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Well-Known Author
Dec 18, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Dec 18, 2020
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bnj1776 · Jun 28, 2023

It looks like you’re not using Patreon anymore. Have you switched to something else?

naosu · Author · Jul 6, 2023

Hey there! Thanks for sending the note. I'm trying to use my website and here a bit more. I wanted to use Patreon originally, but the first couple months trying it, people would cheat me there. So it felt like I couldn't gain from it. 

WhoRead · Jun 5, 2023

I would like a "Kidnapped to another world 4". In my opinion this series is your best work so far.

naosu · Author · Jun 16, 2023

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the note. 

I'll keep working on it! :) 

Nathan.coles · Aug 31, 2022

Hi. I just purchased your new book on the website but the link wouldn't let me download. Could you get in touch. 

naosu · Author · Aug 31, 2022

Hi Nathan, I'll resend you the link. I'll help you any way I can. 

naosu · Author · Aug 31, 2022

OKI resent the download link. I also checked and saw that yeah it hadn't had the download used. Can you also confirm that you get it and use it and that it worked? I want to make sure your happy. Thanks. 

I'll check back here throughout the day to make sure this goes OK. I'm also interested in any feed back to understand how this happened and improve things. 

Mynamejeff · Jun 28, 2021

Do you have other stories somewhere besides SH? You mention other stories that you're writing but I only see Kidnapped to Another World under your Series here

Mynamejeff · Sep 10, 2021

Umm same question again

Mynamejeff · Sep 10, 2021

You mentioned a book you're writing called Elf Collector in the latest chapter

naosu · Author · Aug 31, 2022

Hi Jeff, 

It took me a long time to figure out how to get a web site up. So that's part of what you read and saw. So yes, I do have stories elsewhere. You can find my name at also. I have a few stories there that aren't here. 

My website is also 

I'm sorry I didn't see your message here and apologize for not answering sooner. 

Ajesco35 · May 23, 2021

Any update on when a new book is going to come out this year?

naosu · Author · May 25, 2021

Working on it right now!

Hope to update soon. Thanks for the note. :)

Thank you!

naosu · Author · Aug 31, 2022

Just released a new book. You can find it on my website. I will be putting other stuff up there later. There's a few new story chapters up there that are growing also. 

Kaapstadmk · Mar 2, 2021

I gotta know, man, you were originally posting ~2 chapters/day and I know you have a huge backlog from when you were on RR. Are you going to return to that posting frequency, or are we staying at 2-3/week now?

naosu · Author · Aug 31, 2022

I will try to improve things and speed up. But I have a few health problems that make many chapters hard. And for awhile I was trying to figure out if quality chapters at a slower pace were better. Now I'm thinking more chapters per day again... I guess its hard to find a happy medium. 

Drako4489 · Jan 24, 2021

I know this is a re-upload, but can you please upload the Chapters which are not yet published in book form, please.

For those who are interested in what is already published.

Book1:Ch.1-76   Page number 969

Book2:Ch. 77-150 Page number 1238

Book3:Ch.151-205  Page number 1111

Conclusion: In my opinion, you can't go wrong with the price-performance ratio

bnj1776 · Jan 2, 2021

Are you working on book 6 of “So You’ve Decided to Become a Necromancer” yet?  When do you think it will be released?  Hopefully it is soon.

naosu · Author · Jan 2, 2021

Thank you.

Wish I could comment on that. I'm always working on stuff though. But having it feel ready is another thing too.

naosu · Author · Jan 2, 2021

Thank you all! To you also HNY!

Also this new site is so positive! Its amazing! Thank you so much! I'm amazed at how kind people are here. Truly moving!

10nnoy · Jan 2, 2021

I'm a huge fan of your books, i already have the necromancer series and the kidnapped to a new world from Amazon, very excited for the continued release clear.png

naosu · Author · Jan 2, 2021

Thank you!

Scifighter · Jan 1, 2021

happy new year

Gilgameskills · Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year everybody!!!

Rastaspup · Jan 1, 2021

Happy new year and great to see your stories back up.  

naosu · Author · Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

EternalSunset0 · Jan 1, 2021

Same goes to you. Hope you have a good one~

Harem-Fan · Dec 24, 2020

As far as web novel goes its ok..the readers there are harsh as hell on poor authors in there comments, But most of the traffic is in the fan-fiction section..I do not read the non fan fiction storys there but here for the pick up system I dropped it do to it being repetitive and boring come around chapter40,,it was funny for a while but the MC is not likable in my opinion. Hope that helps....oh and just finished the spanking scene and was laughing hard!clear.png

Gilgameskills · Dec 19, 2020

i actually already had an account WAY Before you started psoting sutff here this account ive had for nearly half a year maybe even longer, i had 5to reset the password as ive forgot as i hadnt used this account for a while

Gilgameskills · Dec 19, 2020

also this a reply to the message you left on my profile

naosu · Author · Dec 19, 2020

Thumbs up! Thank you very much for your help.

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