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Mar 30, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Mar 30, 2021
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Lala09 Sep 3, 2021


Finzakung Aug 9, 2021

Another novel of yours, would you leave it? Please, I've been waiting so much for the scene in the hotel.

Slayer104 Author Aug 9, 2021

I only write a story when a am sure it is going to be a long one lol. So there is no way I am dropping any of them. It's just that I have been too busy with the Patreon thing this week. Also, it will be a while before I get the time to continue on it. Whenever I am running out of ideas I take a break, instead of writing half-heartedly. So all in all I think that one will have to be on haitus for a month or so.聽

Kin_war Aug 7, 2021

oh i see you have made a tier system now, so allow me to stroll my way over

Fabiorios Jul 30, 2021

Hello author,So the story in another web is a hole new story or is a darker/hardcore vsersion for the same story,or the sabe bases but diferent character?clear.png

Slayer104 Author Jul 30, 2021

Entirely different but with incest of course. But I just kept no qualms in that one and wrote whatever came to my mind without any restrictions.聽

You can say the base remains free use but it's rather intenseclear.png

Z3R0 Jun 28, 2021

While I'm sad to hear that this story is not going to continue, it's good to hear that you you are writing another one. What's the name of the work on archiveofourown?聽

Slayer104 Author Jul 1, 2021 Please read all the tags carefully. Make sure that you are comfortable with all of then before you take a dive.

Z3R0 Jun 10, 2021

Hello Slayer. Just wanted to ask about when you are going to come back to writing. I hope you come back soon. This series is one of the best I've read and I would be very disappointed to see it discontinue. Stay healthy stay sexy

Slayer104 Author Jun 23, 2021

Thanks for the msg. I really never imagined this many people will read the story. Actually I have begun writing again but on a new project at archiveofourown. Everything was coming out too dark and gross(lol) and I am sure the people here won't want this story to go in that direction. Thus I created a new one where I can go to the extremes of my imagination without any restraints.聽

Slayer104 Author Jun 23, 2021

Regarding this story, I have many plot points in mind but it will have to wait till I am bored of the current one before I resume it again. Stay safe.

Lunaressence Apr 23, 2021

Are you going to drop the story?

Slayer104 Author Apr 23, 2021

Nahh I just have got no time for now. I will continue it after I get a break from my job.

Lunaressence Apr 23, 2021

Okay......I will be waiting.....clear.png

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