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Feb 14, 2021

Joined: Feb 14, 2021
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Maroua · Apr 3, 2024

Thanks for checking out my story! clear.png

Aniel · Apr 3, 2024

You are welcome!

R.M.Felidae · Apr 26, 2023

I will ask something of you which I can't decide. (This is about the new story I will be releasing)

So with the two that reincarnated in Europe (Byzantium and Lotharingia) I was thinking of them having a romance but couldn't decide on which way to go about it:

Thomas (Thekla) had a crush on Sophie (Bertha) in their previous lives but Sophie was a lesbian (Thomas reincarnated as a female)

Or Sophie was straight and she was the one with a crush

R.M.Felidae · Apr 26, 2023

Just to clarify Thomas (Thekla) was straight either way in his previous life

Aniel · Apr 26, 2023

Wow the first case is like Rose and Karen from Monstergirl Reincarnation.

The second is equally interessing.

Sorry but in romance I have no experience.

But the first choice seems more "natural".

R.M.Felidae · Apr 26, 2023

Yeah. I had a thought about it myself and that would work better. Though I have no idea on how they are going to find each other (all three) considering they are on different sides of the world and communication and travel take months even years

R.M.Felidae · Apr 26, 2023

Well I guess it would be easier for Thekla and Bertha considering their on the same continent but Tongchang... that is going to be difficult

ZombieHat · May 10, 2022

Thanks for checking out my book! What do you enjoy the most about it so far?

Aniel · May 10, 2022

So far it's well written and we have a good background (World-building) for a start.

I like Sam's attitude and personality it's funny (but not for her direct boss 😉).

ZombieHat · May 10, 2022

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

Aniel · May 10, 2022

You ask, I respond, normal.

MikciTheGreat · Dec 10, 2021

Thank you for reading my novel! clear.pngclear.png

Aniel · Dec 10, 2021

She is great so it's normal

MikciTheGreat · Dec 10, 2021

yes you are! 

vadis · Oct 25, 2021

Thank you for reading Maven! For more free stuffs from Everna Saga, visit

Aniel · Oct 26, 2021

I will see it!

vadis · Nov 25, 2021

i'm so glad to see you again!

Archsage · Sep 17, 2021

Thanks for reading my book. I appreciate ☺

Aniel · Sep 17, 2021

I will finish your other books before I tell you my opinion about it 🙂

Mithril-Mercenary · Jul 29, 2021

What the actual fuck is WRONG with you?! Why would you hope for suicide on anyone? Fictional or not, that's just messed up!

Aniel · Jul 29, 2021

Oups, I think it was my writting erors.

So no, I don't hope for his suicide but I write there was a possibility he attempt to commit suicide after seeing his dysphoria, but it is just a theory, and personnally I want him go smoothly with his transformation, but author at already decided a hard path for the MC

Don't worry I am not sadistic at this point.

I will reread myself to see how did you missinterpreted my comment to make some correction.

Queen · May 17, 2021

Yeah I'm doing better than beforeclear.png. The doctor said that if I countinue like this I would be discharged in 2 or 3 weeksclear.png

Thank you for askingclear.pngclear.png

Aniel · May 17, 2021

Good to hear.

So heal well

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