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Feb 7, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 7, 2019
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SorrowGrim · May 27, 2024

Guess i find a new series to binged lol

Danish2009 · Mar 19, 2024

Hi author are you still alive? clear.png

SorrowGrim · May 27, 2024

Last ON was on may 1 so def ass guess he's still alive

RandomReviewer · Jun 10, 2024

He is in China and has initiated a challenge to Great Firewall, according to his Patreon.

SUPERGOKU · Jan 11, 2024

What cracks me up about the cannon fodder book is the synopsis alludes to the players desperate desire to return to Earth or bring his family to where he is.

Firstly good luck with that and would any family be happy about being yanked out of their literal reality just to reunite with the MC?

And irony of ironies we don't know anything about the family? 😂😂😂

Teo067 · Dec 22, 2023

Are you going to continue the dragon god series 

EriOverHeaven · Dec 13, 2023

When will book 4 of the adelheid series be available on kindle? 

HonestMistake · Dec 4, 2023

You haven't posted chapter 420

Reader5050 · Sep 29, 2023

Chapter on Friday?

Nubtastic · Aug 10, 2023

do you have any plans to continue your Tongtian series? I rlly love it

Iszael · Jul 14, 2023

About the ten heavenly scriptures. We already have the name of all of them or not. I remember The Heavenly Spatial Scriture, Heavenly Timeles Scripture, Heavenly Soulheart Scripture, Heavenly Stellar Scripture, Heavenly Five Phases Scripture and Heavenly Yin-Yang Scripture(This one I an not sure if it is this name). If not a spoiler can you tell me the ones that are lacking

shadow_slayer · Mar 28, 2023

any more dragon god any time soon

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Mar 29, 2023

Probably not

shadow_slayer · Mar 29, 2023

that's fine as long as you enjoy what your writing 

LazyFlesh · Mar 19, 2023

Will you ever write more Golden Finger chapters?

ben1614 · Mar 1, 2023

Post chapters!

Reader5050 · Feb 27, 2023

Two time, update missclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

TwistedKindness · Jan 30, 2023

I have been reading both This Young Master isn't Cannon Fodder and My Tongtian can't be this Cute and I like them both so far.

I have heard many say that they don't like seeing Western names in a Xianxia webnovel and wish for proper Chinese names instead. So how do you go about naming them. The Tongtian one is based on mythology, so I get where those names come from. Names like Tianyi and Daoyi are self-explanatory but how do you go about naming your side an supporting characters?

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