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Feb 18, 2019

Joined: Feb 18, 2019
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Comments: 132 the blackened one, the immortal DISASTER, he who walks the path of the damned...I am the cursed man.

kardimi · Dec 4, 2021

Do you still write?

TheCursedMan · Author · May 18, 2019

sorry but WHAT?!?!?!?!??

Gledis · May 18, 2019

Let’s say a dragon is the size of a 5 floor palace. In the form of a Rectangle with one end towards the sky, and the other towards the ground.
It’s it obvious, that a Dragon has to at least fit inside his belly, half of what’s inside a rectangular palace.

Gledis · Apr 9, 2019

You have been inactive for a while.
Hope you doing fine in your life.
Have a good week buddy.

Gledis · Mar 28, 2019

Hello. My Fallen Friend.
I was thinking of gifting a Butler to the MC in the Tumor series. Read the chapter and comments please.
After I want your honest opinion.
I am relaying in you for my idea to get accepted. Please just take a look and think about my comment in that last chapter.

TheCursedMan · Author · Mar 28, 2019

here use this link:

Gledis · Mar 28, 2019

That’s great. We could probably use a basic human form. As far the devil from we could use this one here.
Imagine having a Butler who can transform into this night gaunt.

TheCursedMan · Author · Mar 28, 2019

I should probably tell you that it's an entity of the dream dimension in hp lovecrafts writing and is considered to have powers only lower than the great old ones

TheCursedMan · Author · Mar 28, 2019

and the outer gods

Lowly-Peasant · Mar 12, 2019

You get this idea from "Nothing But Bones"? Either way i like most any LitRPG.

TheCursedMan · Author · Mar 13, 2019

actually i pulled most of my ideas from 'Level 1 skeleton' and 'The New World'

TheCursedMan · Author · Mar 12, 2019

you know i'm just gonna say thank you to those that enjoy what i'm making even though so far i've only released three chapter so, THANKS GUYS!!!

TheCursedMan · Author · Feb 24, 2019

I could have avoided this... all i would have had to do.. was say [NO]

Gledis · Mar 7, 2019

On what???

TheCursedMan · Author · Mar 7, 2019

you know the fuckin' CURSED PART OF MY NAME it's very easy to see

Gledis · Mar 7, 2019

I think it’s cool dude.

TheCursedMan · Author · Mar 7, 2019

heh is cool man

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    About the blackened one, the immortal DISASTER, he who walks the path of the damned...I am the cursed man.

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