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Well-Known Author
Nov 30, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Nov 30, 2020
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"When in doubt, don't take life too seriously!" - Someone, possibly.

Discord server:

Malonymous · Author · Sep 20, 2021

Arc 4 Chapters 3 and 4 of Weird Shift are up! There's more cool bonus art at the end of Part II clear.png

Just a heads-up, I might be working on a 'fun' side story for next time... clear.png

CL · Sep 20, 2021

Fun is good. Have more of that. clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Sep 20, 2021

Oh, yes~clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Malonymous · Author · Sep 9, 2021

Arc 4 Chapter 2 of Kitty Shift is up! Now with 300% more fluff! clear.png


SerikoLee · Sep 9, 2021

Again you really wanna grow a community huh.

Malonymous · Author · Sep 9, 2021


CL · Sep 12, 2021

And it is growing. clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Sep 5, 2021

A new adventure begins! Arc 4 Chapter 1 of Weird Shift is up! This one is a *little* extra Weird, but there’s also an extra surprise (or two) at the end of this chapter!! clear.png

Surprise is also on discord serverclear.png

SomeAspid · Sep 6, 2021


Malonymous · Author · Sep 6, 2021


Malonymous · Author · Sep 3, 2021


Very good foxyclear.pngclear.png

Malonymous · Author · Sep 1, 2021

Arc 3 Chapter 19 of Weird Shift is up! Volume 1 Complete! Cookies for allclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngAlso, now is probably a good time to binge read all 43 chapters, 80k+ words if you're interested clear.png

CL · Sep 2, 2021


Malonymous · Author · Aug 21, 2021

Arc 3 Chapter 17 of Kitty Shift is up! clear.png 

Ahh this chapter is one of my favorites yet! Wasn't 100% sure about the title, current one is a reference to Arc 2 Ch. 1 among other things~ This scene was a lot of fun to make, let me know if that one joke was a little too far clear.png

In other news, demoness waifus have now joined our succubus sisters on the discord server clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Aug 17, 2021

Arc 3 Chapter 16 of Weird Shift is up! clear.png

Also, you might have gotten a notification for this: a new GL short story Villainess Meets Heroine is up! This was my entry in the Yuri Garden Writing Competition (2021), thanks everyone who voted and joined!

Malonymous · Author · Aug 17, 2021

Ran into the 500 character limit, you can read all the competition entries here: 

CL · Aug 17, 2021

I hate that limit. Sometimes I write really good responses to what is posted on somebody's wall and I hit post... NOPE! clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Aug 17, 2021

Right! clear.png Ahh I spent a minute trying to figure out what text I was going to clip out but nope, just gonna make it another postclear.png

CL · Aug 17, 2021

You chose wisely. clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Aug 17, 2021


Malonymous · Author · Aug 7, 2021

Arc 3 Chapters 14 and 15 of Witch Shift are up! clear.png

Join the discord server for foxies, dragon girls, succubi and… nightmare waifus? I’m not really sure anymore, but we’ve got a little bit of all kinds of stuff now! clear.png

CL · Aug 8, 2021

Nightmare waifus.clear.png

Agentt · Aug 6, 2021

Your last update was 2 August, how are you still on Trending!

Agentt · Aug 6, 2021



Malonymous · Author · Aug 6, 2021


Agentt · Aug 7, 2021

*steams potatoes*

I'll be back for more

Malonymous · Author · Aug 7, 2021


Malonymous · Author · Aug 2, 2021

Arc 3 Chapter 13 is up! It's been a while since I could make this kind of reference again clear.png

For suggestions, spoilers, waifus and more, join the discord server!! clear.png

CL · Aug 2, 2021

Might join when I return from work, but for now I'm off to earn some dough. clear.png

Agentt · Jul 30, 2021

Yo, what's with the trending!

Malonymous · Author · Jul 30, 2021

Aw don't be like that, there's nothing wrong with a little magic brownie once in a whileclear.png

Agentt · Jul 30, 2021

I just noticed that a reader who just joined me came from your page

Malonymous · Author · Jul 30, 2021


Agentt · Jul 30, 2021


Take him away

Malonymous · Author · Jul 28, 2021

It’s finally, finally here! The foxiest two part 18+ GL canon smut scene in Weird Shift is here at last! clear.png

Also, extra big thanks to whoever gave the first ko-fi! clear.pngclear.png

Join the discord server for more fun times! We've got custom emojis and lots of quality content~:

Malonymous · Author · Jul 19, 2021

Arc 3 Chapter 10 of Fluffy Shift is up! (15+) Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here clear.png

Also, new discord server is up! Much content already and recruiting more good foxies + other waifus for 'research' material~ clear.png

Indream · Jul 19, 2021

Join us, we already have a lot of good research material ~clear.png

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    "When in doubt, don't take life too seriously!" - Someone, possibly.

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