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Feb 7, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 7, 2019
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Ibrah123 · Sep 23, 2022

is this young master on hiatus

Akadase · Sep 16, 2022

Just finished reading dragong god wants to go to earth and it was so good , sad it's on hiatus clear.png

Lynnadria · Aug 16, 2022

Hey do you think that you will ever updat Dragon god wants to go to earth?? Idk why really but it is one of of my favourite novels on this site.

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Aug 17, 2022

It's on permanent hiatus. I might do a rewrite, but not now. I severely burned myself out when I wrote it. I literally wrote 70k words in 3 weeks, which was a lot since I just started writing webnovels. In fact, I still don't write that much so that I don't burn myself out again.

Reader5050 · Jul 27, 2022

Where is the chapter today???

ProjectHorton · Jul 25, 2022

D.C.Haenlien, could you put the cultivation levels in the glossary as it is easy to forget what’s what.

Reader5050 · Jun 2, 2022

I got a idea why xi tianyi spirt root is lighting, it because his mother have extreme yin, and as it is told, in extreme yin there is yang

Reader5050 · Mar 11, 2022

What is xi tianyi old name?????

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Mar 11, 2022

Never came up, and isn't important.

Reader5050 · Mar 30, 2022

So if someone ask about it in the novel, you going to make him said the three pure technique erase his memory of it?

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Apr 19, 2022

That's not a bad ideaclear.png

Reader5050 · Mar 10, 2022

Should I reread this young master is not cannon fodder, because you rewrite it?

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Apr 19, 2022

I fixed some stuff and made it fit with the lore of the later chapters, but you don't have to. Nothing really changed aside from some small naming conventions. The plot is pretty much the same.

Reader5050 · Mar 9, 2022

I have a question, in this young master is not a cannon fodder, did you take some thing from your old novel?

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Mar 11, 2022

My old novel? You mean Dragon God Wants to Return to Earth? It's a totally different thing. 

Reader5050 · Mar 28, 2022

no, Shamayin: Investiture of Heroes, you know the setting about the earth

Reader5050 · Mar 9, 2022

 In this young master is not cannon fodder, are you going make a sword some think like a mod in Minecraft, the sword of the comic, and make the sword like a comic in a sword shape?  You already make his body into a comic, so why not his soul weapon, it make sense right?

Xeno_King · Mar 3, 2022

im sorry to ask but is daoyi the love interest in young master

Number13th · Jan 25, 2022

Apologies if this is annoying, but I really wish Lei Jingye could die soon. I'm from the "Escape" chapter and based from its comment section he is officially the most hated character so far. An annoying cockrouch who keep meeting MC. Really hope he drops dead soon. 

Sorry for the rant. Really love your story. Overall, very well written and great book. The literal existence of Lei Jingye is the sole blight of the story for me. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks for writing such an amazing story. 

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Jan 27, 2022

That means I've succeeded in making him a hated antagonist. Well, he'll be solved around chapter 140.

GManderson · Nov 6, 2021

Hey man. I've been enjoying reading Adelheid quite a bit, but since you decided kindle vella wasn't the best platform do you have plans to start releasing it somewhere else? thanks a bunch regardless.

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Jan 24, 2022

Oh wow, this is a bit embarrassing answering this months later. But! I will eventually publish the story on RR and SH once I finish volume 1. I will also release volume for sale on Amazon at the same time. Don't know when though, since my schedule is way behind. 

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Sep 23, 2021

Volume of This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder is released on Amazon now!

CleverFoxx · Sep 23, 2021


CleverFoxx · Sep 23, 2021

Hi Author! I just wanted to start off by saying I'm a big fan. I really enjoyed all your work. I was wondering if you could possibly post a link towards the Amazon page for "This young Master is not canon fodder". I've been scrounging around for it but can't seem to find it. I would really love to support you more. Much appreciatedclear.pngkeep up the great work

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Sep 23, 2021

It's still in the process of being published. I just wanted to take down everything first since I am putting it up for kindle unlimited. I'm preparing for the worst. clear.png

Anyways, I'll post an update when it goes live. Thank you for your support. 

D.C.Haenlien · Author · Sep 23, 2021

It's live

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