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Rising Author
Feb 13, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Feb 13, 2019
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Comments: 558
melchi · Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas.

TremendousHuman · Author · Dec 26, 2023

Happy Saturnalia

melchi · Sep 5, 2023

Grats on completion 

TremendousHuman · Author · Sep 5, 2023


Agrippa · Jun 20, 2023

Thank you very much for your insightful review. Without going into Worm itself, I admit that I have failed at coming up with ways to make Lisa struggle a bit more and have her suffer some meaningful defeats, but... well, with things as they are, I haven't found a way to make that believable and true to the characters. I really shouldn't have let her get an in with Colin that early in the story. Anyway, there are some twists coming right up that should make it so she doesn't coast so easily.

TremendousHuman · Author · Dec 24, 2022

Letting go is the most powerful ability one could ever have

TremendousHuman · Author · Dec 14, 2022

started new series. Making no commitments but I do have plans for it

YuukeiRorogan · Nov 17, 2022

Thanks for the honest review. 


TremendousHuman · Author · Nov 17, 2022

no probs

TableBacon · Jan 21, 2022

do you plan to continue any of your series

TremendousHuman · Author · Jan 21, 2022

Yes. I realised, however, that all of them require major revisions, so I'm currently writing the plot outline for one of them in between life stuff. I'll do the same for all of them, and then slowly write up backlogs, so it isn't likely that I'll publish anything any time soon

melchi · Jan 7, 2022

Was wondering if you read anymore of gaming on a mud is difficult and your thoughts?

TremendousHuman · Author · Jan 8, 2022

I read it up to 10th chapter and left it to stock up. But up to that point it was an interesting and unique story

Yukio_ · Dec 2, 2021

Just checking, you good? I hope everything is fine

TremendousHuman · Author · Dec 2, 2021

Thanks, I'm alright

Tibbit · Jun 2, 2021

Hello, sorry to bother but small question, I just found one of your series (Magic of love) today and after reading it in its entirety, was curious if you have dropped it? 

Regardless hope you keep up the great work!

TremendousHuman · Author · Jun 3, 2021

No, I haven't. It's just lately I haven't been in the right mood to write it, so it's temporarily on hold

jokei · Dec 15, 2020

clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngLLove u 

TremendousHuman · Author · Dec 16, 2020


LongBagguette · Oct 31, 2020

Still alive? I would say you are?

Welcome to relibrary even though im just reading anything!

TremendousHuman · Author · Nov 1, 2020

Yeah, I'm still among the living. And thanks for the welcome, I guess?

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