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Feb 10, 2019

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Joined: Feb 10, 2019
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Jozaky · Apr 11, 2024

I just found your reddit acc accidentally and didn't know you play hoyo's games! What do you think about the latest TL quest?

Egathentale · Author · Apr 11, 2024

The shock-value with Firefly and the multi-gambit-pileup was a bit too telegraphed in my opinion, and the Aventurine's backstory was a touch too emotionally on-the-nose for my liking, but the execution was still good (as seen by the amount of people simping for Firefly, getting shocked by what happened to her, or how many people's impression did a 180 on Aventurine)

Jozaky · Apr 11, 2024

I agree with you on the Firefly. I don't really get the hype for her and her "death" was a bit underwhelming for me to the point I just laughed at that scene. As for Aventurine, well, I already liked him since his first appearance, so the 2.1 quest was such a blessing to me.

Egathentale · Author · Apr 11, 2024

To be fair, all the HSR characters are hyped like crazy by the community. Acheron was hyped even before she was officially announced, and as for Firefly... well, she's specifically designed to be a "waifu" archetype, and quickly build affection with the players for the sucker punch and the twist. It would've been stranger if people didn't get attached to her.

Egathentale · Author · Apr 11, 2024

As for Aventurine, I've been holding my judgement on him from the beginning, because I clearly saw that the writers were "doing a thing" with him, so I was expecting him to be more layered than initially shown. I found his background and story in 2.1 a bit too melodramatic, but it *was* effective, so I can't complain.

V1S4 · Apr 28, 2023

Hey author I finally got some stuff to donate. Where can I find your patreon?

Haruto · Nov 1, 2021

Hey bro, spoil me a little, is there something that's gonna happen that'll drastically change the pace of the story? I'm at interlude rn btwclear.png

Egathentale · Author · Nov 1, 2021

In terms of "drastic change", you are right before the part where the supernatural elements of the setting get to the forefront. As for the pacing, The Simulacrum is mainly a slice-of-life story with occasional hot-spots of action, usually near the end of the volumes, so on average the pacing is going to stay on the slow side.

Haruto · Nov 5, 2021

umm... can you please spoil on who'll snowy end up with, i'm ready for it(i can't read properly if the question keeps getting in my head)... i'm definitely not going to scream on my pillow if you say it's gonna be josh... so, SPOILZclear.png

i'm currently on chapter 37 part 2 rn.

Haruto · Oct 31, 2021

Hey bro, is there gonna be some, like, romance about 'our' mc? Or is Josh getting all the girls, or is romance even important, maybe in the next few chapters the world will break and all the characters will be gone... Yeah, so. Is there gonna be romance?

Haruto · Oct 31, 2021

I'm currently on chap 5 part 5 rn btw

Egathentale · Author · Oct 31, 2021

Just keep reading. There's a reason why the story is tagged with "Romance". clear.png

Haruto · Oct 31, 2021

Ho ho. Narohodo...

drakensji · Jun 4, 2020

how are things going? When can we expect the next chapter? (i feel a bit shitty to keep asking you, sry)

drakensji · May 1, 2020

thanks for the chappies, hope you are free to write more these days

drakensji · Apr 22, 2020

How are things going? Can we expect any new chapters one of these days or has the work and rl hit too hard? 

Egathentale · Author · Apr 22, 2020

I just finished up the third buffer chapter and uploaded it to Patreon today. The twelve hour shifts are really burning me out, but unless they decide to revamp our shift rotation again, I should be getting a whole week off after next Wednesday. That should give me some time to finish things up and return to the usual schedule. 

drakensji · Apr 22, 2020

thanks for the hard work, hope things calm down soon

drakensji · Mar 31, 2020

When can we expect the next chapters? clear.png

you usually post them after two weeks but it seems to be taking longer this time, everything all right?

Egathentale · Author · Mar 31, 2020

Oh, right... I haven't wrote an announcement here yet, only on Royal Road.

In short, I'm on an indefinite hiatus until I manage to build up enough of a backlog. I only planned for it to last for a month at most, but then I got pneumonia, so you know, that was fun.

Egathentale · Author · Mar 31, 2020

I just started working  again yesterday, but then my workplace shifted into an emergency shift-rotation system due to the whole coronavirus hubbub, which means 12 hour work days and 6 workday weeks until further notice. So yeah, life's being kind of a pain in the neck right now.

drakensji · Mar 31, 2020

and here i was hoping you would have more time to write with the quarantine clear.png.. good health to you 

Egathentale · Author · Mar 31, 2020

I'm trying to write as much as possible even under the circumstances, but it's not easy. There are already two full chapters on Patreon, and once I have two more to meet the quota I set, I plan on resuming the public releases, with those four chappies serving as a buffer.

oudyn · Mar 22, 2019

Is this Jim butcher under a pseudonym or are you just a big fan of the Dresden files? Your writing strikes me as very similar. If not check them out. Super good regular book series.

Egathentale · Author · Mar 22, 2019

No on the first one, yes on the second. :)
I am also a fan of his Codex Alera series, though I find it to be a story of amazing highs and disappointing lows.

Ddraig · Feb 27, 2019

Loved your story. One of the few that made me drop everything at the spot and binge through it. Also Welcome to SH!!

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