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Mar 14, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 14, 2021
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I use this account as a place to test new novel ideas.
Find my main novels here:

the_onez3 · 12 hours ago

All in favor for the continuation of Primordial Vampire? 

the_onez3 · 12 hours ago


the_onez3 · Sep 29, 2023

When does primordial vampire re-re-awaken

XKARNATION · Author · 18 hours ago

He's too busy sleeping with the fishes clear.png 

the_onez3 · 13 hours ago

Well I guess its the perfect time to steal everything he owns thenclear.png

Daoist_Serenity · Sep 16, 2023

Hey man, I've been reading reborn as a demonic tree, and i was really inspired by the metal cultivation system. I was wondering if I could create a book orientated around an MC who find a cultivation technique allowing him to do something similar? Would you be ok with that? (Sorry for asking this both here and in discord.)

XKARNATION · Author · Sep 16, 2023

So long as the names are different I don’t see why not. 

Daoist_Serenity · Sep 16, 2023

Thanks man!

schere-r-ki · Jul 15, 2023

Is Netherborne on hiatus this time?

XKARNATION · Author · Jul 16, 2023

For now yes

schere-r-ki · Jun 21, 2023

Friendly reminder to update  netherborne.

Veldor · Jun 14, 2023

Hey uhm sorry to bring this up here but yonder is a bit confusing for me. When are we getting new chapters for The Villainous Vampire?

Veldor · Jun 23, 2023

Thank you. Just got a new chapter.

Soul_Sin · Jun 1, 2023

Will 'Primordial Vampire Apocalypse' ever be updated again, or was that a one time thing? It looked good...clear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Jun 7, 2023

Maybe... not sure

schere-r-ki · May 23, 2023

Did you forget to post netherborn?

XKARNATION · Author · May 23, 2023


schere-r-ki · May 24, 2023

Thank you for the update clear.png

Fruchtig · Apr 12, 2023

Is netherborne on Hiatus?

XKARNATION · Author · Apr 12, 2023

Oh, sorry I just forget to post here sometimes, I just dumped 3 chapters for you clear.png

Fruchtig · Apr 12, 2023

Ty :D

bruhusrs · Apr 9, 2023

Booming business aint it?

Aschente · Apr 8, 2023

is Primordial Vampire Apocalypse gonna get more chaps?

XKARNATION · Author · Apr 9, 2023

Dunno... not anytime soon at least. 

Aschente · Apr 9, 2023


Shamiko · Feb 18, 2023

Grats on trending! clear.png

Iamnotabot · Feb 15, 2023

Hi happy valentine day, here's a quote for you. 

"A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part."

Shamiko · Feb 13, 2023

WOAHHH love the new cover! Super cool! clear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Feb 13, 2023


the_onez3 · Feb 9, 2023

just noticed that some bastard rated RAADT 1 star :(

XKARNATION · Author · Feb 9, 2023


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    I use this account as a place to test new novel ideas.
    Find my main novels here:

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