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Jan 25, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 25, 2021
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Amateur Novelist. Girls' Love and Harem enthusiast.

I love fanfictions done to my stories, and also take commissions for writing any genre of story, though if you want it posted on SH, please keep it within the ToS.

Mitrix · Dec 10, 2021

Algun plan para terminar nakada-sa a rei'san ? Estaba muy imteresante, pero ya lo dejaste de publicar

PLsGivMemoney · Dec 3, 2021

Is the novel 'I’m Reluctantly Dating the Shared Lover of my Entire Classroom' completed?

lufiavn · Nov 16, 2021

Hello my dear author, any plans resuming the Nakada series?

lufiavn · Nov 16, 2021

Why though? The Nakada series, both the OG and Black Label are among my favourite stories here. They're twisted and rough, which is really hard to come by. That's 110% a compliment. Then again, if you lost interest as a writer there's nothing else we could do. If you decide to start fresh again under a new name remember to make an announcement. Dont go AWOL like last time clear.png

tounokuraikenja · Author · Nov 16, 2021

I appreciate you saying that more than you'll believe.  I have one finished story i'm about to post under my old profile @tounokenja as it's got one full completed volume just about read to go, and i'm currently working on a novel handling the aftermath of being NTR'd and picking up the pieces of a fucked up situation.  

Hopefully they'll both launch around thanksgiving time in usa.

loshi1505 · Nov 16, 2021

if my rage post during the recent kouta opt out of telling kanae about satoko contributed to your desire to nuke everything i apologize. please do continue the story, every story has at least one flaw in my eyes. even my favorites. that's my problem, not yours.

loshi1505 · Nov 16, 2021

if there's other pressing issues causing this, i highly suggest talking about them. maybe to a fan in DMs, someone IRL, a stranger when your out an about. doesn't matter who, but further acknowledging the issue and conveying it to someone else should help you process it. hell maybe someone actually has advice for you.

intravert · Nov 6, 2021

Hi. Will there be a sequel to the schoolgirl succubus? Sorry for the mistakes English is not my first language.

tounokuraikenja · Author · Nov 14, 2021

I have no idea if I will ever continue it.   I'd like to, like many of my other stories, but I can't seem to find the motivation.  My apologies.

PLsGivMemoney · Nov 5, 2021

is the novel 'I’m Reluctantly Dating the Shared Lover of my Entire Classroom.' in hiatus?

tounokuraikenja · Author · Nov 14, 2021

Yes, I have failed to provide a hiatus notice, but it's pretty much dead in the water.  I jumped the gun rushing to the ecchi in the last few chapters and kind of want to redo it.  I have  no idea when i'll come back to this. I'm sorry clear.png

PLsGivMemoney · Nov 14, 2021

no worries as long as the story is still continuing I don't mind. But can't be sure I can wait too long 

tounokuraikenja · Author · Oct 4, 2021

So uh, I suppose I should make this a status post for registered readers....

I'm resuming 「I Became the Hero's Bride to Save the Otherworld.」

Updates at least once a week, current chapter can be found here:

lufiavn · Oct 4, 2021

Welcome back. I assume that the covid treatment went well.

Yairy · Oct 4, 2021


Banana · Oct 4, 2021

Good morning

Nyaa · Nov 17, 2021

...well, that didn't last long...

Still plan to keep going?

Yairy · Sep 17, 2021

I hope my Touki is doing well. 

tounokuraikenja · Author · Sep 11, 2021

Just giving a small status update.  About five or so days ago I caught COVID, so I've been way too out of it in ridiculous amounts of physical pain to write or post anything.   The prognosis is basically ~10 days until I'm functional again.  I hope to resume Shared Lovers as soon as I'm able, as well as to post the few backlogged chapters of Black Label I had been sitting on.   Sorry for being silent up until now, but even finding the energy to write this is difficult enough.

lufiavn · Sep 11, 2021

Yo forget about the chapters, get treatment first. You have all the time in the world for smut afterwards. Stay safe!

SuperBort · Sep 12, 2021

I was wondering why the updates seemed to have mysteriously stopped. I wish you the best of luck in recovering quickly with not of those dreadful long term issues.clear.png

loshi1505 · Sep 18, 2021

yo, if you still are feeling some effects i'd suggest ivermectin. get well soon if you aren't already!

Woolffool · Aug 31, 2021

WFK...... agora está claro que é uma história totalmente diferente da primeira versão. Esse é o Black Label.

Mais ainda é divertido ver qual o destino que os personagens vão seguir nessa nova história.
Muito bom trabalho.clear.png
Hellson · Aug 21, 2021

Oh so he isn't a netori

tounokuraikenja · Author · Aug 19, 2021

It was my day off so I was slacking a little.  I did manage to post chapter 44 of 『Shared Lover』  so if you've been waiting all day, my apologies.  I was tied up with kids and school stuff.

Daijena · Aug 12, 2021

Follow cause that profil pic is relateable, lots of stories and cause I found a cookie on the floor of your profileclear.png

lufiavn · Aug 7, 2021

My dear author, you have to go all in with the JP style web novel title. At least make it something like "I’m Reluctantly Dating the Shared Lover of my Entire Classroom who turns out to be my step mother and also the mother of my childhood crush". SMH clear.png

Sabruness · Aug 7, 2021

your new novel.. Is it one of those novels where everyone thinks the FL is a slut but she actually isnt and it's either a giant misunderstanding or a bunch of jealous teenagers being jealous?.

Sabruness · Aug 7, 2021

that should be *Jealous teenagers being assholes.

tounokuraikenja · Author · Aug 7, 2021

Ever read the novel Chuuko demo koi ga shitai?  Think along those lines.  Your question is a safe guess and there is definitely a misunderstanding that the plot itself forces to be unresolved for a while.  Also, our MC in this novel isn't as honest about his ecchi desires as he should be. Plus, LitRPG just for shits and giggles.

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    Amateur Novelist. Girls' Love and Harem enthusiast.

    I love fanfictions done to my stories, and also take commissions for writing any genre of story, though if you want it posted on SH, please keep it within the ToS.

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