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Rising Author
Feb 7, 2021

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Rising Author
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Joined: Feb 7, 2021
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Comments: 397
Wkppp · Feb 9, 2022

Noo what happen!...why is it on haitus?clear.png

TheTrueVillain · Jun 13, 2021

where are you ?

WolfTide · Jun 6, 2021

Is this novel dead? I really enjoyed it so far.

sordahon · Apr 16, 2021

We want chapters!

When do we want it?!


I like your novel and would like to ask if there is a shedule of sorts or you are just writing whenever you feel like it.

Remuria · Author · Apr 18, 2021

Thank you. clear.png

I only write for so it is only updated when I finished. But I tried to aim for at least 1-2 chapters/week.

mon5y-san · Mar 26, 2021

Really love misunderstanding comedy novels.

But as story goes on. To keep protagonist clueless, author will make protagonist(supposely average normal person) act like brain dead patient(strange grief is a good example).

I really hope you would not do that to sage khun. Just give him more awareness but keep that sage's wisdom(lol) going.

Remuria · Author · Mar 29, 2021

His "wisdom" is his strength after all. He won't loss it that easily.clear.png

mon5y-san · Mar 31, 2021

What I mean is. After misunderstanding build up over each other, there will be a point that you must choose between let him acknowledged reality or keep him cluelessness at same level(but make him look like mental challenging patient).

I hope you choose former choice.

And yes it happened to nearly all misunderstanding novels I read(around c50-c200 depend on words length and author's ability).

Remuria · Author · Apr 3, 2021

Yes. I understand. Misunderstanding is actually my favorite genre, so I have a fair share of frustration as well.

What I want to mean is he is somewhat intelligence. So, when there are more evident, he will probably figure it out after some time. clear.png

commandergenerals · Mar 5, 2021

Your Vtuber fanatasy series has a pretty concept that really felt done right jeep it up!clear.png

Remuria · Author · Mar 7, 2021

Thank you!

HappyVainGlory · Mar 1, 2021

Congrats on trending! Keep up the effort and have fun! clear.png

niewaznekto · Mar 1, 2021


Remuria · Author · Mar 1, 2021

Thank you!

Evolto · Feb 22, 2021

Really enjoy your fantasy vtuber seriesclear.png

Keep going there, remu-sanclear.png

Remuria · Author · Feb 23, 2021

Thank you! clear.png

Reisinling · Feb 22, 2021

I see you coming for my hard earned #10 spot in the contest, but I shall fight! To the last chapter! Snakes > Vtubers! Mwahaha

Remuria · Author · Feb 23, 2021

You are just delaying the inevitable! clear.png

Reisinling · Mar 1, 2021

clear.png I'll be back! The sssssith shall have their revenge

Remuria · Author · Mar 2, 2021


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