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Feb 12, 2019

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Joined: Feb 12, 2019
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Recon100035 · Jun 11, 2022

i think it would be cool and funny if Yuna goes to Fate because it would be hilarious to see a cultivator in fate

DizzyMiget · Jun 19, 2022

I think fate remains complicated even when boiled down to the very basics clear.png

Maerry · Author · Jun 19, 2022

True clear.png

DizzyMiget · Jun 19, 2022

I'd know it took me months to start having a basic grasp of what even the hell was going on, tho on the bright side, you could also just switch you brain off and literally just enjoy the flashy af fight scenes.

Maerry · Author · Jun 19, 2022

Yeah, Fate has some really amazing fight scenes

Maman452 · Jun 6, 2022

I know u planning to continue this story to bleach word, but can u consider high school dxd? Yuna personality will fit in just fine. Maybe also create a oppai cultivation? 

Maerry · Author · Jun 17, 2022

I've never seen high school dxd so it's not really an option

WistRal · Jun 1, 2022

I noticed that you are steadily approaching the end of canon and i was wondering what your plans were for this goddess of ice after? clear.png

Maerry · Author · Jun 5, 2022

Basically, there are two paths I could take.

Do a few time skips and do some "Boruto content" without Boruto or start my next fic that will have Yuna reincarnate into the world of Bleach.

Jonum · May 30, 2022

Hey!! @maerry I've been able to submit your work to the Indonesian novel site, I just wanted to let you know because I've asked your permission before

Jonum · May 30, 2022

Ugh I'm confused how to send the picture

Maerry · Author · Jun 5, 2022

Just upload it somewhere and send me a link. For example on

Jonum · Jun 11, 2022

Hi maerry You have discord

This my name -_jonathan_-#9210

Or maybe


urikami · May 27, 2022

why doesn't yuna use jutsu? 

Maerry · Author · May 28, 2022

She does on some occasions, but it's simply not necessary most of the time.

Tunefullcobra · May 23, 2022

You good? Normally you'd post a chapter by now or a notice explaining why you can't post failing that.

Maerry · Author · May 28, 2022

Had some hectic days :P Couldn't even read all the comments I got and had over 200 notifications pilled up xD

FoxxieFox · May 4, 2022

You should check out this Naruto Fanfic; it has it very thick on feels and story!

Maerry · Author · May 7, 2022

That looks pretty interesting. Will probably start reading it.

Eggmanstan · May 3, 2022

I do hope you put Yuna in bleach when your done with goddes of ice to corrup- I mean make friends.

Maerry · Author · May 7, 2022

I plan to

Mukson · Apr 25, 2022

Any chances of stuff from Yuna's past showing up in the story?

I know some people speculated that Yuna's daughter is Kaguya, so I am curious if besides that  we should expect anything similar.

Maerry · Author · Apr 25, 2022

There won't be much. Just a little.

Kataka · Apr 9, 2022

It would be funny If Yuna went to the one piece verse after this. Hehehe

Maerry · Author · Apr 10, 2022

I agree, and I did consider that, but I think the One Piece world is significantly harder to handle than the Naruto world, so I will do something else for now. As you probably already know, Bleach will be after I'm done with this. As for what I will do after Bleach? Who knows.

Kataka · Apr 10, 2022

If so, Then the harem will be huge there lol. 

Maerry · Author · Apr 11, 2022

I don't plan to have the harem grow too big. At a certain point, new harem members feel just like decorations rather than actual characters.

Wintera · Apr 8, 2022

After you finished your story you should totally write another naruto fanfic! Your super good at writing them.

Maerry · Author · Apr 9, 2022

Sorry, but I think I'm done with Naruto after I finished my fic. clear.png

Wintera · Apr 9, 2022

Black clover?

Maerry · Author · Apr 10, 2022

Haven't watched it, so I don't know anything about it

Wintera · Apr 10, 2022

You should totally watch it! Its one of my favorites

FangedLightning · Mar 31, 2022

Thank you for the laughs!

*coughs* cat or riot *coughs*

Maerry · Author · Mar 31, 2022

You are welcome

shifter1987 · Feb 12, 2022

Why did goddess get deleted

Maerry · Author · Feb 12, 2022

I just deleted the "not a chapter" chapter

shifter1987 · Feb 13, 2022

Woohoo.  The last time an author did that he/she disappeared 

Xuan-Wu · Jan 25, 2022

Harry Potter's twin ?

(Would she try to score Hermione, Ginny, Cho and Luna ?) 

Maerry · Author · Jan 25, 2022

Harry Potter is a fandom I also considered writing about, but if I do, it won't involve Yuna.

Xuan-Wu · Jan 25, 2022


Do you think Yuna's soul will wander elswere after her death ?

Monkey D Luffy's twin sister ?

Ichigo's twin sister ?

Yue Asakura's twin sister ?

Gon's twin sister ?

Mx0 hero's twin sister ?

And as always 

Thx for you awesome fanfic, you know


Maerry · Author · Jan 25, 2022

I did consider making Yuna reincarnate again as a possible next story, but I'm not sure if I will actually do that. On a side note, Bleach is one of the options. clear.png

Seipherwood · Feb 13, 2022

Maerry totally needs keep Yuna going ... clear.png

Maerry · Author · Feb 14, 2022

I know, right? She is pretty much the best thing that came from me writing this story xD Well, Yuna herself and I personally enjoy the occasional banter with Kurama as well. Those two have really come alive over the course of the story.

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