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Feb 12, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 12, 2019
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Comments: 800
Xeno_King · 6 hours ago

Ah ur almost at 2 mil view congratsclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngheres a cookieclear.pngclear.png

Maerry · Author · 6 hours ago

Haha, thanks clear.png

Insertalamenamehere · Oct 9, 2021

clear.pngNew here, keep up the good work nya~ clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Maerry · Author · Oct 10, 2021

Thanks, I will clear.png

ARFitS · Sep 16, 2021

You late or unavailable today?

ARFitS · Sep 17, 2021

Glad to read it, but what happened? Covid or accident?

Maerry · Author · Sep 17, 2021

Neither. I have a chronic sickness that occasionally pops up; that's why I wrote that it isn't anything significant. It's pretty standard for me to visit a hospital once every ~ four years.

ARFitS · Sep 17, 2021

That must suck...clear.png

Maerry · Author · Sep 17, 2021

You get used to it xD

At least it gives me a chance to laze around in bed for about a week without losing any of my free days at work :P

nutsai95 · Sep 6, 2021

It's crazy funny , keep up the good work

Maerry · Author · Sep 7, 2021

Thanks, I will. 

ravencroft · Aug 7, 2021

Do you want to know what a lesbian says to a straight woman in attempt to make her try being gay?

Spaghetti is straight to until it gets wet

Maerry · Author · Aug 7, 2021

I think I heard that one before xD

Kman · Jun 21, 2021

Hi maerry

Maerry · Author · Jun 22, 2021

Nothing much. Just got my second covid vaccine shot, which is nice

Kman · Jun 22, 2021

What's the name of the vaccine there at germany

Maerry · Author · Jun 22, 2021

I got Biontech.

Kman · Jun 22, 2021


demonslayer · May 23, 2021

What's up with isekai 101 thing in goddess of ice reborn as Naruto twin sister

Maerry · Author · May 23, 2021

Just posted another chapter to shed some light on it

Hedgeboar · Apr 28, 2021

get a patron or something, I wish to throw moneyclear.png

Maerry · Author · Apr 28, 2021

Haha, thx. Thinking about it.

Novellover · Apr 24, 2021

Did you post this at WN as well?

Maerry · Author · Apr 24, 2021


GodofWar · Apr 12, 2021

Can you post a bigger image of the novel thumbnail?

Bodoncio · Apr 12, 2021

Loved the cover clear.png

Maerry · Author · Apr 12, 2021


Crazedpanda1987 · Mar 28, 2021

Second chap? 

Maerry · Author · Mar 28, 2021

You should read my Author note at the end of the chapter clear.png

today's chapter was pretty long so I won't be posting a second one

Crazedpanda1987 · Mar 28, 2021

Starts riot 

Destroys the batmobile 

Cries miserably in the rain


Maerry · Author · Mar 28, 2021

*Sad music starts playing in the background*

Crazedpanda1987 · Mar 28, 2021

It's okay now tomorrow is a new day and a new chapclear.png

QQundeadwolfQQ · Mar 18, 2021

Again with getting on trending...keep up the awesome work!

Maerry · Author · Mar 18, 2021

Haha, thanks clear.png

ARFitS · Mar 16, 2021

How many times has your novel entered Trending by now?

Maerry · Author · Mar 16, 2021

5 or 6 times I think. But truth be told, I am not even sure of the criteria für reaching trendingclear.png

ARFitS · Mar 7, 2021

Hey Maerry,

What do you think about upgrading Hinata's Byakugan?

The Uchiha clan's Sharingan can be upgraded and later evolved into the Mangekyo Sharingan. So, why can't the Byakugan be uprgaded as well?

It's a fanfic, after all. You can make it so her clan never realized this was possible because they only ever trained in the Gentle Fist, but Hinata has been training in other disciplines and maybe she stumbles upon something, which leads to a new level of Byakugan?

ARFitS · Mar 7, 2021

Or something like that...

Maerry · Author · Mar 7, 2021

Well, there IS the Tenseigan as the upgrade of the Byukugan. As for coming up with one myself...nah don't wanna.

I do have plans to give Hinata another way to grow stronger soon, but that won't involve her eyes for now.

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