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Dec 21, 2018

Joined: Dec 21, 2018
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Lurking · Jul 18, 2019

Hello. Are there supposed to be alerts when someone votes on a poll?

I keep having to find the results manually and that...might be ticking up my pageview.

Tony · Aug 9, 2019

Nope, there's no alerts for someone votes on your poll.

Tony · Aug 9, 2019

Wow, my replies are so late over here. I'll do better next time!

Sorry :(

Lurking · Aug 13, 2019

Its fine, you already work hard you can get some slack too~

Tony · Aug 16, 2019

Excuses will just make me lazy lol

Lurking · Jul 8, 2019

I have no likes on sh, but do have them on shf.

Hmm. Does looking at your story while your logged in increase the eye counts? Cuz I think I am looking at mine from a reader perspective too frequently and its messing up the views count.

Is there a feature that would disable the eye icon's counter when viewed by the author?

Tony · Jul 9, 2019

Yes, SH has no like counter at this time.

Also, looking at your story does increase your pageviews. I'll fix that in the future. Thanks!

Lurking · Jul 10, 2019

Thank you! Hope you and fossil had fun if yall ended up meeting.

Lurking · Jul 3, 2019

@tony I published a chapter but when I went to view chapter the colored fonts aren't showing.

Issit bcuz im on mobile?

Lurking · Jul 10, 2019

Theres no cancel button, just a close button.

It doesnt scroll down on auto on mobile.

Tony · Jul 13, 2019

The 'close' button works the same way as the 'cancel' button.

As fort he spacegap issue, can I get a screenshot when you have time? I can't recreate the bug.

Lurking · Jul 13, 2019

*has not figured out how to screenshot*

I will try.

Lurking · Jul 13, 2019

Spacegap issue pops up with it auto scrolling up 1 line with this comment for example.
"Ooh. It was actually a bug this time instead of me messing up usage protocal!¤ Wow!☆.... annoying, I hit close instead of save 3 times and it keeps s above that."

Other comments arent long enuf(?) and it doesnt happen when creating just editing.
I will try to screenshot.

AmberC · Apr 25, 2019

Hi Tony, nice to meet you here. I am new here.

Tony · Apr 27, 2019

Hello! Nice to meet you and welcome to the site!

GoGo · Jan 5, 2019

*looks around..looks nice*

Tony · Jan 18, 2019


Azure · Jan 5, 2019

Worst author, everything he writes is in code.

Tony · Jan 18, 2019

I dunno. I've seen worse :(

Alverost · Feb 23, 2019

Oof. Tony with his burns

Lurking · Jul 3, 2019

The bad part is... we cant read the code since its writ in invisible ink.

@lemonfairy is too hard to catch and squeeze to make the ink visible.

We only see the results of the cast magic spell but can't read the coded circles or hear the chant.

Your a wiz, tony, and I just get confused.

Allchemic · Jan 1, 2019

Just wanted to claim a spot here ♥
And say I want to bear your babies~

Allchemic · Jan 1, 2019

i am joking, 'kay? Don't kill me

Business · Jan 1, 2019

The mating rituals of you organics are quite peculiar.

Tony · Jan 18, 2019

Not interested but thanks! Also, why would I kill you?

Das · Jan 1, 2019


Tony · Jan 18, 2019


Das · Jan 21, 2019


Tony · Dec 29, 2018

You don't need to refresh the page to check for new alerts anymore.

Gaap · Dec 29, 2018

Oh, that's great, good job~

Dountmindme · Dec 27, 2018

I couldn’t change my ratings. :(
I accidentally put taped the wrong star. Now I can’t change it.

testadmin · Dec 27, 2018

You can. Just re-click a new rating and it'll work

You can change your rating by clicking on the ratings at the top of the novel page or if you left a review, click on the rating next to your review.

testadmin · Dec 27, 2018

If it still doesn't work, let me know.

Tony · Dec 27, 2018

I'm trying to get everything done and released in a week though :(

Tony · Dec 27, 2018

It looks like I spoke too soon. The ruby tags were automatically removed from the editor once you press save. I tried to include the tags in an exception list but it doesn't seem to be working. Since it's not working, it's better that I remove the "Text" tab to not confuse the others + it's currently bugged.

I'll look into it again once I can sit down and research (Google) it. Sorry to get your hopes up.

ohko · Dec 27, 2018

No worries! It's really not an important feature, and I'm sure you have a long list of things to work on before your planned release date! Good luck! *shakes pompoms*

testadmin · Dec 27, 2018

Thanks! I'll do my best.

Skullie · Dec 27, 2018

Should make it so that we can see the difference between seen and unseen alerts?

Tony · Dec 27, 2018

While in dark mode, it's blackish.

Tony · Dec 27, 2018

Okay, I changed the color. It should stand out more now

Skullie · Dec 27, 2018

Lemme check....

Skullie · Dec 27, 2018

It worked~!!
Thank you for your hard work~

NewUser · Dec 27, 2018


Tony · Dec 27, 2018


Tony · Dec 27, 2018



snake · Dec 27, 2018


AhoDesuGa · Dec 27, 2018


Tony · Dec 27, 2018

Alerts are now retained for a few hours after you view them like NUF instead of disappearing as you click them.

Dountmindme · Dec 27, 2018

It’s okay. I’ll wait for the forums.

Arcturus · Dec 27, 2018

We appreciate the work @tony -chan

Skylark · Dec 27, 2018

Alerts stick on now! ´・ω・`

Before that, I was using two tabs haha~ 亍▽亍

Tony · Dec 27, 2018

@skylark If there's something that is bugging you, you should just say it. At most I'll do is say "no". The suggestions actually helps a lot.

but yeah, you probably didn't want to "bother" me. It's no bother though!

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