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Feb 12, 2019

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Joined: Feb 12, 2019
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Kuromiru · Oct 26, 2022

Naruto and Bleach are some of My favorite anime shows out there and having Yuna, an amazing cultivator, changing things have made these stories ten times better. I was wondering in the future if you might plan on making a series in the Danmachi universe? Might not have to be the next book or anything, but I know Yuna would have a blast in it with all the goddesses around. And having Yuna and Naruto talking and corrupting them would be amazing.

Xuan-Wu · Oct 9, 2022


Just thought about the cover picture.

I don't know why, but I don't feel myself drawn to your new novel...

It's like it lost 1/3rd of glamour betwin the last and current novel.

Do anyone feel the same ?


__ApatheticSoverign__ · Nov 4, 2022

Have you at least given it a go? 

Xuan-Wu · Nov 4, 2022

That was a joke... 

__ApatheticSoverign__ · Nov 4, 2022

Oh. Yeah, now I see the blob, that makes sense. But still. It didn't really come off as a joke? Is that just me? 

M21111 · Sep 17, 2022

. M .. m.


Alexander9087 · Sep 16, 2022

After this series is complete what do you think about continuing the story in other words like D.N.Angel: as MC's siblings , HunterXHunter, Avatar the last airbender, and Inuyasha: as fox demons yeah. But anyway I Love the action packed adventure comedy with Yuna, Naruto and Kurama. I look forward to the updates every week.

Maerry · Author · Sep 16, 2022

I'm honestly not sure yet what I will do after I'm done with Bleach. After all, I have just started, and it will take quite some time to finish it.

Xuan-Wu · Oct 9, 2022

I vote Shaman King.


TheLoneFox · Sep 15, 2022

I have arrived here to-*splat*

Time to break out the liquid hellfire again.  Gotta get the frosting off the walls again.  

Thanks for continuing to write about Yuna.  I love reading what you have written.

Maerry · Author · Sep 16, 2022

Good job with the cleaning and thanks for the compliment

Madhatter123 · Sep 9, 2022

Webnovel is fixed

xxxluckysev7xxx · Sep 8, 2022

What do you think about side stories of yuna traveling about into different versions of Naruto as she knows about alternative worlds and finds other reincarnators like hisoka and see what they did to their shinobi world

Maerry · Author · Sep 14, 2022

An interesting idea.

Left_Nut_of_Madara · Sep 8, 2022

Rip webnovel but so far this is quite the upgrade

andisz13 · Sep 7, 2022

RIP PC reader's on webnovel at least I have a great amaunt of things to read on scribble

Pimbada · Sep 7, 2022


Luffy1996 · Sep 7, 2022


Hilary · Sep 2, 2022


Maerry · Author · Sep 3, 2022


Bappo_Chan · Aug 16, 2022

Can we get a mini side story for that part of Naruto (I think it was a movie) where Naruto gets trapped in a genjutsu with like an alternative world or something where everyone has the opposite personality and stuff, I think it's be fun to see yuna mess with everyone there 

Maerry · Author · Aug 16, 2022

I considered writing about that but decided not to do so in the end. Maybe I'll write about it some time in the future, but I'm not sure about that.

Vick · Aug 21, 2022

Is this 'Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie'

If this is what you talk about, then: Will you send Yuna in the original, or send her in the alternate (like with the 'Yuna to the Past')?

And if this isn't what you're talking about... Then: Ahem... [ULTIMATE JUTSU: Heaven-And-Earth-Pink-Dyeing Dao-Reversing Puppy Eyes No Jutsu] Pretty Pleaseclear.png

Bappo_Chan · Aug 21, 2022

I think both would be funny to see, yuna sent to the canon one, or one based off of her own AU.

Jonum · Aug 16, 2022

OOOOOOO YEAAA MAERRY that's very good i will also ask permission to translate it too after the Naruto part is done, I still have half more to translate for the Naruto partclear.png

Maerry · Author · Aug 17, 2022

Well, the NSFW chapters are easy to deal with since you can just skip them. If it's a single scene within a chapter, then you'll just have to rewrite it yourself.

Vick · Aug 21, 2022

In what language you translate the story?

Jonum · Aug 21, 2022


Jonum · Aug 21, 2022


Liber8T · Aug 15, 2022

Wow part 2 of Yuna's adventure clear.png

I really wanna reread everything to the new story but I also wanna finish binge reading LitOW firstclear.png

Maerry · Author · Aug 15, 2022

LitOW? What is that?

Liber8T · Aug 15, 2022

Lightning is the only way!!!! 🌩️ ⚡ *Craaack!!* Tantan taaaaa~!!! 🎊

Maerry · Author · Aug 15, 2022

Honestly, this looks somewhat interesting, and it is even completed. I might give this a try.

Liber8T · Aug 15, 2022

Yep it's good. And even tho the mc is a goodie twoshoes he still gets cold when in a life and death battle. Tho he still killing regrets some of them and is still naive(I'm at ch 113) and surprisingly it's not pissing me off that badly. Probably the way the author wrote it and not just shoving the MC's emotions and mental gymnastics down the readers throat. I recommend reading it.clear.pngclear.png

AnimeKing · Aug 15, 2022

I already love your new story clear.png

Maerry · Author · Aug 15, 2022

Thanks, I hope you continue enjoying it.

Drejzer · Aug 13, 2022

Aay, it's Sunday. 

Time to go to sleep and(hopefully) wake up to a new story.

(Yes, I wrote that 7 minutes after midnight(at least for me))

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