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Feb 6, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 6, 2019
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Mu · Jul 15, 2023


JustSocial · Dec 5, 2021

Enjoying your work alot. 

Redrockbrickhouse · Jun 13, 2021

Can you put your books on Kindle unlimited

EthanPeh · Jun 7, 2021

Hi!! I have a suggestion for an attack.

Formulate a drug that gives similar powers as the original demon from demon slayer.

-High speed regeneration.


-Body morphing.

-Blood manipulation(to some extant)

-Ability to spread using blood.

Give them to 4 criminals

EthanPeh · Jun 7, 2021

Instead of having the sun being it's weakness, make magic the weakness. It needs a weakness so that the criminals have an incentive to carry out the keepers wishes.

Tell them that it is a competition between the four of them(maximizes efficiency).
With the following rules:
-No working together(Creates competitivity so that they all work hard)
-No killing each other until enemy keeper is dead(Shows the keepers support in many ways)
EthanPeh · Jun 7, 2021

Prize for winning:

The person who kills the enemy keeper will get the drug that will help them overcome their weakness of magic. Flaunt the drug in front of them(the drug can be bullshit or the real deal, doesn't really matter), and send them to the enemy world.
Like this, Dale would not be losing any "good" people and will not be revealing many of his cards.
If enemy is a full tech world, it is probably a confirmed win!
Please readclear.png
Neilbop · May 12, 2021

Can you do mage towers that can project 4th tier magic like what Dana did with the paper and have the mana in the towers fuel the spell?

LazyFlesh · Feb 21, 2021

“It’s actually not a secret. Bihena knows about it, too. It’s just something that we won’t be able to achieve for a long    - Chapter 451

There's like a whole bunch of words and symbols missing, and no one has pointed it out?

LazyFlesh · Feb 21, 2021

Yes, yes, you set it that was as a failsafe to ensure that the mana did not degrade and corrupt the coordinates. - Chapter 396

I think that was was supposed to be way, but I'm not sure. Definitely would flow more smoothly with way

.... Rereading novels is always a nice experience, especially since I tend take a more detailed look at the writing.

LazyFlesh · Feb 20, 2021

He last one that I outright eliminated was… Nine Divine Stages - chapter 283

How has no one pointed this out?

Btw, I saw one earlier in the book as well, but forgot to point it out in the comments.
dev.zee · Oct 23, 2020

This is about your Novel "World Keeper"

Started with an amazing Idea and went down hill within 3 chapters. Why ? Well of course because MC cannot keep his head out of the gutter. He him self was living a pretty bad life ( working two jobs without getting enough sleep ). He should be more mind full when deciding the blueprint of the whole new world. But no, he aint got no time for that. Pu**y is more important.
LazyFlesh · Feb 21, 2021

Well, considering you have such a biased opinion against the novel even before reading past chapter ten, and honestly, I won't say that I can't see where your viewpoint comes from, I myself would have immediately stopped reading the novel if the MC was any bit more horny, but in any case, the novel is good, you just have to take your time to read it, instead of skimming trough it, stopping on a paragraph, seeing the MC in a relationship, and saying, nope, this is sh*t.

demonslayer · Jul 10, 2020

Who else thinks a short story on other keepers would be interesting like maybe new keepers or the other types of keepers

delete_user_26805 · Jul 8, 2020

Dude, I think your novel, World Keeper deserves a printed book!

Arbarous · Aug 16, 2020

It is a book

Friend · May 17, 2020

Hi. In my newest story I have a genre-savvy MC make passing reference to World Keeper. Only a passing reference ending more or less that he reads until the middle of chapter nine then another event takes precedence. Hope this would work as a good stopping-off point for him because he's likely to soon after be in another world- lol

(Of course if you had a suggestion for him to stop reading midway in some other chapter, that'd be fine too.)

rastogi2008 · May 7, 2020

Hi, can you post your discord link please. Thanks. 

midori8751 · Feb 13, 2020

People would appreciate it if you anounced when the next fanmail is going to happen, I've had a question for months now, but I keep missing the fanmail window

karami92 · Author · Mar 24, 2020

I announce the fanmail roughly a month in advance each time. Furthermore, every fanmail includes the date of the next fanmail at the end of it.

midori8751 · Mar 25, 2020

Huh, How did I miss that?

madpinger · Nov 7, 2019

Haha, Was talking about this story with my little brother, turns out He has ya on kindle which I somehow missed. So bought myself a copy. Keep it up, Enjoying it a lot. ^.^

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