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Nov 3, 2020

Joined: Nov 3, 2020
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I like books and web novels; I want to write books and web novels; I’m not confident at all! Nice to meet you!

Plantorsomething · Author · Sep 8, 2021

I honestly don’t know if anyone reads these but eh.


I finished the next chapter for Death Flags. BUT this is essentially the climax of book one. As a consenquence of my style of feeling things out and half-planning, I am now scared about the future consenquences that this important event will have on the rest of the series. Actually fuck it, I’ll make a ‘chapter’ as an author update.

Plantorsomething · Author · Aug 17, 2021

-annd now I’m in school! I dunno if it’s gonna make me write more with boredom, or slow me down, but it’s a thing

Plantorsomething · Author · Aug 9, 2021

The updates for death flags are slowing down, but not because I’m losing interest (or atleast for the most part). It’s just that COVID stuff is opening back up so a lot of family stuff, and I’m also fleshing out a lot more of the story, characters, world, and my future plans as I go on, so I’m putting a more thought into it than when I started writing. Thank you all for your patience!

frankielino · Aug 12, 2021

thanks new chap

Plantorsomething · Author · Aug 12, 2021

Thank you for commenting!

Plantorsomething · Author · Aug 12, 2021

-and reading!

Plantorsomething · Author · Jun 30, 2021

I’ve just realized creating fan works (writing, fan art, etc)  of niche fandoms might be an efficient way to get views. Not that I’ll write what I don’t want to write for the sake of numbers, of course. Even if I do try to capitalize on it, it’ll be in a way that I enjoy it. Just an interesting thought. 

Plantorsomething · Author · Jun 27, 2021

Sorry there’s a bit of a wait for Death flags at the moment. It’s a combination of me trying to create a Pokémon fanfic, which was much more of an undertaking than I expected, me being addicted to Pokémon Showdown, Summer vacation outings with family, and allergy + summer heat related headaches that leave me nigh unable to look at a screen (especially trying to read digital text which particularly sucks.)

Plantorsomething · Author · Jun 22, 2021

5k views on death flags let’s gooo!!! Thank you all so much! 

Plantorsomething · Author · Jun 14, 2021

Thanks so much to the person who reviewed death flags by the way! I really appreciate it! Though I will warn you, pushing me to finish a series will in all likelyhood make me less enthused to finish it. I don’t do well under preassure for creative endeavors. I understand you were well meaning though!

Builder · Jun 15, 2021

Oh! sorry. I meant it as more of a "when you're going to give up on this series, post the ending for it so that we aren't left hanging." Didn't mean to put pressure on you.

Plantorsomething · Author · Jun 16, 2021

Oh, sure, I wouldn’t mind! I already have the whole general flow in mind, as well as character arcs, plot points, etc, etc. Just remind me to post all that if I ever drop it. Thank you for reading!

Plantorsomething · Author · Jun 2, 2021

Stuck at a crossroads with Death flags. The next chapter would build character, but I don’t want to write it. I don’t want to write anything I think is boring, and I think the quality would decrease drastically if I try to power through it. Unsure of how to progress the story smoothly otherwise though. 

Plantorsomething · Author · Jun 2, 2021

Hm. I’ll figure it out, but it might take some time. It’s funny, since I do have chapters written ahead, but I actually wrote too far ahead and now I have to make all the stuff in between by scratch. The next (arc?) will be fast in comparison I guess, so you can look forward to that.

Plantorsomething · Author · May 21, 2021

Signature project and AP exams nest week, so I’m a bit busy, sorry. I’ll try to get the next chapter out today or tomorrow at least

Dev1325 · May 21, 2021

dnatsrednu ew

Plantorsomething · Author · May 21, 2021

Dnatsrednu indeed.

Plantorsomething · Author · May 11, 2021

The fact that my story was big enough for a troll to give it a one star honestly made me happy lol. Something’s messed up in my head

Dev1325 · May 11, 2021

I mean that is the best response to it

Daijena · May 11, 2021

You deserve some choco clear.png

It may be messed up for some, it could also mean you're a more positive person than you thought. And every positive person deserves respect if you ask me, beeing negative is to easy clear.png

Plantorsomething · Author · May 11, 2021

Than you guys! And yay, I love chocolate!

Plantorsomething · Author · May 1, 2021

I just wanted to thank everyone who’s read my work. Even if you dropped it, the fact that you gave it a chance is awesome to me! I hoped you were able to take something away from it if possible!

I’m also sorry I’m not as consistent a poster as most people, if you were disappointed about that.

Plantorsomething · Author · May 1, 2021

 Also, Progenitor needs a big work through, as I’d realized there was a lot of problems with the way I went about it, leaving me unsure of where to go in the future, but it’s my first posted work, so it’s not terrible for what it is.

Plantorsomething · Author · May 1, 2021

As for Demential god, I definitely did have a way to go forward but I wrote that when I was sad lol, and I don’t have the same ‘energy’ to put into writing it (I don’t like writing when I’m not passionate). And I’d realized I wasn’t a fan of the writing style it required of me.

Plantorsomething · Author · May 1, 2021

As for Hero, I’m exited, and still fervently planning it, though the way I chose to write the beginning is giving me second thoughts and I’m reluctant to write that ‘storm’ battle, because even though it isn’t just a random battle out of no where, I feel like I wrote it in a way that it *feels* random, and I don’t like that. It’ll be a bit difficult to get over that hurdle, but I think I can, especially since I have a vision for the future much clearer than Progenitor did.

Plantorsomething · Author · May 1, 2021

I had to split this message because of character limit

Plantorsomething · Author · Apr 2, 2021

I keep trying to get to writing a Progenitor and Hero chapter but I always think of something else I need to plan or research in advance, and everything just keeps getting in the way lol.

Dev1325 · Apr 2, 2021

take your time

Plantorsomething · Author · Apr 2, 2021

Thanks, dev!

Plantorsomething · Author · Mar 27, 2021

I was absent for a bit, sorry about that, but I was working on HERO in that time. It’s actually the most I’ve planned for a story I actually posted, if you don’t count the Undertale fanfic I made once. All the stories I’ve planned as much or more than HERO were dropped because I got to obsessed and anxious about it.

Plantorsomething · Author · Mar 3, 2021

I might have a load of homework on the horizon for the next few weeks. Or not, I can’t really say for sure. Might slow down in writing tho

Plantorsomething · Author · Feb 25, 2021

Well, I might not finish my novels or whatever, but I want to use this account to try my best to get comfortable with failing and sharing my writing. 

Razmatazz · Mar 3, 2021

It takes time and a lot of getting back up to your feet, but you can do it! clear.png

Plantorsomething · Author · Mar 3, 2021

Heck yeah! clear.png Confidence and determination goals!

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    I like books and web novels; I want to write books and web novels; I’m not confident at all! Nice to meet you!

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