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Nov 3, 2020

Joined: Nov 3, 2020
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I like books and web novels; I want to write books and web novels; I’m not confident at all! Nice to meet you!

Plantorsomething · Author · Jan 22, 2024

Sorry for such a delay with the next chapter of Autumn Flames, stuff has been happening on top of school, so it’s hard

Plantorsomething · Author · Dec 26, 2023

Hello againnn! Merry barely late Christmas! 26 minutes late to be exact. Was trying for a Christmas present, but had a last minute edit. I’m on break and cranking out some cool stuff, so I hope you enjoy! For now I got a new series, a fanfic for September Swords by gNatononthewall, and I’ve already got a bunch of chapters so the releases will be steady for a while. I only have a week left till school starts again, but hopefully my new little trick has me able to publish things during school.

Plantorsomething · Author · Sep 21, 2023

I’m starting college, so slower chapters

Plantorsomething · Author · Sep 9, 2023

Posting something for the first time in like, a year? Lol. Not even sure what to title it yet, but it’s a Pokémon fic that I’ve spent way too much time worldbuilding on and yet feel like it’s still sorely lacking, yay!

hauntedwritings · Mar 30, 2022

Thank you for following!

Plantorsomething · Author · Mar 30, 2022

Thank you for writing!

Plantorsomething · Author · Feb 13, 2022

Also all of those ‘hiatus’ stories were supposed to be dropped, sorry about that. This incluedes Hero of Violence, Demential God, and Progenitor

Plantorsomething · Author · Feb 13, 2022

Announcement chapter for Our Death Flags!

Xeno_King · Feb 13, 2022

Nothing much how about u

Xeno_King · Feb 13, 2022

Actually I got a question for you I ask another author but they never responded back sadly what make you wanna be a author or better yet what inspired u

Plantorsomething · Author · Feb 13, 2022

No one made more of what I wanted, so I decided to make it myself! 

Xeno_King · Feb 13, 2022

Oh ya true

Plantorsomething · Author · Jan 7, 2022

I honestly don’t know if this will make you guys angry or happy, but I’ve joined an authors’ collab called Arant Chronicles and created the character Rén Lei. It feels refreshing and exciting honestly, and it’s good practice that helped me learn/realize a lot. You can learn more about it here; 

Plantorsomething · Author · Jan 7, 2022

As for the next chapter, I had begun writing it before this swooped in. Most effort’s going to go into this for a while, not going to lie but I’ll try my best to get work done if I get time between this and school

Plantorsomething · Author · Dec 25, 2021

Merry Christmas one and all!

Plantorsomething · Author · Dec 12, 2021

Hey guys! Chapter is later than usual cuz of recent mental issues that I’d just realized, and I’m starting therapy in a few days. I’m 90% certain that if this issue gets relieved somewhat I’ll be a lot quicker at writing chapters though, but it’ll also require a lot of time and energy to do this. So think of it like an short term drop but long term benefit. I think. Who knows, but I’ll still be writing throughout the whole thing so don worry

Plantorsomething · Author · Dec 12, 2021

Writing is my break though lol. I honestly enjoy writing, there’s no doubt about that. Writing isn’t what’s stressing me out, the mental issues is slowing down the writing.

Plantorsomething · Author · Dec 12, 2021

But thank you for your concern!

Dev1325 · Dec 12, 2021

fair enough but sometimes even do some thing you enjoy can exasperate things. and way good luck with the therapy

Plantorsomething · Author · Dec 12, 2021

Makes sense.

Xeno_King · Nov 4, 2021

Hi here a cookieclear.png

Also u not updating progenitor?

Xeno_King · Nov 5, 2021

K also I do not bribe my pride doesn't allow it at first it was said hi here a cookie but then I saw the story then read it and then I put it in the message so no it not bribery just a normal cookie 

Plantorsomething · Author · Nov 5, 2021

Ahhhh I see, I apologize for sullying your honor with my presumptions

Xeno_King · Nov 5, 2021

It's fineclear.png have a nice dayclear.pngclear.png

Plantorsomething · Author · Nov 5, 2021

You too!

Plantorsomething · Author · Nov 4, 2021

New chapter!

Plantorsomething · Author · Oct 16, 2021

New chapter! Just realized you might only get notifications when I make status updates

Plantorsomething · Author · Oct 15, 2021

It sounds obvious but I think I’m just now realizing that my motivation issues with long term story writing  actually have to do with my adhd! Like literally everything else! Wow, who would’ve thought?

Plantorsomething · Author · Sep 27, 2021

Sorry for radio silence! I’ve been wanting to write, but a homework problem sneak attacked me. I have a hard time processing how much of a ‘threat’ a thing like this is until it happens, and it’s often hard for me to judge the time and effort needed for things (another aspect of adhd). Thank you for your patience!

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    I like books and web novels; I want to write books and web novels; I’m not confident at all! Nice to meet you!

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