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Rising Author
Mar 25, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Mar 25, 2021
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Irlina · Aug 24, 2023

Hope you've been doing alright. 

SnowRosie · Author · Aug 28, 2023

Hi, I'm alive, I've been okay just trying to sort out my life and writing on the side whenever I can. I'm sorry for worrying you all, and thank you for asking clear.png

Irlina · Aug 28, 2023

It is alright. Take what time you need. Hope things work out for you!

SnowRosie · Author · Oct 31, 2022
Hi guys!
I'm so sorry for not updating earlier, but wanted to let ya’ll know I'm going to have to delay my deadline of October, as much as I tried not to. I'm really sorry if by doing this I disappoint anyone I really wanted to get it out by now but it just ended up not working out at all. To avoid any more disappointment, I'm not going to promise what the new date is but, please know that I'm still working hard on it and excited to upload when it's ready! I’m so sorry, again clear.png
SnowRosie · Author · Aug 21, 2022

I’m not dead, life just hasn’t been kind to me the past years and personal issues kept me from writing.clear.png I’m sorry if I made anyone worry I wish I could’ve started again sooner but unfortunately I hadn’t had the time on top of the issues I had to work through.

But in October I’ll be releasing the first chapters of my new story “Mirage High” A transbian story featuring a modern fantasy-superhero setting! I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come! I’ll be around! Have a good dayclear.png
ashlynflagg · Aug 21, 2022

Modern fantasy superhero transbians?!?! Heck yeah Rosie, I'm looking forward to it. I hope things start going a little better for you soon, you're an awesome writer and you deserve the best!

SnowRosie · Author · Aug 22, 2022

Thank you so much!!!clear.png I’m really happy to hear that!clear.png i hope I can deliver and give you an awesome story to readclear.png

N0w3y · Aug 12, 2022

Rip author?

CeoOfBread · Sep 22, 2021


SnowRosie · Author · Sep 24, 2021

Hi! Im really sorry if I’ve made you or anyone worry I’m still here I’ve just been really busy and going through a hard time with personal issues, I’ve been working on rewriting my novel and stuff when I can though! I hope to have something soon even if it isn’t my novel, I’m still figuring out how to write better tooclear.png 

SnowRosie · Author · Jul 15, 2021

I added a chapter where I talk about what’s next for my writing and for me as an author, please give it a read if you don’t mindclear.png

SnowRosie · Author · Jul 10, 2021

The last Miri chapter’s live for ya!clear.png Have an awesome weekend everyoneclear.png

SnowRosie · Author · Jul 5, 2021

Miri 3 is up!clear.png Now there’s just one more Miri chapter to go for the 10k chapters! Then we’ll continue where we left off on Lyra’s side of the storyclear.png 

SnowRosie · Author · Jul 2, 2021

Miri’s second chapter is up everyone!clear.png The ones that’re coming after are actually going to be 2-3k words so they’ll be short but sweet! And hopefully up a little faster! 

I’m gonna stop uploading specifically on Mondays every week cus I feel like it still puts too much pressure on me but I’ll still upload at least once a weekclear.png 

I wanted to thank everyone that voted and gave me feedback last week, ya’ll are the best!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png I hope you’ll enjoy the story going forwardclear.png

SnowRosie · Author · Jun 28, 2021

Hi ya’ll! Hope you’ve had a good weekendclear.png The first of Miri’s chapters is live!clear.png I really meant to get them out last week but after receiving some feedback and taking a step back I decided it was better to take it easy for a while. That said, it’s longer then 2-3k words and the new chapters’ll go live when they’re finished. Enjoy!clear.pngclear.png

SnowRosie · Author · Jun 21, 2021

Hey guys! Chapter 13 is here, it’s a little shorter then usual thoughclear.png there’s also another chapter where I just talk about what’s been going on with me and some pretty emotional stuff, as it’s too long to fit in hereclear.png I hope that’s alright

SnowRosie · Author · Jun 18, 2021

Aaaand we’re back folks!clear.png With a new chapter, a rewrite for A Kiss On The Ice(the kissing scene is still there!) and stormbreak is now expanded and split into 2 chapters! And for anyone that’s curious, ya’ll can expect the Miri chapters next week!clear.png Next time I do anything like this I’ll try to be faster about itclear.png enjoy your weekendclear.png

SnowRosie · Author · Jun 11, 2021

Hi everyone!  The rewrite of chapters 7 and 8 is live! clear.png I’m sorry it took so long to write it’s been a pretty bad few weeks for me clear.png I wish I can say I also have a new chapter but with everything that’s been going on with me lately and my birthday coming up I can’tclear.pngclear.png  but there’s totally gonna be a brand new chapter next Friday! clear.pngclear.png Also, Miri won!clear.pngclear.png I’ll work on the chapters as soon as I can! Hope ya’ll like themclear.png thanks for reading and have a great weekend!❤️❤️

SnowRosie · Author · Jun 7, 2021

Alright folks chappy 10 is all set! Where we get to see when Lyra’s egg hatched and you get just a little look into Miri’s pastclear.pngclear.pngclear.png also I’m sorry if anyone got confused by their reading list, I tried cleaning up the chapter order but it kept bugging out so I had to reupload the chapter and leave it for now.clear.png hope you’ve all had a good weekendclear.png 

SnowRosie · Author · Jun 4, 2021

The first fluffy chapter is up! With a surprise at the endclear.pngclear.png If you’re a fan of fluff then you’re in luck! The next one’ll be fluffy too, just for you!clear.pngclear.png Don’t mind the cw it’s just for a little joke this timeclear.png enjoy the fluff!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

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