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Mar 11, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 11, 2021
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nightbreeze00 · May 28, 2024

congratulations on getting 7th in trending

nightbreeze00 · Apr 17, 2024

before i go and buy one do you know if a visa gift card works for Ko-fi so I can use it for you and a few others. think asking first is better than learning and wasting money?

Tibbit · Author · Apr 27, 2024

I am unsure acrully. But I don't see why they wouldn't work as they are just giftcards but aside from haveing an account to get donations from people I don't actully use Kofi very much. It's linked directly to my PayPal so the money just gets instantly deposited I don't even check the website actully, sorry.

nightbreeze00 · Apr 15, 2024

read all of shattered moonstone again. based off the last 2 chapters how awkward are you planning to make the next few

Tibbit · Author · May 28, 2024

honstly, i am not too sure myself lol. the only thing i have planned is "who is where and who is around them", as for the converstations themseleves those are free form and come out as i wright. I try to toe the line of awkward and cringe when i have to becuse that is just how life is in my mind, so hopefully the answer is "just the right amount of awkward" lol, i know that dosnt answer your question but its all i have. thank you for reading and takeing the time out to reach out XD.

JTZERO · Apr 14, 2024

Hi, how are you doing? Is Undying Echo continuing?

Tibbit · Author · Apr 14, 2024

It will be, but it's on a small hiatus while I work on shattered moonstone. I will have an update for it in the next few weeks hopefully

nightbreeze00 · Apr 3, 2024

congratulations on getting 4th in trending for the first time i have seen

Tibbit · Author · Apr 4, 2024

Thank you! its always a good feeling when the story get reconized! 

nightbreeze00 · Mar 13, 2024

after reading this story about 20 times i am beginning to wonder if it will be a physical book at some point so i can buy it and add it to my library of a room.

Tibbit · Author · Mar 23, 2024

that is... a goal eventully. i have a friend who published a book so i have an idea of how to do it but the main problem is that it... isnt cheep. lol, hopefully some day i will be able to publish it properly and get a physical copy as for now im just enjoying wrighting it and shareing it how i can.

NightCat · Mar 11, 2024

how is your week going so far

Tibbit · Author · Mar 23, 2024

i am sorry for not getting back to you! my week had been (and is currently) good, thank you for asking. i dont know how i missed this comment when you posted it sorry, how are you?

nightbreeze00 · Mar 4, 2024

the website is saying you will update 1 time a week is that true and if so will it be a specific day

Tibbit · Author · Mar 5, 2024

Authors don't controll that part of the page actually. The website auto updates when we put a chapter up and gives an average on the page". There's still no actual actual schedule since i wright in my free time and need to wait for a "editor" (one of my friends who can actually spell) to read it and help with corrections. It actually takes 3 or four days just to get a single chapter. Sorry I am trying to get back into one a week but I cannot in good Fath make that promise.

nightbreeze00 · Mar 5, 2024

thanks for the info saves me time searching for updates

nightbreeze00 · Feb 29, 2024

your new chapters were great but make me have a ton of new questions please update again soon

NightCat · Feb 29, 2024

Um if you ever decide to create a discord server for shattered moonstone or just your novels I would absolutely join it

nightbreeze00 · Feb 22, 2024

will you be continuing shattered moonstone soon?

Tibbit · Author · Feb 29, 2024

yes, i am updateing it right now actully. sorry for the delay

nightbreeze00 · Feb 29, 2024

great news. your story is one of 5 i am actually fully happy reading these days

Tibbit · Author · Feb 29, 2024

thank you for reading! thats great to hear, again really sorry for the delay! i know my updateing has been... spotty at best and i was forced to neglect it for a while, so thanks for waiting and reaching out. 

NightCat · Feb 16, 2024

You ok?

Tibbit · Author · Feb 29, 2024

yes, there was some problems recently that kept me from wrighting but i am back and everything is ok now. thank you, and sorry for the delay

NightCat · Feb 29, 2024

It's ok I understand life can be a asshole sometimes, you need to deal whatever it throws at you and have a break after it to calm down.

NightCat · Jan 21, 2024

What's the upload schedule for shattered moonstone if there is one

Tibbit · Author · Jan 21, 2024

I try, really try, to get at least one chapter out a week. But as it stands right now there isn't an exact schedule-.-, sorry.

NightCat · Jan 21, 2024

It's ok just wanted to know, the story is absolutely amazing thank you for making it

AverageLily · Jun 19, 2023

I finally caught up on shattered moonstone and it is the worst thing to ever happen to me. What do you mean I have to wait for chapters?!

In all seriousness, thank you for such an amazing story.clear.png

Jello85 · Mar 16, 2023

Much love, I really love your series "Shattered Moonstone" thanks for giving me my daily dose of dopamine

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