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Dec 23, 2018

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Famous Author
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Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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CadmarLegend · Apr 24, 2021

How does it feel when you know that you were the first author on here?

CadmarLegend · Apr 24, 2021

The very first latest update was your story. 

CadmarLegend · Apr 24, 2021

So, you were the first author on here.

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Apr 24, 2021

I don't think so. While my story is the last, I actually wasn't the first author. I am however the first user here since other users on NUF can vouch for me. I think my story was kinda released 10 days after someone posted their first story here. 

CadmarLegend · Apr 24, 2021

but yours was the first update. So, you were the first author.... unless.... someone deleted their story.... because of blackmail.... dun, dun, duuuuuuun!

Hanaza · Apr 23, 2021

GWS, Sir! I hope you aren't already deadclear.png

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Apr 23, 2021


ArcadiaBlade · Author · Apr 20, 2021

When you are being hunted down for the slow release chapter updates... 

Booper150 · Apr 21, 2021

I hope you feel better soon!

Dum-Dum · Apr 13, 2021

Congratulations sirclear.png

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Apr 12, 2021

Everyday, I find it haunting that there will always be a me that is motivated to write and finish the novel he wrote. So we decided to throw him off to the feeding room. Peace at last... clear.png

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Apr 4, 2021

When you finally see the two one star drops....

Yes....time to finally change the continue to hiatus... clear.png

Jairo481 · Apr 4, 2021

i see you have chosen.... Death!!!!

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Apr 4, 2021

You guys are too late. I already change it. Hahahahaclear.png

Jairo481 · Apr 4, 2021

that's it!!!! im building a time machine and nothing is going to stop me !!!

blackrockshooter · Apr 4, 2021


ArcadiaBlade · Author · Apr 3, 2021

I just realize it lol. Noice... 

Jairo481 · Apr 4, 2021

which novels of you are dropped?

Novellover · Apr 3, 2021

69 Followers Noice

blackrockshooter · Apr 3, 2021


ArcadiaBlade · Author · Mar 29, 2021

If I don't come back someday after being recruited as a police, just know that if I came back and still sane. You already know that I'm dead. 

blackrockshooter · Mar 29, 2021


Novellover · Apr 3, 2021

Welcome to The Law enforcement Sometimes at some point Arson can be an Public service

blackrockshooter · Apr 3, 2021

@Novellover Nani?clear.png

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Mar 29, 2021

I just realize that I've just unlock the sorting feature on scribblehub when I have 18 novels posted here. Meh, I'm probably not the first one to discover this. 

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Mar 23, 2021

Me: I want to play Dead Space-

Brain: Aren't you afra-

Me: No Way, I'm not much of a scardy cat.

Brain: *Remembers the time I kept Screaming like a btch on Outlast* Sure ain't such a scardy cat....

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Mar 22, 2021

After finishing San Andreas, I wanna try out the Multiplayer game since its free. Hope I finish the game as well. 

Zevy51503 · Mar 20, 2021

Love all your story mate i can't stop rereading some of it. It's okay not to finish the story i make some ending for myself.clear.png 

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Mar 20, 2021

I'm sorry I didn't finish some of them. Its mainly because I don't really have any plot direction to head towards. Its purely because I was trying out different ideas but bad with implementation that I basically created many paths which I dumped them all purely because some made sense but had to many variables while some had complicated ideas that it won't fit in the end. 

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Mar 19, 2021

Ah sht. It seems something happened to the app I was using that unables me to write my novels. It maybe unfortunate but I guess I have to wait till goes back later. clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Jairo481 · Apr 4, 2021

suspicius .....clear.png

ArcadiaBlade · Author · Mar 19, 2021

Stop asking for my old novels. One is already enough for me as it is. 

Jairo481 · Apr 4, 2021

*angrily starts asking for old novels*

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