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Dec 20, 2020

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Joined: Dec 20, 2020
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Zelthias · Author · Jan 6, 2021

Okay, this week's chapter 7 is ready to go. I have written up to chapter 18, with up to 9 edited for release!clear.png

blackrockshooter · Jan 2, 2021

i just saw the cover of your story and i wanted to say that i really like your choice for the cover.

Zelthias · Author · Jan 3, 2021

And yes, I have seen high school dxd

blackrockshooter · Jan 3, 2021

That is really, really great to know about you seeing DXD.

blackrockshooter · Jan 3, 2021

On that note, meaning the female using a weapon or a female version of a weapon used by guys, what would you think about the whole situation about Rias, the red head beauty, having a female form of the red dragon armor? Or just the idea of a redhead beauty with pretty much the same endowments as rias does, or a girl that is still a redhead.

blackrockshooter · Jan 3, 2021

If you don't understand what i mean by endowments, there is two sad possible things kind of not right about you. 1) If you have watched anime like Akame ga kill and highschool dxd and not know what endowments mean, then you are a sad uncultured person. Or 2) you are a REALLY dense person. PS- i'm not trying to be rude or anything, so please don't be offended by what i say. This the other part of the previous comment.

Zelthias · Author · Dec 21, 2020

I rushed the edit on chapter 3 to release it early, so if anyone sees a typo let me know~

Zelthias · Author · Dec 20, 2020

For those who come over, hi! My name is Zelthias and I recently found Scribble Hub. Since this community seems pretty awesome I wanted to start posting my work here~ 

Let me also say thank you! If you've made it this far you must have read something I wrote clear.png so thank you for giving me the time of day!

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