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Rising Author
Jan 25, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Jan 25, 2021
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gamer147 · Aug 10, 2022

Woah, where'd "I’m Reluctantly Dating the Shared Lover of my Entire Classroom." go?

Hazy-mist12 · May 21, 2022

tbh as an open minded ntr reader, i really like the ntr scenes, i hope lot's of scenes for umeko and also kanae cause i really like their personality

still thank you author-san, i thought u abandoned it and was surprised seeing the chapters suddenly less 

edit: i read the last part of tour comment, and i just wonder.... if u will seperate the dark parts as (special or non-cannon) ....

bakquak · May 12, 2022

Hello, I just noticed that black label just got a rewrite? Just wondering, what are the major changes in it?

tounokuraikenja · Author · May 12, 2022

might as well consider it a full rewrite from chapter 3 onwards.  I decided to shift the pacing and add a hell of a lot more fluff so like MC has a reason to like each of the women of his eventual harem enough to go through stupid bullshit.  Shizu is still a slut, and Kanae's still doing her brocon grooming, just on the down low.

bakquak · May 12, 2022

Ah okie then good to know.. looking forward for more chapters :3

Ryuujisan · May 2, 2022

Nakada-san to Ren’ai u rewrite this story?

tounokuraikenja · Author · May 2, 2022

Yes.  Less emotional stupidity, better and more relevant character development.  Kouta will learn how to read the mood better and not be a complete disappointment at every turn.

Ryuujisan · May 2, 2022

That's good because emotionally he was a scumbag and didn't support Nakada when she was alone in a conflict he acted like Sarota from sakuroso no pet when he had an inferiority complex he took it out on Shina. Because of this I wanted to abandon the story but I read for the twins I hope like in the previous version the wife will become her sister. It was only after her best realized him that he started treating her better.

Ryuujisan · May 2, 2022

I hope in this version there won't be much NTR except netori and he won't cry about having The Harem I will start reading when there are more chapters  

Cheetachaser · May 3, 2022

Well, all to the good then. Logged on, checked my reading list and was shocked to see (deleted).

Glad to see that is innacurate, also glad to read what you are doing.

Templary · Apr 23, 2022

mmm I'm a reader who has a love hate relationship with your novels lately more hate than love, but that's something apart you're fine? I just want to know if you're alive?

tounokuraikenja · Author · Apr 24, 2022

I'm alive.  I've been doing some edits to Black Label, actually.  Trying to expand the intro to be a bit less intense, and instead have some fluffy moments to develop Kouta x Shizu better, as well as bring in Ruru earlier, changing some things around.

TBH I don't want to keep it as dark as it is.

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