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Mar 30, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 30, 2021
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RakaDam Nov 11, 2022

Hey updated ones of APW... Is Amelia still alive... I'm currently on chapter 158.????

Grimanddark Nov 11, 2022

There is inherent problem with Aron and his harem: none of the girls and women love and cares about him a little. Why? Because if they love and care about him they would buy him out from slavery as this option is possible in every existing slave state in history, except for criminals turned slaves.

I can understand intention of author to keep MC as slave as long as possible, but he can use as a plot device a false accusation of mc in crime for example.

Maes Oct 26, 2022

I wonder how long it will take for Ryu to notice the awkwardness around him ??!!! shouldn't he be more sensitive to life mana towards her mother 馃馃え

I'm starting to smell the tragedy unfolding, honestly this is a sad thing to watch 馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ... and makes me less aroused馃き馃き馃き

Readerofharemandsmut Sep 17, 2022

Hello fellow cultured gentleman聽

SIGDRA21 Sep 3, 2022

Donde esta tus otras novelas?聽


Kurodarkwing Apr 24, 2022

Loool ya encontr茅 el doujin que se parece a esta historia, o al menos Amelia si, sin mencionar que es la foto de la portada, se llama "El secreto de la doncella en el santuario" loool

G-Man Mar 22, 2022

Give me fast updates man

LockeKreuz Mar 22, 2022

Yo! I really want to know one thing.When Ryu's mother or other women when they have sex can't they get pregnant?and how come they ain't pregnant.Also when and how women pregnant in perverted world.

hakalulu1 Mar 24, 2022

I think it maybe the world of willing pregnancy. In clear way when the women want only then they can get pregnant.聽 聽

MagicRex Mar 30, 2022

In one of the early chapters the dragon explains that he can't get women pregnant聽

Slaped Feb 5, 2022

Author, are you okay?聽

You left without saying anything, I was researching other networks and nothing, my little heart misses the weekly torture... he's a little masochist.
Anyway, I hope you're okay, I'll keep waiting for your return.
Slayer104 Author Feb 6, 2022

Haha.. yeah I am fine. Thanks for the concern. Also, I think you are not on Discord. For this week and the next, I am only posting on AO3. Normal releases will start after that.聽

Birane Dec 27, 2021

Discord link??聽

Slayer104 Author Dec 28, 2021

Mitrix Dec 19, 2021

El mc de necromancer es sadico?

Mitrix Dec 19, 2021

Esperando capitulos de awoep

Slayer104 Author Dec 19, 2021

AWOEP: Normal release after Christmas, 1 per week.

Nah.. necromancer MC is not a sadist.

Mitrix Dec 16, 2021

Que significa de uso gratuito?

Slayer104 Author Dec 16, 2021

Everyone is available for everyone else.

Mitrix Dec 16, 2021

No tienes mas paginas para sequirte? Por ejemplo discord..

Mitrix Dec 16, 2021

La historia de necromancer esperare hasta que tenga mas capitulos

KTTK99 Dec 4, 2021

Hello author did you wrote any other book other than this one and the other on archive where there is no ntr(netorare,netorase,sharing his wifes) becouse of this ntr many people quit reading and drop and can you write one where there is no ntr(netorare,netorase,sharing his wifes)

Slayer104 Author Dec 4, 2021

Simply speaking my work is not for guys who are new to the smut genre. I write for experienced readers like myself, who are bored by the usual stuff. I don't have any issues with people dropping off citing ntr. Its just a waste of both our times if anyone desires exclusivity of (all) females in a universe that I have defined for my stories.聽

With that said, you might try the necromancer story. It's not as much of a free use world as my other two stories.

Slayer104 Author Dec 4, 2021

I will simplify it further for any new reader.

APW:- Free use world with some exclusive partners.

AO3:- no boundaries. Anything can happen, depends on my mood.

Necromancer:- Sex is not a taboo topic but it's not a free use universe.

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