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Feb 9, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 9, 2021
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Henrylight · 19 hours ago

Sir, is your health good? Take care of your health I'll be there when you get back to workclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

edited: I'll be waiting to return to the work

Henrylight · Sep 30, 2023

Batch update ok?clear.png

sbar · Sep 11, 2023

Yo author are you good i miss your fanfic clear.pngclear.png

Hope there nothing wrong 

So after i checked his profile he deactivated his profile activity 

So maybe a bad thing happened lets hope i am wrong clear.pngclear.png

Mptheultimate · Sep 10, 2023

Yo, Proper, you good? 

NathanielB · Sep 9, 2023


beat · Sep 1, 2023

Any updates on the batch release ?

MrProper · Author · Sep 1, 2023

I'm adding two additional chapters to it. Doing the final checks before I release them. I'm probably gonna do a double release first, then launch the other ten all at once.

MrProper · Author · Aug 26, 2023

OK. So most of upcoming batch release is pretty much done, but the last chapter ends in the middle of some action, so I'm gonna add another two before I release it. Thanks in advance for your patience clear.png!

Mptheultimate · Aug 26, 2023

Take your time man, we all are expecting topnotch contents as usual

Bodoncio · Aug 26, 2023

Are you better ? That’s the most important thing to know 

Plantorsomething · Aug 27, 2023

Batch release is nice, but imo logistically it might be better to spread it out, at least only one a day. I just don’t want you to use up all your material, burn out, and have no backlog and leave yourself needing to ‘catch up’ again 

Plantorsomething · Aug 27, 2023

Plus more days means more time possibly on trending board

Mptheultimate · Aug 23, 2023

Hyped to see what happens to our young otsusuki.

MrProper · Author · Aug 23, 2023

We're almost there! Doin' the final edits on the batch release!

Mptheultimate · Aug 19, 2023

Can't wait 

MrProper · Author · Aug 19, 2023

Batch release is almost ready clear.png!

__ApatheticSoverign__ · Aug 10, 2023

Are you ok? I asked in a chapter comment but then realised it would probably be better to just say it here. But anyway, you good?

MrProper · Author · Aug 12, 2023

Yeah! I'm just preparing to make a massive release. Since my physical therapy schedule has been so sporadic, I've decided to do batch releases for the time being. I'm planning to release about 10 chapters all at once either next week, or the week after clear.png.

Stay tuned!

Plantorsomething · Jul 5, 2023

My dude you are an absolute beast, extreme respect.

MrProper · Author · Jul 4, 2023

Posting this with my phone. Something is going on with the local broadband in my area, and I'm sick of waiting. So, I've decided to retype the releases with my phone, as I've been forced to do in the past, and post them that way. I'll try and have them out as soon as I can.

Samderi · Jul 4, 2023

As is the universal law, the moment you are about to finish the problem goes away. And with it any worth of doing doble the work.

MrProper · Author · Jun 29, 2023

With my new therapy schedule, looks like I'll be busy Thursday through Saturday. But I still have some leeway for releasing new chapters! I'm gonna see if I can release the next one tomorrow, or on Friday. See ya soon clear.png!

ManwX · Jun 29, 2023


Kimginmu · Jun 30, 2023

Good luck for the therapy, thanks for the update! clear.png

MrProper · Author · Jun 27, 2023

HEY GUYS! TRIPLE RELEASE DAY IS HERE! Chapters 250, 251, & 252 have been released! Check em out now! No power outage can stop me!

ManwX · Jun 27, 2023


MrProper · Author · Jun 26, 2023

Heya shinobi! I'm sending this from my phone, but I've got THREE BRAND NEW chapters ready for you, and more on the way! Problem is, the power is out at my location. I'm hoping it comes on so I can upload my new chapters tonight, if not, I'll definitely have them out tomorrow! Almost there!

Bodoncio · Jun 26, 2023

Use this time to rest, pls no one wants to see you getting worse

BlazeMagic · Jun 26, 2023

Looking forward to the three chaptersclear.png, also hope youre feeling betterclear.png

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