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Feb 11, 2021

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I want to sleep

SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Jun 16, 2022

Hello, it will be a short announcement.

I will enter my university exam this weekend, and shortly after it (like a week or two) I will start uploading again. I currently have drafts for Lord of Metal and Emperor of The North Rewrite. So, stay safe, see you in two weeks.

SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Jan 9, 2022

Hello, Dog is here, and I happily announce that first part (or season) of Emperor Of The North is finished and I can finally start writing the stories of the young heroes I mentioned in the book as their role in future will be big.

The new story (planned name The Way Of True Hero) will focus on Achi, and his change in personality and becoming something new after cruelty and unfairness of the world washes his dream of cheerful childish fantasty world.

Have a nice day for now and, byeee

· Sep 3, 2021

Nice avatar

SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Sep 3, 2021

Thank you

SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Aug 13, 2021

I began rewriting The Emperor of the North once again. This time I am fixing some holes in the story and expanding the story a bit to make everything a bit more better. Currently I released the third chapter, but the rest is on the way as well.

SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Mar 31, 2021

My discord adress: SirDogeTheFirst#2298 If you ever want to ask something, or just want to talk with someone

SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Not:read from first posted to message to here.

That's all for the first dev blog. I already finished re-writing of first two chapters, but I will add them after I re-write the third chapter.

SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Feb 14, 2021

ifth: Magic!

Spoilers! be careful about it!!!!!
As our mc progress in his way, more magic will awaken in the northern lands, which will allow our mc to have major power-ups.
SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Some of these races will have their independent factions, and they will show up in the civil war arc.

Fourth: Engineering!
You may say:
Why did you add this tag if there's no engineering in it! 
And I will answer with:
Wait for the dwarves!!!
SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Second: Next story arc

 With the upcoming civil war, Erwin will gain power in politics. That will be resulting him becoming a small feudal lord. 
*(That's not a big spoiler, don't worry.)
With that, I can focus more on building the kingdom side of the story.
Third: Introducing more races
What fantasy story has only humans and skeletons? I will add more races as dark elves, dwarves, dragons, giants, and demigods to the story.
SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Now I will be talking about my plans for the future.

First: LitRPG system
 I will add a litRPG system to the story. With that, I can explain the current powers of my character more easily. I don't want the main character to be op. Way of growing in power mostly be focused on diplomatic relationships and monsters' strength. Meanwhile, other people who isekaid into this world will grow strong and create a threat against him in the future.
SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Writer blog1:

Hello, dear followers and people who click on my profile.
I am the writer of Emperor of the north, an isekai novel about taking revenge on gods.
When I started to write this story, I never thought about grammar or making plans about how the story will shape and change during my writings. That was a fatal mistake because now I need to redo 30k words worth of story to make it readable. 
SirDogeTheFirst · Author · Feb 12, 2021

Blip Blop Blup

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    I want to sleep

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