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Feb 10, 2021

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Joined: Feb 10, 2021
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I'm a nonbinary trans woman who is gay as hell and likes fantasy/sci fi queer stories.

Vyria_Durav · Author · Sep 1, 2022

Final Catnip chapters have now been uploaded! I was a little late on them because of the ebook release and so both ch 21 and the epilogue have been uploaded. Enjoy!

Vyria_Durav · Author · Aug 16, 2022

Catnip is out on ebook now! More details at:

Vyria_Durav · Author · Aug 14, 2022

Exciting news everyone! Catnip is releasing in ebook on the 15th of August! It will have an extra short scene that Scribble does not have and a few other edits here and there. You can preorder it right now at

TechnocratKT · Aug 14, 2022


Vyria_Durav · Author · Jul 19, 2022

Writing update: I had a two week or so writing slump and so the next Catnip chapter is gonna be a while on Scribble. Chapter 20 rough draft is complete and will be going up on Patreon soon, with Scribble 2 weeks after. It will have a scene that will be cut for Scribble but will be up on Patreon (a short sex scene). Should be one more chapter in the book after that and an epilogue and then Catnip will be complete!

Irlina · Jul 20, 2022

Thanks for info and good luck!

Vyria_Durav · Author · Jun 25, 2022

Catnip Chapter 18 is up on Patreon, Chapter 19 goes up tomorrow! We are getting close to the end of the story and Patrons get early access!

Vyria_Durav · Author · Jun 17, 2022

Catnip Chapter 17 will be going up on Sunday! Also, Chapter 2 of my new book will be going up on Patreon this weekend!

Vyria_Durav · Author · Jun 11, 2022

I've been up to a new project! It is patreon exclusive for now, but will be added to Scribble once Catnip is complete. Please consider subbing to my patreon and checking it out!

Vyria_Durav · Author · Jun 11, 2022

New story is a T4T lesbian isekai set in a magitech, post apocalyptic and verdant world. It is going to be my most ambitious project yet, with magic, trauma, intrigue, adventure, and romance. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it. 

Never fear, Catnip will be completed shortly!

Vyria_Durav · Author · May 20, 2022

Chapter 15 of Catnip is live on Scribble if you haven't seen it yet! 

Vyria_Durav · Author · May 16, 2022

Catnip Chapter 16: Flowers Make This Feel Like Home  New chapter up on Patreon! Chapter 15 will be up on Scribble this Friday! Chapter 16 will be up 2 weeks from now. You too can support my work for as little as a dollar per month, every bit helps!

Amiyatzin · May 17, 2022


Amiyatzin · May 16, 2022

thank you for following, not just because you're a cool friend, but also because now it says you're following 69 authors clear.png nice

Vyria_Durav · Author · May 16, 2022

oh nice

Vyria_Durav · Author · May 6, 2022

Catnip Chapter 15 is live on Patreon!

You can support my writing for as little as a dollar per month, every bit helps!

Sparrow97 · May 4, 2022

Hi, I just wanted to say ive been reading catnip and really enjoying it so far. Probably the most happy fuzzy trans feelings ive got from a story in a while. I was wondering if you knew of any other stories with trans cat girls like yours on here during the wait for more chapters? I also bought a copy of your book the hatchling a few days ago and plan to read it when I have the chance.  Looking forward to more of your work. - Sparrow

Vyria_Durav · Author · May 5, 2022

thank you! I don't know of any off the top of my head, I know I've read some for sure, but I'll have to think about that. Thank you for ordering my book as well! New chapter of Catnip will be going up on Friday for my Patrons and will hit Scribble in 2 weeks

Vyria_Durav · Author · Apr 20, 2022 important news everyone! Catnip is now live for preorders for the ebook, with a paperback to follow on launch. Also, there is a cover now!

Vyria_Durav · Author · Apr 14, 2022 Catnip Chapter 14 is live on Patreon! Will be live on Scribble in 2 weeks. Chapter 13 will be posted soon on Scribble. Friendly reminder that you can support my Patreon, and my writing, for as little as a dollar a month. 

Vyria_Durav · Author · Apr 14, 2022

and by soon, I mean now, because I hadn't realized it has already been 2 weeks since I posted it to Patreon. Woops!

Vyria_Durav · Author · Apr 11, 2022

Status update for Scribble readers: I've been having a lot of life troubles of late which has slowed my writing pace by a lot and made things difficult. But I am back on my ADHD meds and might soon have my housing situation fixed. Once the latter is resolved, I expect my pace to pick up quite a bit and I have so many stories to tell you all. 

Thank you so much for the support, it means a lot. Even reading my work on Scribble helps support me and I am glad my stories resonate with so many. 

Vyria_Durav · Author · Apr 11, 2022

There will be a new chapter of Catnip out soon, with another hopefully following after. I do still hope to finish You Are What You Eat and I'm chipping away at it, bit by bit. The next major project after Catnip is one I'm going to mostly keep under wraps until it begins, but I'll offer a little tease: magitech isekai with t4t lesbian romance :3

RobinRenee · Apr 11, 2022

Taking care of yourself is always job #1, so you keep doing that. Your writing is worth waiting for. I do hope things settle down for you soon, 'cause I know it's been rough. 

And re: the magitech isekai w/t4t... ooooOOOOOOOoooooh! clear.png

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    I'm a nonbinary trans woman who is gay as hell and likes fantasy/sci fi queer stories.

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