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Nov 30, 2020

Joined: Nov 30, 2020
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Long-time dreamer, first-time web novelist.

"When in doubt, don't take life too seriously!" - Someone, possibly.

ViniPaiva25 · Apr 15, 2021

Will there be next chapter?

Malonymous · Author · Apr 15, 2021

Yupp, trying to get back into at least one chapter a week and hopefully more unless something crazy comes up clear.png I have most of the next one done, just polishing and figuring out where to cliffhanger it. Should be ready... soon! clear.png Edit: now~!

Malonymous · Author · Apr 3, 2021

clear.png + clear.png = clear.png

Chapter 12 and 13 are out~! Sometimes I feel like I'm really not sure what I'm doing, but I hope you have fun anyway~ clear.png

Zailo95 · Apr 4, 2021

I understand that feeling, don’t worry!

Vicky · Apr 5, 2021


ViniPaiva25 · Mar 27, 2021

Beryl has a nice noblewoman body! clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Mar 28, 2021

She does~clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Mar 20, 2021

What took you so long!?

Malonymous · Author · Mar 20, 2021

Shift happens! clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Mar 20, 2021

Anyway, I think you should hire an artist to make a great cover for your novel!

Malonymous · Author · Mar 20, 2021

Yeah that would be sweet!clear.png I might have some ideas for later stuff but *spoilers*clear.png

Vicky · Mar 19, 2021


Malonymous · Author · Mar 19, 2021




Fantasma · Jan 31, 2021

Espero que sigas escribiendo ya que seguiré esperando más capítulos pero poder leer

PS: espero que te recuperes pronto y te cuides debidamenteclear.png Ánimo la salud es primero 

Malonymous · Author · Feb 1, 2021

Merci beaucoup clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Jan 26, 2021

Hey all, quick update on Weird Shift:

I'm planning to post the next 2-3 chapters closer together like I did for 5 and 6. They're pretty important for the... 'plot,' and I'd rather not rush 'em. Unfortunately, I've run into some frustrating health stuff that's making typing harder for a while, but I want to keep going. Most of Chapter 8 is done, with any luck 8, 9, and maybe 10 will be posted around this weekend clear.png Thanks for reading~

CL · Jan 26, 2021

Thank you for the update and (you are aware this was coming, right?) please keep your health as a priority.  Take a break and relax.  The less stress you're dealing with, the more fun your story will be (that goes for everyone).  clear.png

Zailo95 · Jan 26, 2021

Thank you for the update and I hope you feel better, just release chapters at a pace your comfortable with so it doesn’t bother you. I hope all goes well and keep up the good work clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Jan 26, 2021

Thank you both!! clear.pngclear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 13, 2021

The Angel that reincarnated Beryl said he would add something extra for him/her, I still didn’t get what it is...

Malonymous · Author · Jan 13, 2021

Don't worry, it's not revealed yet but you'll find out in due time clear.png

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I wish I could write faster clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 13, 2021

Anyway, I need more!!! clear.png

Box · Jan 14, 2021

And again, chill man. You can not rush the perfection. Let author write with her best.

Malonymous · Author · Jan 14, 2021

Every once in a while is alright lol, I might end up bugging someone to help me set up a discord one of these days though clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 12, 2021

I want to know what kind of powers Lady Beryl will get! clear.png

What should be Beryl's surname, since she can’t be left without one?

Malonymous · Author · Jan 12, 2021

Oh man I really want to spoil stuff clear.png

The next chapter will start answering the first question! I'm debating whether to release two chapters on the same day since there's a big cliffhanger...

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 12, 2021

Release the other on the following day

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 6, 2021

If Beryl is an Otome Game Villainess, I guess this makes Alicia a Heroine! XD

I'm still hoping for that type of plot where the Villainess steals the spotlight from the Heroine and everyone falls in love with her! XD
Malonymous · Author · Jan 6, 2021

Lol... we'll see, pal clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 7, 2021

And I also think Beryl should become bisexual!

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 5, 2021

Where’s the next chapter?!

Box · Jan 6, 2021

I have stuck with the web novel for a while but I just stepped in Scribble Hub recently. My story already has a complete storyline so my only job is to write it in detail. You're right, you should make a manuscript. Thank you for your encouragement. My novel is kinda brutal from the start but it will be fine cause my fiction mainly about dark fantasy.

Well, not really crappy cause on the bright side, you have new friends, new fans,... clear.png
ViniPaiva25 · Jan 6, 2021

I enjoy Villainess Isekai by the way! XD

Malonymous · Author · Jan 6, 2021

Yeah, it's not too much a pity about the contest since it's harder for new authors not writing something like Girl's Love to get a lot of readers quickly but that's okay, it's just the way it goes sometimes. I love this site for the chance to meet new friends and fans like you said, it's nice knowing there are people who look forward to your writing clear.png

@ViniPaiva25 I've only seen Bakarina, do you recommend any other villainess isekai?

ViniPaiva25 · Jan 6, 2021

I don’t know anymore! XD

ViniPaiva25 · Dec 28, 2020

I need more Weird Shift!!!

Malonymous · Author · Dec 28, 2020

It takes time, pal clear.png

Glad you're enjoying! clear.png

CL · Dec 27, 2020

Thank you for following me.  clear.png

CL · Dec 27, 2020

I'm now following you.  clear.png

Malonymous · Author · Dec 27, 2020

Thank you clear.png

For what it's worth, my novel might have 'some' ecchi but not so much the smut ^^

CL · Dec 27, 2020

Thank you and I appreciate being forewarned on what I'll be reading.  clear.png

Aaky · Dec 27, 2020

clear.png welcome to SH. Good luck with your first novel 

Malonymous · Author · Dec 27, 2020

Ayy thanks clear.png

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    Long-time dreamer, first-time web novelist.

    "When in doubt, don't take life too seriously!" - Someone, possibly.

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