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Rising Author
Mar 17, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Mar 17, 2021
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topoko · Author · May 5, 2022

The change of seasons wasn't nice to me clear.pngclear.pngclear.png I got the flu after getting rained on a couple days in a row clear.pngclear.pngclear.png Probably won't make much writing progress this next few days

Yati · May 5, 2022

Get yourself some inspiration by letting a moe anime girl nurse you back to health!

Take care. Health comes first.

2dtrunk · May 5, 2022

the sudden change of season is really horrible, specialy in this country where is everything out of place. take careclear.png

topoko · Author · May 6, 2022

Thanks guys clear.pngclear.pngclear.png I will try and get some good rest clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Waskertyioup · May 6, 2022

Hope you'll get well soon clear.png

Suou · May 4, 2022

~lurks around~

topoko · Author · May 4, 2022

clear.pngclear.pngclear.png nothing to see here

SerikoLee · May 6, 2022


topoko · Author · Apr 25, 2022

This week's chapter might come out a bit late clear.png please don't hate me

SerikoLee · Apr 25, 2022

Is it bad?

topoko · Author · Apr 18, 2022

My days off for Easter were anything but days off clear.png going to try to write something soon tho clear.png

Yairy · Apr 18, 2022


Yati · Apr 18, 2022

There is a princess that needs rescuing!

There is a witch that needs to be protected!

There is yuri that needs to happen 881570181225259042.png

yurinium · Apr 19, 2022

can relate, easter holiday's a lie ;'(

topoko · Author · Apr 8, 2022

My old story is available again for those who wanted to see it clear.png

topoko · Author · Apr 8, 2022

Not you Trunk! you don't look at it! clear.png

SerikoLee · Apr 8, 2022

Ok, you improved on this.

2dtrunk · Apr 9, 2022

no problem Azuu, I won't.clear.png

Emilovesdoubles · Apr 9, 2022

I'm glad you posted it again! clear.png

Rellawing · Mar 31, 2022

Thanks for the follow, Topoko! <3 clear.png

SerikoLee · Mar 18, 2022

No updates , you afk

topoko · Author · Mar 10, 2022

clear.pngHello! Just passing by to leave a notice for the people that are following my novel and are wondering about when the next chapter is going to release. Chapters have been scarce due to a few reasons but the biggest of them all is college, I didn't realize how much of my time it would end up taking but I can confidently say it is a lot.


Yati · Mar 10, 2022

3D life can be a bitch! We will wait patiently for your releases!


2dtrunk · Mar 11, 2022

its a shame, luck in your real life, and be careful with flame bus

Waskertyioup · Mar 11, 2022

Hold on there, good luck organizing your spare time pal

ExCaseusFortis · Mar 11, 2022

Have been to college, I can verify it is a time sink. Depending on your major I guess.

topoko · Author · Feb 14, 2022

Hello! a new novel will release soon clear.png give it a try if you have the time! clear.png 

Falxie · Dec 23, 2021

It’s gone D:

Falxie · Dec 24, 2021

No worries clear.png 

SirMetathyst · Dec 29, 2021

@topoko I wish you didn't unrelease them. The story is a good reference and inspiration for others (like myself). Just expressing my view, hope you are well.

topoko · Author · Dec 29, 2021

clear.png you were inspired by it?

minidiamant · Feb 14, 2022

I agree with sir metasyst @SirMetathyst @topoko

topoko · Author · Nov 2, 2021


topoko · Author · Oct 19, 2021


EternalSunset0 · Oct 20, 2021


topoko · Author · Oct 20, 2021

clear.png Sunset why you amused

EternalSunset0 · Oct 20, 2021

I just wanted to use the blob emojiclear.png

topoko · Author · Oct 20, 2021

clear.png blob emojis are cute indeed

topoko · Author · Aug 26, 2021

Just passing by to thank everyone that reads my novel, I reached number 1 on trending again. Something that  I never imagined would happen 4 months ago when I first released my novel. And I am thankful for everyone that stuck with it even though it gets rough at times. I hope to be able to write more soon, and I also hope you will be able to enjoy it even more!

EternalSunset0 · Aug 26, 2021


Yeahitsme · Aug 27, 2021

Thanks for all your hard work and this great story~

topoko · Author · Aug 23, 2021

Trying to write, but having a hard time doing so, my personal life is bringing a lot of trouble and things I can't avoid. My biggest wish is to get back into updating while following a schedule, but it probably won't be as frequent as it used to be.

SerikoLee · Aug 23, 2021

Same here  but sometimes breaks are a good call

Yeahitsme · Aug 24, 2021

Just don't push yourself

Take care Of yourself firstclear.pngclear.png

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