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Feb 11, 2021

Joined: Feb 11, 2021
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Im a person who tries... Not really, but at least I'm good enough at English to start a bad conversation.

Swordater2 · Dec 9, 2021

Hello me, nice to meet you, though I guess I can't really use you to answer myself.

Swordater · Author · Nov 15, 2021

Slight slight change up of words, the short story (not really short) is somehow... Still not finished... I am even rushing it yet it is not finished... Why? Idk it myself.

Xeno_King · Nov 15, 2021


Swordater · Author · Oct 25, 2021

Anyway... Slight change in schedule, I am not finished with the story yet. Expect it to be done... In idk time. Also I lied about the new story having a schedule.

Ilikewaterkusa · Oct 25, 2021

Ok, understandable 

Swordater · Author · Oct 9, 2021

Don't worry. I won't let you get the first. I think?

Swordater · Author · Oct 8, 2021

Im tired and bored of not posting the chapters... And the story is still isn't finished... Eh... No matter, no one reads it anyway. Thanks for trying to read the abomination though.

Swordater · Author · Oct 7, 2021

Short update. I still am not finished making the story. It is on chapter 30 and there are many things that makes making it slow... The first thing that made it slow I'd because I'm slowly running out of my imagination, the second thing that makes it slow is because I value gaming more than making this, so you could really see how lazy I am at making this.

Swordater · Author · Sep 28, 2021

Update on the short story... It isn't done yet... Like... Only... 28 chapters only I guess? Anyway, I won't publish it until it is finished anyway.

Swordater · Author · Sep 28, 2021

Yet it isn't. Hmm... Probably because I decided to continue it until chapter 30 or more.

Bunny · Sep 28, 2021

The most important thing is if you are happy with it Nya~~

Swordater · Author · Sep 28, 2021

Hahahaha... Yeah, I'm having fun for now.

Bunny · Sep 28, 2021

All I needed to hear Nya~~

Swordater · Author · Sep 11, 2021

Hello there you all nya, I still am alive nya. Anyway, just making sure you all know that I am making another short story that will be posted under 2 months nya.

Swordater · Author · Aug 28, 2021

Six days later and I'm done with the story and already posted it. Well... Nobody is going to read it anyway.

Swordater · Author · Aug 22, 2021

Okay short update... I made a new story... A short story (like every single time I made them and is under 30k words.) Well... It is still not finished yet and may possibly cause me 2 weeks to finish... *Sigh*... I have so much free time yet can only write fictions as reality might break my dumb mind.

Swordater · Author · Jul 26, 2021

Now even no one would read this but... I really like wooden sword so much so that every wooden sword that I have on stories I made is decently powerful and quite possibly unbreakable. I know it doesn't matter but you see... I don't hate other sword but I like wooden sword more than other swords.

Swordater · Author · Jul 14, 2021

Hahahaha... It took me a while to make 15 chapters. To be exact only 30 days or 1 month... Well... I can try to slow things but that isn't my style anyway. Report it for being bad and I won't blame you and maybe I will even delete it.

Swordater · Author · Jul 12, 2021

Okay... A bit of a side note that everyone will hate. I already quitted making that stupid story the moment i noticed it was fast pace and it be boring after 2 chapters. I can try to slow it down but... Actually why would I do that? That's stupid. I never will slow it down and that's my bad side. Anyway, have a nice day readers.

Swordater · Author · Jul 2, 2021

So... Uh if you want status report then it's currently that I still live doing what I want and writing stories about characters I didn't name correctly. Like a normal life. On a side note it kinda hurts when you hurt yourself.

Swordater · Author · Jul 2, 2021

Okay... Another side note: the cover of the novel I didn't name yet is called "a replica of a sword" a simple pixel art made by me using only 6 colors. Anyway the wooden sword is the weapon the MC is using for the entire story the moment he gets it, while the blue sword which is a mana sword made by his abilities are also used by him a lot. The wooden sword are what you would call reliable and so is the mana sword too.

Swordater · Author · Jul 2, 2021

... uh... I think I made a mistake. It's not six colors but the pixel art is only made under 20 colors making it simple.

Swordater · Author · Mar 8, 2021

Also someone just 5 star it just so it looks like it's good... It's not don't even think about it, don't read it

Agentt · Jul 2, 2021

Don't worry, there are plenty of trolls who 1 star. 

Swordater · Author · Jul 2, 2021 can't fall in love with me. That's like asking for me to love someone I don't know and I also don't love someone I do know.

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    Im a person who tries... Not really, but at least I'm good enough at English to start a bad conversation.

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