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Jan 25, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 25, 2021
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Amateur Novelist. Girls' Love and Harem enthusiast.

I love fanfictions done to my stories, and also take commissions for writing any genre of story, though if you want it posted on SH, please keep it within the ToS.

tounokuraikenja · Author · Jul 10, 2021

clear.pngMeant to post it last night around midnight, but completely forgot.  Sorry peeps.

Chapter 55 of Black Label:

tounokuraikenja · Author · Jul 3, 2021

Chapter 54 of Nakada-san to Ren'ai 「Black Label」 is out!

Heads up.  Things got real at Saya's house!

tounokuraikenja · Author · Jun 25, 2021

Fresh off of Hiatus, Vol3 of Nakada-san to Ren'ai 「Black Label」begins!

EndWorld · Jun 25, 2021


Domolidorx · Jun 25, 2021


Lunaressence · Jun 25, 2021

SEX SEX SEX clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

foxinabox · Jun 14, 2021

just some random tidbit I learned from reading "Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?" (so i'm a spider, so what?)

spideys react to a bit of caffeine the same way we react to a lot of alcyhols, as in *maybe* half a cup is like a dozen jello-shots to an arachne. should put a bit of comedy/plot in there for ya clear.png

tounokuraikenja · Author · Jun 14, 2021

I'm sure we'll get some caffeinated spidey humor soon, though it will most likely also be quite lewd.

Yairy · Jun 6, 2021

Touki Touki TOUKI!!!!!!! clear.png

Vicky · Jun 1, 2021

You perv lmao

tounokuraikenja · Author · Jun 1, 2021

nothing pervy about it clear.png

SerikoLee · Jun 1, 2021

Vicky you mad

tounokuraikenja · Author · May 22, 2021

Nakada-san to Ren'ai 「Black Label」's Volume 2 End is out!

I'll be taking a small Hiatus to work on Hero's Bride, as well as writing a new wholesome fluffy romance that I hope will be to everyone's taste.

I'm also going to be writing a story for Amazon Vella, a Historical-Fantasy Harem Isekai .  I'll give details on everything soon!

tounokuraikenja · Author · May 22, 2021

@GDLiZy  why u gotta attack me snek?  ?

There'll be plenty of tragedy on the non-yuri side of Hero's Bride, and the FMC of my romcom is a Tragic Heroine if that helps?

Yairy · May 22, 2021

Leave'em alone, snek! @GDLiZy

GDLiZy · May 22, 2021

I feel like someone's talking about I can't see them. Prob just a wind.

loshi1505 · Jun 2, 2021

I'll be taking a small Hiatus

Click to expand...

hope it isn't for too long, black label too good to go without. i'll suffer withdrawals.

Yairy · May 6, 2021


tounokuraikenja · Author · May 6, 2021

@Yairy enjoying your break?

Yairy · May 6, 2021

Oh yes! I am reading stories and relaxing when I'm not at work. It's amazing. (Lowkey getting bored and started writing again. lol)

I hope you're doing well!

lufiavn · Apr 26, 2021

Hey chief just curious did you plan on how long this novel would be or you just go with your creative flow?

tounokuraikenja · Author · Apr 26, 2021

@lufiavn I think it will go on for a long time to come still.  I plot out key points in each volume, but getting from point-a to point-b is mostly creative flow on my end.  I also consume a lot of media and if I like the idea, I see how I can tie it in, mostly through tons of open threads or innocuous sentences that get missed at times.

Kaminoz · Apr 25, 2021

@tounokuraikenja like I said in my review he was like the generic cucks on hentai ntr. That's not a bad thing since the character can grow from that. I think you take it I said he was static as a bad thing, but this story benefits from having a static mc. Because he changes people and while the mc grew up and changed a bit, he is still the same. If that's the only thing you took from my review then it's a shame, because like I said it's a decent story.

tounokuraikenja · Author · Apr 26, 2021

@Kaminoz my issue with your review is you giving inaccurate misinformation in it.  You clearly didn't read my novel, and at best skimmed it.  My MC is in no way a cuck, as stated multiple times throughout the novel, that you would know if you really read it.  So since you aren't reading it.  Then keep it that way.

Kaminoz · Apr 26, 2021

@tounokuraikenja he still had characteristics from generic cucks in hentai. the ones in ntr hentai are far from full blown cuckold. Actions speak louder than words and some of his actions can get people to think he is a cuck. You at least wrote his thought and personality so that we can at least understand his reasoning and in that way I can't say he is a full blown cuck.

FabulousAura · May 8, 2021

@Kaminoz Calling him a cuck, implies that he is okay with Shizu sleeping around. However, he only allows Shizu to sleep around, because he feels like it's a mental tick she cannot help. Kind of like, how someone with Tourette's might say something very offensive, but would be forgiven, because they have Tourette's and cannot help it. He still gets pissed when it happens though (punching someone, if caught), and wants desperately for her to stop.

He's more a simp; than a cuck.

tounokuraikenja · Author · Apr 25, 2021

@Kaminoz  I'm calling you out on giving a review without reading the novel.  My MC is not a cuck, as stated in the novel many times if you really followed along to the chapter you stopped at.  He's defended himself on that point MANY times.  Saying he's static?  Have you gone from a sheltered incel to an alpha chad in 3 weeks?  Give me one reason not to report you for a fraudulent review.

lufiavn · Apr 25, 2021

Ok, calling Kouta a cuck means he never consider the circumstances of Shizu and Kouta and pretty much all the other girls. Any developments/dynamics between the two since they got together has been ignored as well. That review reads like a rage review someone who jumped right into the chapter where Shizu lost to her itch and skim through everything looking for some vindictive sex but got none instead.

Banana · Apr 25, 2021


lufiavn · Apr 24, 2021

Noice. Any chance our MC following his grandfather's footstep?

tounokuraikenja · Author · Apr 24, 2021

Yes, when we reach sunday, Kouta has a meeting with Gorou-jii, who will 'help' Kouta learn something important about himself.

Yairy · Apr 24, 2021


tounokuraikenja · Author · Apr 21, 2021

Chapter 41 of Black Label is out...

Working on 42/Satoko Special now.  Hopefully out in the next day or so.

Yairy · Apr 21, 2021


tounokuraikenja · Author · Apr 19, 2021

Sorry guys, had to unwind after the last couple chapters.  Should be a new chapter of Black Label no later than tomorrow.  Doing a whole day in one go, so it'll be over my usual 8k size and our favorite teenage MILF gets some much needed screentime.  Next chapter after that is the Satoko Special.  Stay tuned.

EndWorld · Apr 19, 2021

clear.png no pressure clear.png

take the time you want, nothing good comes out of forcing things


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    Amateur Novelist. Girls' Love and Harem enthusiast.

    I love fanfictions done to my stories, and also take commissions for writing any genre of story, though if you want it posted on SH, please keep it within the ToS.

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