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Nov 17, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 17, 2020
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18+ Artist and Author Extroadinaire. I make lewd art and write lewd stories, and you should support my efforts to do so!

Follow me on Twitter for lots of art!

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 7, 2021

Realistically I wonder how long it would take me to become the most popular title on the site...

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 10, 2021

You’re still very early on, things are only going to get better from here lol

Issei · Apr 10, 2021

You're story's up there, fairly popular and has attracted quite a lot of readers! #95 in terms of popularity (views) which is frankly great, your weekly ranking is #30 rn!  

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 10, 2021

Yeah Issei while I was somewhat joking I do think it’s possible for me to get #1 on this site eventually considering my update schedule and just how absurdly long the story will be haha

Issei · Apr 10, 2021

I'm glad, we already have 175 chapters of goodness atm!clear.png

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 5, 2021

Got some more early chapter rewrites coming up very soon. Hoping to be done with up to the first sex scene soonish.

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 30, 2021

As of chapter 168 in the Patreon releases, Opalina is finally back. So if that motivates anyone, you know where to join the party.

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 29, 2021

I wish I got more comments on this site. They make me happy, and I could use more of that tbh

Banana · Mar 29, 2021

your mom is a uno card

DevilMuffMuffin · Mar 30, 2021

I emerge from lurk to say I love your work.

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 30, 2021

And I appreciate that! Lurk less pls

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 17, 2021

Not too much longer till more public chapters, sorry for the wait but that's what you get for 4 all at once lo

Gelcube · Mar 17, 2021

Can't wait!  clear.png

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 17, 2021

I also have a little bonus that will make up for it, you'll see~

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 15, 2021

Lmao uploading 4 chapters in one day only got me to 18 on trending, fuck this site sometimes mang

Hazelltron · Mar 15, 2021

You would probably get way more views and ratings if you uploaded as regularly to Webnovel, set up a discord and posted the link at the end of every chapter. Scribblehub is the least popular of the two platforms

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 16, 2021

Views/reviews on WN don't mean much. The overwhelming majority of my patrons come from SH and not WN, so I'm more focused on climbing the rankings here. Just because WN has more users doesn't mean anything, since the audience on SH is much more engaged, open, and willing to send their money my way lol

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 13, 2021

went from rising author to well known, bitch

Banana · Mar 13, 2021

What's that dumbass

Mrinfiniti · Mar 1, 2021

you alive bro?

PunishedKom · Author · Mar 1, 2021

Just because I almost always post daily doesn't mean I *always* will lol

Mrinfiniti · Mar 1, 2021

But from posting regularly for a few weeks to no post in 3 days and you saying nothing, I was worried you know.

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 23, 2020

First bonus lewd chapter is available for $5 Patrons!

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 17, 2020

If you bothered to follow me on here and haven't already given me a 5 star rating and or review then please by all means do so! It'll help me ensure more people see Rise of the Guild Master, and more success means I'll have more excuse to keep working harder and harder

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 17, 2020

Shameless is how you get big. If you care about being that way instead of caring about doing the things to maximize views then my friend you aren't playing the game right heh. I've asked a lot of people who haven't rated any other book in their reading list to rate mine and they've happily done so, so I'm guessing people on this site don't just outright ask much...

Saileri · Dec 17, 2020

Huh, guess sarcasm is too much. And here I thought the emote was enough.

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 17, 2020

rip carry on

Saileri · Dec 17, 2020

clear.pngJust my failed attempts at being funny failing as usual 

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 15, 2020

I have updated Chapter 43 to include an early draft picture of Gwinlinn, so feel free to go back if you want to see my art of her!

Saileri · Dec 15, 2020


PunishedKom · Author · Dec 14, 2020

I have finally caved and added a disclaimer to the start of the story on all sites lol

even though the VAST majority of readers fall in love with the series, I'm getting sick of the cumbrains who think starting off at rock bottom makes him a dumb protagonist

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 14, 2020

I sincerely hope the people who read it and think his actions sound stupid will one day have to experience that same level of depression and desperation of trying so hard only to fail.

It annoys me because I wrote it based on my own experiences.

Saileri · Dec 14, 2020

You just can't fight some things  ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 14, 2020

Not without a pitchfork

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 8, 2020

I finished two chapters yesterday, waiting for my editor to get to them ? 

Saileri · Dec 8, 2020

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 7, 2020

Bleh I wanna get to the next adventurer to join the guild already but she's like 5 or more chapters away probably lol

Saileri · Dec 7, 2020

The worst feeling. Now imagine I have the same thing but it takes more than 10 chapters and they are 6k words each. There's just too much to touch on in between the appearances so it doesn't feel rushed.

PunishedKom · Author · Dec 7, 2020

What does following someone even do on this site lol

Saileri · Dec 7, 2020

Shows their status updates like the one you posted in the notification tab.

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    18+ Artist and Author Extroadinaire. I make lewd art and write lewd stories, and you should support my efforts to do so!

    Follow me on Twitter for lots of art!

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