!

Valmond · Author · Apr 3, 2021


Thanks. To be fair, likely you can write your idea anyway. After the first chapter. The plot takes a large turn, and as it goes along. It maintains the element, but does its own thing entirely. Ideas are often not unique, it is what one does with it.  So don’t worry, it is very unlikely for it to be a double. ^^

If you are still uncertain, and want to verify it is not the same thing you’re thinking of. You can find the full novella on Wattpad. 

Valmond · Author · Apr 2, 2021

Queen of Monsters

Is now live.

Release is on Friday’s and Monday’s.

blackrockshooter · Apr 3, 2021

Also good, currently halfway through episode 5 of Tanya the evil.

Valmond · Author · Apr 3, 2021

Ah, I believe I have heard of it. 

blackrockshooter · Apr 3, 2021

It's good, one episode she is really adorable. But her face keeps reminding me of frogs.

Valmond · Author · Apr 3, 2021

I see, I suppose I’ll have to look into it more. I only heard of it, haven’t seen it.

Valmond · Author · Apr 1, 2021

I have decided.

Friday, I will begin release of,

Queen of Monsters.

I was originally a bit hesitant due to well, this takes place after the events of the trilogy. Then I realized, so long as you read the short stories, then it is good. While this is a standalone, the little Easter egg is understandable if you read the short stories at least. 

Valmond · Author · Mar 30, 2021

Forgot to inform.

Gate of Memories 

Is currently being released on Wattpad. Three chapters are out.

Valmond · Author · Mar 15, 2021

Story to be released eventually,

Gate of Memories

You can check out the summary and book cover here.

Valmond · Author · Mar 15, 2021

Just so you know, release may not be this week. I know that I am usually consistent with these things. Though, I am working on a new story, and I am almost done. For now, my full attention is on the new story. Though, I will try to keep release consistent like it has been, just not likely this week. Apologies ahead of time. 

Valmond · Author · Feb 16, 2021

Well, just found out I am on the trending list.


Yeah, that is far down. ?

Oh well.  Anyway, in about a week or so, give Queen of Monsters a go on Wattpad. By then enough chapters will be out for ya to enjoy more consistently. 

Valmond · Author · Feb 15, 2021


Queen of Monsters

Release has begun on Wattpad. ^^

Two releases a week. 

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    Edge Valmond.
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    RoyalRoad and Scribblehub.

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