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Mar 14, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 14, 2021
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I love reincarnation novels a bit too much

Twilight7 · Feb 6, 2023

Congratz on 1# trending

XKARNATION · Author · Feb 6, 2023


Mira_Zenon · Feb 6, 2023

Number one on trending, lets goooo~!clear.pngclear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Feb 6, 2023


XKARNATION · Author · Jan 26, 2023


Shamiko · Jan 24, 2023

Like the new cover for "Reborn as a Demonic Tree"! clear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Jan 24, 2023


Mira_Zenon · Jan 24, 2023

You're on Trending~! Grats~!!♥ clear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Jan 24, 2023

We are finally trending together! clear.png

ZarneMyint · Jan 17, 2023

Reborn as a Demonic Tree,

The Netherborne: Harbinger of Destruction [An OP Isekai],

No updates yet????clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Jan 17, 2023

There should be regular updates for Tree from next week, and Netherborne (book 2) begins posting on the 1st of February. Tree is on "break" because I am building up a Patreon backlog and waiting for RoyalRoad to catch up to where scribblehub is. (RR is currently on chap 18 as of tonight)

Lazy_Guy · Jan 6, 2023

Reincarnated as a lich update, when?

XKARNATION · Author · Jan 6, 2023

That novel is dropped for now clear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Jan 3, 2023

Happy new year people! More tree chapters coming soon, I am just working on building up a patreon backlog at the moment clear.png

PanzerKampfWagen · Jan 3, 2023


Mira_Zenon · Jan 3, 2023


PanzerKampfWagen · Jan 3, 2023


Galactic-Glacier · Jan 3, 2023

No worries!  Take your time! clear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Dec 24, 2022


Mira_Zenon · Dec 20, 2022

Trending~! clear.png

XKARNATION · Author · Dec 20, 2022


the_onez3 · Dec 21, 2022

Always has been

Haloboy · Dec 9, 2022

I have a book question my book has been up for about 2 days now and there's no porn on the image pic but it's just no matter how much I search for it I can't find it do you know why for example in the search or just typing in scribblehub and its name it's not there do you know why???

XKARNATION · Author · Dec 10, 2022

I have no idea. Maybe contact the site admins. 

Luka116 · Dec 2, 2022

Listen here you crazy old fuck, idgaf how smart you think you are - you'll never become the geography teacher you've always wanted to be. Oh please, not even knowing the difference between "you're" & "your", yet you expect to teach the youngest generations.

If I wouldn't know any better, I'd say your mum must be a bush - for your farther dearest old daddy smells of elderberries!

Luka116 · Dec 2, 2022

-not that I know what those even are, we don't 'ave em here. I swear, for if you haven't've started making Tree, you would've been waaay in my league - the scoring zone even.

*scoffs & dramatically rolls the scarf my mum knit me around my neck snugly* G'Bye!
XKARNATION · Author · Dec 3, 2022


Galactic-Glacier · Dec 30, 2022

What do elderberry smell like???clear.png

Gugudxd · Dec 2, 2022

Gostei muito  do seu trabalho estou ansioso pelos próximos capítulos 

XKARNATION · Author · Dec 2, 2022


Unturned_Leafs · Dec 2, 2022

You are one of the best writers on this website, period, thank you for writing "reborn as a demonic tree" its sooo good!

XKARNATION · Author · Dec 2, 2022

clear.png Glad to hear 

Reader5050 · Nov 28, 2022

When you going to update the tree novel???

XKARNATION · Author · Nov 28, 2022

I write 3 novels simultaneously, so it usually takes me 2-3 days to get around to writing a chapter for each one. Tree chap should be tomorrow clear.png

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    I love reincarnation novels a bit too much

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