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Nov 3, 2020

Joined: Nov 3, 2020
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I like books and web novels; I want to write books and web novels; I’m not confident at all! Nice to meet you!

Plantorsomething · Author · Apr 2, 2021

I keep trying to get to writing a Progenitor and Hero chapter but I always think of something else I need to plan or research in advance, and everything just keeps getting in the way lol.

Dev1325 · Apr 2, 2021

take your time

Plantorsomething · Author · Apr 2, 2021

Thanks, dev!

Plantorsomething · Author · Mar 27, 2021

I was absent for a bit, sorry about that, but I was working on HERO in that time. It’s actually the most I’ve planned for a story I actually posted, if you don’t count the Undertale fanfic I made once. All the stories I’ve planned as much or more than HERO were dropped because I got to obsessed and anxious about it.

Plantorsomething · Author · Mar 3, 2021

I might have a load of homework on the horizon for the next few weeks. Or not, I can’t really say for sure. Might slow down in writing tho

Plantorsomething · Author · Feb 25, 2021

Well, I might not finish my novels or whatever, but I want to use this account to try my best to get comfortable with failing and sharing my writing. 

Razmatazz · Mar 3, 2021

It takes time and a lot of getting back up to your feet, but you can do it! clear.png

Plantorsomething · Author · Mar 3, 2021

Heck yeah! clear.png Confidence and determination goals!

Plantorsomething · Author · Feb 3, 2021

Well damn, I thought I had an idea about what I want at least, but everything is weird, nothing I’m thinking of makes sense, and I don’t want to rewrite the synopsis AGAIN and confuse people. I’m thinking of delaying a little bit, because I’m tired (couldn’t sleep well) and not thinking straight. Usually when I relax I have another idea, but still, this preassure’s scary. If I can’t think of anything, I’ll still try my best to write even if it’s shit.

Plantorsomething · Author · Feb 3, 2021

Of course 30 minutes later I’m totally fine, yup. I’m not insane, I swear!

Plantorsomething · Author · Jan 30, 2021

Thank you all for reading my wn! It’s super terrifying to see that many numbers so quickly, but it’s also really exiting! I’ll do my best not to let it get to me. I hope you all enjoy! 

Plantorsomething · Author · Jan 28, 2021

I don’t know why, but Progenitor isn’t listed under ‘series’ in my profile, so here’s a link:

speedwagon · Jan 29, 2021

It does for me.

Plantorsomething · Author · Jan 29, 2021

@speedwagon thank you, it shows up now, so I don’t know what happened before.

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    I like books and web novels; I want to write books and web novels; I’m not confident at all! Nice to meet you!

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