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Well-Known Author
Feb 5, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Feb 5, 2021
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Comments: 408
MrGaujail · Jun 21, 2022

So what happened to you good friend? You ded?

Zoweyelpritty · Oct 26, 2021

Que xopa autor ya varias semanas sin actualizar¿te dio covid? 

Reisinling · Author · Oct 28, 2021

Nope. Chapter today. Unless i delete it again because I'm not satisfied.

Reisinling · Author · Aug 16, 2021

Long story short, i tried staying up to finish a chapter... instead caught flu.

Well okay, not completly true- I most likely got it when I went on a walk to clear my mind, but still.

FBI · Jul 18, 2021


Our data tells us you posted a new novel. Did you accidentally pressed the publish button instead of save draft?

Reisinling · Author · Jul 19, 2021

I published then removed it because there was a long time it was not checked by admins. Now re-published.

FBI · Jul 17, 2021

Hello good sir

Reisinling · Author · Jul 18, 2021

F... FBI?! Wait, I can explain! Mr agent that was not me! Damn, should have used the VPN that my favorite podcast/youtuber recommended!

FBI · Jul 18, 2021

We have already hacked into nord and express VPN

Agentt · Jul 12, 2021

*stops from rising*

Malonymous · Jul 14, 2021





Agentt · Jul 14, 2021

Fight against that snake. Prophecy says only a rising author can kill a rising author. You are the chosen one

Reisinling · Author · Jul 15, 2021

No Agentt, you can't ask others to fight you. You have to rise up to the occasion yourself!

Agentt · Jul 15, 2021


I shall, but doing so requires me to betray the oath I took, and leave behind who I actually am.


Let me give myself reassurance that i can write a smut and become famous whenever I want


Daijena · Jun 25, 2021

How you're doing? clear.png

Reisinling · Author · Jun 25, 2021

Something interesting might pop on the 4th of july... Unless I fudge up stuff again.

Daijena · Jun 26, 2021


LinMeili · Apr 4, 2021

Congrats on number one trending!

Reisinling · Author · Apr 4, 2021

Thank you. Though I'm starting to suspect its a bug. Or that my story got possessed due to passing 666 readers on easter. One of those.

Reisinling · Author · Mar 23, 2021

3rd time is the charm as they say, I'm sure I will get millions of readers now

Reisinling · Author · Mar 19, 2021


Reisinling · Author · Mar 18, 2021

I forgot to paste half of my chapter, after picture, and no one noticed. Only today I realized the mistake. Eh. No one has seen anything, everything was fine from the beginning clear.png

Reisinling · Author · Mar 14, 2021

next update Wednesday. In general, Slithering through dreams has weekly schedule now- Wednesdays and Saturdays

HappyVainGlory · Mar 13, 2021

Not sure if final yet, but congrats on number one trending!

Reisinling · Author · Mar 13, 2021

Yey! Thanks, I was really bummed out my previous 2 attempts didn't work out, so being #1 is super satisfying :D

Napelynn · Mar 13, 2021


Vicky · Mar 13, 2021

clear.png Good job

Reisinling · Author · Mar 13, 2021


Vicky · Mar 12, 2021

Reisinling, do you happen to know how much percentage of works in Scribble Hub are marked as completed? 

Reisinling · Author · Mar 12, 2021

I will check over the weekend, and respond to this comment, I'm trying to scrape tag info and find out how the stupid trending carousel works for now.

Vicky · Mar 12, 2021

If it helps, a novel needs at least 72 hours to qualify for trending. Then there is also two slots that work differently than the rest. 

Reisinling · Author · Mar 12, 2021

Hmm interesting. Will take this into consideration.

About the completed series ranking: There are 741 series marked as completed, and 30 stories with word "Complete" in their title, but some of them have stuff like "Volume 1 complete!" or something, and a few others are also properly marked as complete. All in all ~11.1 - 11.6% novels, depending on how many of those 30 are actually completed.

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