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Mar 16, 2021

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Sniperking · Jul 31, 2021

@Snusmumriken Thanks for all the info. Sorry for all the questions. I just really like immersing myself in a story and trying to get into the characters heads. So I was super frustrated when I couldn't understand her reasoning. But I think I get it now. Sorta fits with her personality that she jumped to conclusions like that and tried to save her own ass. 

Sniperking · Jul 31, 2021
@Snusmumriken She is just there to watch them and see who is trustworthy. Unless its a situation where there are others like her and they have meetings with Domina or Sulla where they give progress reports and she has been referring to him as a girl. In that situation I can understand a fellow slave bringing it up and using it against her. 
Sniperking · Jul 31, 2021

@Snusmumriken Okay now I'm starting to get it. I get that she would be expected to have known he was a boy and that it could have been seen as a sign of incompetence. But how could another slave even find out about her slip up and report it? Were boy pleasure slaves meant to be separated from the girls? Or was their treatment supposed to be in any way different? If not, then what was there to gossip about?  Why would other slaves expect him to be a girl?

Snusmumriken · Jul 31, 2021

it doesn't matter how honestly - what matters is that she perceived it as such. And how she acted upon it. I could've described it in more detail, but it is less about the setting and more about establishing Irje as a character.

Sniperking · Jul 31, 2021

@Snusmumriken Ah you  don't get the root of my confusion. What was the issue with him being a boy? I thought it was something she made up to get him into bed but your second message says otherwise. I mean it was just a personal slip up. Since the husbands would have been okay with a male pleasure slave anyway and boy and girl slaves slept together then what was the issue? what was there to hide from anyone?

Snusmumriken · Jul 31, 2021

the issue was that of the gossip - another slave, that could vie for her position, could turn her slip up as her not being good at her job and therefore suited for demotion. what husbands like or not is not on her - that is on Sulla, but She as an overseer not realising one of the companion slaves is a male can be spun as her being not good enough.

Snusmumriken · Jul 31, 2021

Thank you for the review! The story is written in "western" style and the main part of it is the mystery of what is happening. Combine that with it being my first novel ever and that is how you get my first chapters. But i am glad that the rest of the story was able to sway your mind.

Sniperking · Jul 31, 2021

So what did the MC think her reason was at the time? Did he miss her slip-up? Or did he realize what was going on? That's what I'm really trying to understand, cause the way she acted made it seem like him being a boy was something he was going to need to start actively hiding. But by the next chapter, it doesn't seem like an issue anymore. And I get why it isn't but shouldn't he still think it is?

Snusmumriken · Jul 31, 2021

She mostly just slipped up and started off by trying to cover her "mistake" by trying to hide it under the rug somewhat. She shows a similar behaviour pattern later after the talk with Domina, which MC comments at. 

Snusmumriken · Jul 31, 2021

It wasn't an issue in the next chapters because he kept staying at her place, therefore other slaves (especially ones that could gossip to suborn her position) could not notice his gender just as easily due to physical separation. But once he met Domina it became a moot point since it mattered less that Irje "screwed up" and more that she found a new talent.

Snusmumriken · Jul 31, 2021

Her using "money pincher" was more of a subconsciously trying to shift the perceived "blame" from her onto the Sulla. As in it is not that she made a mistake but Sulla made her confused due to acting not in his usual manner. i.e. buying a male companion slave.

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