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Feb 19, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Feb 19, 2019
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Asami_Shirogane · Feb 16, 2021

Thanks for checking out my story in my statistics.  Although, in my personal opinion.  You are a superior writer.

RiamuRamu · Jan 20, 2021

Glad you read Exploits From Another World. How is it?

EternalSunset0 · Dec 28, 2020

Thanks for the follow! 

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 26, 2019

DAMNIT ! Sabruness (fellow NU forum yuri garden thread person / talking mostly about yuri series) was here sooner then me ! I also wanted to ask why there is a bisexual protagonist tag.

I think you should drop the "bisexual" plot and do a more "perfect life with yuri" plot.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 26, 2019


2 because i feel like a realistic story is less interesting then a true GL series but i am kinda unsure. Us readers kinda hope to destress by reading not realistic stories (again, just my oppinion). It would be nice if you could put a big survey where there is a big traffic and ask if they prefer realistic gender bender with temporary boyfriend -> girlfriend later or just gender bender yuri.

You could try using the survey function of scribble hub but don't expect a lot of votes.
WntrDrgn · Author · Nov 26, 2019

Hmm, I'll consider it.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 26, 2019

Also i think you will find more yuri reader people then bisexual reader people.

Edit: Oh and didn't see you also wrote another bisexual stories.

WntrDrgn · Author · Nov 26, 2019

Yes, that one is my first novel

Sabruness · Aug 22, 2019

I have a few questions about "The Flip Side".
1. What's with the "bisexual protagonist" tag?
2. does that mean there will be het stuff involving the protag?
3. Subject to the above 2 Qs, is this a GL novel or a novel with both GL and het?

WntrDrgn · Author · Aug 22, 2019

GL at the moment. I haven't completely outlined how this will go so she might find a boyfriend.

Yorda · Oct 15, 2019

I also got interviewed by Sabruness for the story I was writing. =D

From what I understand,

Sabruness obsessively needs to know if the story is
[A] X [B]
Where A, B can take the values below (or some combination of the values)
Girl, Boy, Trap, Other, Mental Girl, Mental Boy

And Sabruness needs to know story details about what kind of GL, BL, Hetero, or other story it is.

Puppychow · Feb 27, 2019

Your writing is very impressive. Error-free, sticks to 1st person pov (ideal for this type of story), and good pace.

WntrDrgn · Author · Feb 27, 2019

Thank you. I appreciate the compliments

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