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Feb 12, 2019

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Joined: Feb 12, 2019
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Recon100035 · Jun 11, 2022

i think it would be cool and funny if Yuna goes to Fate because it would be hilarious to see a cultivator in fate

Maerry · Author · Jun 19, 2022

Yeah, Fate has some really amazing fight scenes

Nahmate · Jul 11, 2022

in it's very basics Fate isn't that complicated. Sure you might need a couple of diagrams about how time works for Servants to understand FSN but otherwise it's pretty understandable. Just don't dig up old history

Maerry · Author · Jul 12, 2022

Another gripe I have about writing about fate is that there are like six billion different sources that can be referenced. Anime/Movie /Light novel and so on.

Personally, I wouldn't want to write a fic about a world I'm not confident I understand. Since I have only consumed very little Fate, it would take me a long time to understand what is actually going on, which I'm honestly not willing to invest.

Nahmate · Jul 12, 2022

pretty understandable I only consumed the bare basics (Stay Night and Zero) which is why I can claim that it is not that convoluted the more you consume the worse that particular aspect gets IMO

Maman452 · Jun 6, 2022

I know u planning to continue this story to bleach word, but can u consider high school dxd? Yuna personality will fit in just fine. Maybe also create a oppai cultivation? 

Maerry · Author · Jun 17, 2022

I've never seen high school dxd so it's not really an option

WistRal · Jun 1, 2022

I noticed that you are steadily approaching the end of canon and i was wondering what your plans were for this goddess of ice after? clear.png

Maerry · Author · Jun 5, 2022

Basically, there are two paths I could take.

Do a few time skips and do some "Boruto content" without Boruto or start my next fic that will have Yuna reincarnate into the world of Bleach.

Jonum · May 30, 2022

Hey!! @maerry I've been able to submit your work to the Indonesian novel site, I just wanted to let you know because I've asked your permission before

Jonum · May 30, 2022

Ugh I'm confused how to send the picture

Maerry · Author · Jun 5, 2022

Just upload it somewhere and send me a link. For example on

Jonum · Jun 11, 2022

Hi maerry You have discord

This my name -_jonathan_-#9210

Or maybe


urikami · May 27, 2022

why doesn't yuna use jutsu? 

Maerry · Author · May 28, 2022

She does on some occasions, but it's simply not necessary most of the time.

Tunefullcobra · May 23, 2022

You good? Normally you'd post a chapter by now or a notice explaining why you can't post failing that.

Maerry · Author · May 28, 2022

Had some hectic days :P Couldn't even read all the comments I got and had over 200 notifications pilled up xD

FoxxieFox · May 4, 2022

You should check out this Naruto Fanfic; it has it very thick on feels and story!

Maerry · Author · May 7, 2022

That looks pretty interesting. Will probably start reading it.

Eggmanstan · May 3, 2022

I do hope you put Yuna in bleach when your done with goddes of ice to corrup- I mean make friends.

Maerry · Author · May 7, 2022

I plan to

Mukson · Apr 25, 2022

Any chances of stuff from Yuna's past showing up in the story?

I know some people speculated that Yuna's daughter is Kaguya, so I am curious if besides that  we should expect anything similar.

Maerry · Author · Apr 25, 2022

There won't be much. Just a little.

Kataka · Apr 9, 2022

It would be funny If Yuna went to the one piece verse after this. Hehehe

Maerry · Author · Apr 10, 2022

I agree, and I did consider that, but I think the One Piece world is significantly harder to handle than the Naruto world, so I will do something else for now. As you probably already know, Bleach will be after I'm done with this. As for what I will do after Bleach? Who knows.

Kataka · Apr 10, 2022

If so, Then the harem will be huge there lol. 

Maerry · Author · Apr 11, 2022

I don't plan to have the harem grow too big. At a certain point, new harem members feel just like decorations rather than actual characters.

Wintera · Apr 8, 2022

After you finished your story you should totally write another naruto fanfic! Your super good at writing them.

Maerry · Author · Apr 9, 2022

Sorry, but I think I'm done with Naruto after I finished my fic. clear.png

Wintera · Apr 9, 2022

Black clover?

Maerry · Author · Apr 10, 2022

Haven't watched it, so I don't know anything about it

Wintera · Apr 10, 2022

You should totally watch it! Its one of my favorites

FangedLightning · Mar 31, 2022

Thank you for the laughs!

*coughs* cat or riot *coughs*

Maerry · Author · Mar 31, 2022

You are welcome

shifter1987 · Feb 12, 2022

Why did goddess get deleted

Maerry · Author · Feb 12, 2022

I just deleted the "not a chapter" chapter

shifter1987 · Feb 13, 2022

Woohoo.  The last time an author did that he/she disappeared 

Xuan-Wu · Jan 25, 2022

Harry Potter's twin ?

(Would she try to score Hermione, Ginny, Cho and Luna ?) 

Maerry · Author · Jan 25, 2022

Harry Potter is a fandom I also considered writing about, but if I do, it won't involve Yuna.

Xuan-Wu · Jan 25, 2022


Do you think Yuna's soul will wander elswere after her death ?

Monkey D Luffy's twin sister ?

Ichigo's twin sister ?

Yue Asakura's twin sister ?

Gon's twin sister ?

Mx0 hero's twin sister ?

And as always 

Thx for you awesome fanfic, you know


Maerry · Author · Jan 25, 2022

I did consider making Yuna reincarnate again as a possible next story, but I'm not sure if I will actually do that. On a side note, Bleach is one of the options. clear.png

Seipherwood · Feb 13, 2022

Maerry totally needs keep Yuna going ... clear.png

Maerry · Author · Feb 14, 2022

I know, right? She is pretty much the best thing that came from me writing this story xD Well, Yuna herself and I personally enjoy the occasional banter with Kurama as well. Those two have really come alive over the course of the story.

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