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Rising Author
Feb 13, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Feb 13, 2019
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Just your average Asian teenager with a caffeine and sugar addiction :)

Phantomheart · Author · Jun 1, 2020

Hello! Until further notice, none of my novels will be updated on SH. I will be rewriting/editing novels that I am still inspired about like HNTAADL and TSO100L:MR, but will not be posting them until the novels are at least half way complete or fully written due to my currently unorthodox writing schedule and lack of motivation.

Thanks for everything, and see you soon!

Phantomheart · Author · Mar 18, 2020

Hi! So I'm back on again mainly because the COVID-19 outbreak in my state shut down all the schools until further notice, so I have a weird schedule now. I have some free time to write again, but I am also working for my parents' restaurant so that our family can be afloat.  I am also balancing some online classes, but will hopefully begin to update chapters for two novels: TSO100L:MR and HNTAADL

SaddyStorm · Apr 3, 2020

Take your time , many of us also feel burdened by the sudden changes due to the virus and daily life in general. So well most of us can understand that a real life usually has precedence over writing novels for a bunch of weebs (or geeks) clear.png

Hopefully things are okay for all of you reading this clear.png 

Now back to my online classesclear.png( me)

Phantomheart · Author · Feb 8, 2020

Sorry guys chapters won’t be out until late tonight. My training course ran over time clear.png

Phantomheart · Author · Feb 7, 2020

Update will be late tonight! Finishing up on some projects for school clear.png

Alice. · Feb 4, 2020

Thanks for the follow. clear.png

Phantomheart · Author · Feb 4, 2020

lol np bruh

Phantomheart · Author · Jan 26, 2020

Won't be updating today :(

Phantomheart · Author · Sep 20, 2019

Will be posting an update for How Not To Adopt A Demon Lord soon! Most likely tomorrow :)

Phantomheart · Author · Aug 5, 2019

School is starting tomorrow morning, except slower updates :(

Phantomheart · Author · Jul 29, 2019

The fluffy story was released, and because of the well received reception will be getting a second chapter release today! <3

Phantomheart · Author · Jul 29, 2019

Planning on releasing one of my fluffy stories today! Stay tuned for more :)

Phantomheart · Author · Jul 17, 2019

Still debating on which fluffy story to release first. Check out the poll here!

Phantomheart · Author · Jun 7, 2019

Just added two new series to my repertoire and I am excited to write!

Phantomheart · Author · May 26, 2019

Finals and Aps are almost over! I only have one final left, so updates will be back on schedule :D

Phantomheart · Author · May 7, 2019

Due to Final Exams and AP testing, updates will be delayed for around the next few weeks.

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 27, 2019

Something came up this week, no Friday update, my apologies.

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    Just your average Asian teenager with a caffeine and sugar addiction :)

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