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Oct 31, 2020

Joined: Oct 31, 2020
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Edge Valmond.
Email: [email protected]
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Valmond · Apr 29, 2023

I should mention, for Vita et Mors. There is a new short in release. Death End, you can read it by following the link. Sunday will be the conclusion of it, and Monday will have two Bonus Scenes.

Valmond · Apr 20, 2023

Right now I am editing a new Short.  This will be for Vita et Mors. It will also contain two Bonus Scenes. When it is done, it’ll be available on RoyalRoad. 

Valmond · Apr 3, 2023

All parts of ‘A Hero’s Soul’ is out on RoyalRoad.

Valmond · Mar 29, 2023

By the way, up to part 3 of A Hero’s Soul is out on RoyalRoad.

Valmond · Mar 25, 2023

I have another story being released here, Queen of Monsters. This one is a GameLit.

Valmond · Mar 24, 2023

The new short A Hero’s Soul. Release will begin tomorrow, at that time I will provide the link.

Valmond · Mar 21, 2023

Currently editing the short, which will be available on RoyalRoad. If anything is interested in a tragic heroic short. Then the link will be provided in a few days. 🐕

Valmond · Mar 21, 2023

Vita et Mors, forgot to make the releases today. I’ll do that tomorrow. The reason for this, is because I am working on a new short. On top of my other rewrites. 

Valmond · Mar 20, 2023

Almost forgot, Eternal Souls(Character profile) has been released on RoyalRoad. There are two Bonus Scenes, some character info. As well as a breakdown on what Soul Crush is, as well as a special Execution Level ability that works with it.

Valmond · Mar 18, 2023

Eternal Souls(Conclusion) 

Has been released, you can read it by following the link. 


Valmond · Mar 16, 2023

The first part of Azure Night short story is up on Royal Road, you can read it by following this link.

Valmond · Mar 16, 2023

Azure Night, the short story is finished editing. Remember, it will be released on Royal Road. The name of it is ‘Eternal Soul’. It is about 5k words, release starts tomorrow(3/16/23), and will end on the 19th. This might be short, but there is quite a bit in it. Including a Character Profile, where two Bonus Scenes will be available. 

Valmond · Mar 16, 2023

One is from Isa’s perspective, the other is from Elina. As for the story itself, it will be divided into two halves. There will be a day time event, and a night time one where the new feature will be shown. Anyway, tomorrow I will provide the link to the short story. 

Valmond · Mar 15, 2023

For those who read Azure Night. There is some good news and bad news. Good news, is that a new short is almost ready. Just gotta edit it, it also comes with two Bonus Scenes. With a new feature in it. Bad news now, it will be available on RoyalRoad. Since it will be made part of a short collection. So, when it is time, you can head over there and read it. 

Valmond · Mar 12, 2023

Looks like approval went through. So, go on in and enjoy Vita et Mors. 🐕

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    Edge Valmond.
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