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Mar 25, 2021

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Just a writer. To support me please check out my subscribe star page

scribesaga · Author · May 6, 2024

Hey guys, I got very sick over the weekend, and that made it difficult to continue writing. Don't worry, i'm almost well enough to fully get back on track. This week might only feature one new chapter for Love in the Last city, and Prides Submission. Prides submission redux is about 90% done. i plan on having it finished in 2-3 chapters, unless my mind pulls me in a crazy direction. Thanks for keeping up with my stories, and feel free to let me know what you think. I appreciate all feedback.

scribesaga · Author · Mar 23, 2024

New chapters of both Love in the Last City and Prides Submission Redux will be out tomorrow, sunday at the latest. Sorry for not posting as much this week. Got tied down with Final Fantasy Rebirth lol

Tauss · Jan 31, 2024

I forgot to mention it: the futa is also a big nop for most people, and if I remember correctly there are some in volume 2. clear.png

scribesaga · Author · Jan 31, 2024

ok, i'll remember to remove that when i get to the rewrite. 

Tauss · Jan 31, 2024

On the other hand, what caused the loss of readers after Volume 1 was the physical deformation and pregnancy. These themes are much more present in volumes 2 and 3, and have put a lot of people off reading further, which is a pity given the initial potential of the work. 

I hope my opinion will help you improve your story.

(Her sister's betrayal at the beginning was extremely hot, and it's the kind of scene where the character chooses to deprave herself that readers are looking for).
scribesaga · Author · Jan 31, 2024

thank you so much for the advice. i'm thinking of rewriting volume 2 and 3 as well, but wanted to work on this one first. Interesting suggestions, i didn't realize pregnancy turned a lot of readers off, i mean the risk kinda needs to be there, otherwise there's less of a fear factor, but i do agree that i reached a little too far with physical mutations and stuff. I honestly didn't think of bdsm at the time i was first writing, but have been thinking a lot about it now. 

Tauss · Jan 31, 2024

The personal regret I have about the old version is the lack of bdsm, it was only quickly used when there was great potential. Same thing with the anal. 

The reason why this story stood out from the others was because of the corruption, public humiliation and submission of the girls, but above all because of the university setting, which allows readers to be self-inserted (which corresponds to the average age on this site).

Tauss · Jan 31, 2024

Hi, I saw that you were rewriting Prides Submission and I'd like to give my opinion on the good points of volume 1 to improve this rewrite. 

What readers liked most about Volume 1 was the development of a proud character who is gradually corrupted into submission because she can't refuse any orders. That, and the discovery of fate that awaits her when she meets other broken girls.   
scribesaga · Author · Dec 5, 2022

more tornado alley chapters will post tomorrow :)

scribesaga · Author · Sep 19, 2022

Please check out my Patreon, if you like exclusive content

scribesaga · Author · Sep 9, 2022

Milk In The Stardust chapter available at 11am

scribesaga · Author · Aug 25, 2022

More chapters tomorrow

scribesaga · Author · Aug 3, 2022

A new character will be introduced soon for "Milk in The Stardust". If you're curious, please check out my blog for more details.

scribesaga · Author · Jul 29, 2022

The Next Chapter for Journey will be available to start reading in the next hour! 

The next story will feature one of her daughters, Skye Kimble, and I hope you like her.

Get Ready! 

Milk In The Stardust will be available at 7:01pm central time.

scribesaga · Author · Jul 10, 2022

The sequel to "Journey Is A Comfort Liaison" is going to feature one of her...many...daughters (two decades later of course). Her name is going to be Skye Kimble, and she's a sweet wanna be space pirate. In reality she's a terrible pirate, but she has a thing for dangerous men, and that gets her in too much trouble sometimes. check out my blog for a sneak peak of her. I believe you'll be surprised at how Skye...inherited some of Journey's...impressive assets.

scribesaga · Author · Jul 10, 2022

New chapter for Reigns Saga tomorrow, and yes things are getting spicy.

scribesaga · Author · Jun 27, 2022

just as a side note, sometimes I'll post chapters earlier on my own personal blog. 

It's free to check out.

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    Just a writer. To support me please check out my subscribe star page

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