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Well-Known Author
Feb 13, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Feb 13, 2019
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Just your average Asian teenager with a caffeine and sugar addiction :)

Phantomheart · Author · Sep 20, 2019

Will be posting an update for How Not To Adopt A Demon Lord soon! Most likely tomorrow :)

Phantomheart · Author · Aug 5, 2019

School is starting tomorrow morning, except slower updates :(

Phantomheart · Author · Jul 29, 2019

The fluffy story was released, and because of the well received reception will be getting a second chapter release today! <3

Phantomheart · Author · Jul 29, 2019

Planning on releasing one of my fluffy stories today! Stay tuned for more :)

Phantomheart · Author · Jul 17, 2019

Still debating on which fluffy story to release first. Check out the poll here!

Phantomheart · Author · Jun 7, 2019

Just added two new series to my repertoire and I am excited to write!

Phantomheart · Author · May 26, 2019

Finals and Aps are almost over! I only have one final left, so updates will be back on schedule :D

Phantomheart · Author · May 7, 2019

Due to Final Exams and AP testing, updates will be delayed for around the next few weeks.

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 27, 2019

Something came up this week, no Friday update, my apologies.

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 17, 2019

Have a 102.9 and the flu, I sincerely apologize for the late updates of UD:SG. I had to go to the hospital both today and yesterday, just so I could get it checked out.

Also, flu swabs are the absolute worst! It feels like someone is shoving an old toothbrush covered in lemon juice up your nose!

mrandmrsmooncat · Apr 15, 2019

Thank you for your honest review. We'll work on it somehow :) I've tried reading yours and found what was missing in mine. Cheers!

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 15, 2019

I hope I wasn't too harsh! I look forward to your future endeavors on the site, and hope you'll be able to touch up your story, it has an excellent premise! <3 I'm excited to see your progress in writing :)

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 14, 2019

Official scheduling of chapters, starting as of 4/13/2019:
UD:SG -- Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 13, 2019

Just sent in the request to change Undaunted Daughter: Song Gwakott 's cover, hopefully it gets approved because I think this new design will catch many new readers' eyes :)

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 12, 2019

Gak. I'm tired... Spring brings too many allergies >.<

EmeraldStrawberry · Apr 7, 2019

Thank you very much for the review! That's true I have been struggling with grammar since it isn't my first language and so I'm deciding on whether to get an editor or not.

Phantomheart · Author · Apr 11, 2019

Your story is definitely great so far! I hope you can get in touch with an editor soon, just getting those few straggling sentences to flow better makes for a better narrative :) looking forward to your updates!

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    Just your average Asian teenager with a caffeine and sugar addiction :)

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