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Mar 31, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 31, 2021
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New Author who just recently found that writing is a quite fun activity to do.




Ariz May 18, 2023

Do you have any illustration of eroge ?

Xeoz Author May 20, 2023

In my discord.

Aldrich_Sama May 4, 2023

That's unexpected to me馃槮 And i'm glad web novel contracted you馃帀馃帀.聽

But I think you should inform the others as maybe they think that it got drop. The story was great though馃グ. Anyways, congratulations 馃帀馃帀

Xeoz Author May 7, 2023

Oh yeah, I forgot. Thanks for reminding me xD

Aldrich_Sama May 3, 2023

Hello, by any chance that you're going to continue your other novel? That you just going to finish eroge first before switching to others?聽

Xeoz Author May 3, 2023

If you mean by FLG, I'm still continuing it, though it's on Webnovel because it was recently contracted by them. As for the other one, I dropped it.聽

Devil13 Apr 20, 2023

聽good luck for the job hunt 馃憤

But will you continue the novel after getting the job?聽

Xeoz Author Apr 21, 2023

Of course.聽

Devil13 Apr 20, 2023

are you getting a job?聽

Xeoz Author Apr 20, 2023

Ah yeah, trying to.

Devil13 Apr 18, 2023

Are you alrightclear.png? You have stopped updating eroge and stopped updating fate love game in webnovel for 2 days as well

Xeoz Author Apr 20, 2023

Ah, just some life stuff happening. Interviews and such.聽

Devil13 Apr 2, 2023

Thanks for continuing the novel and i hope you are alright聽clear.png

Xeoz Author Apr 3, 2023

clear.pngclear.pngclear.png聽I appreciate the message.聽

Dakota3602 Nov 1, 2022

Happy Halloweenclear.png

Xeoz Author Nov 12, 2022

Slr, Happy Halloween!

TheKerberos Jul 5, 2022

I hope you're still holding on and recovering well.

Commin2aMiddle May 14, 2022

Hang in there! This is just a reminder that you are not alone. I am not asking for chapters, but showing my support. Take your time and take it in baby steps.

dJava May 7, 2022

GWS man.

Keep strong and take a brave step forward. Either for yourself, or for your departed parents, or for your other families, or for your possibly future families.

Dont let it getting worse and drown you.

Wuxtor May 1, 2022

How you holding up man?

Xeoz Author May 4, 2022

Honestly, I don't know... I thought I was okay, but there at times when I will go back to zero. Thanks for asking.

Anime12 Apr 8, 2022

Sorry for your loss hope you feel better take your time and come back when your head is clear

Anime12 Mar 19, 2022

When were you upload a new chapter fate loves game where did you drop it

Xeoz Author Mar 19, 2022

Next week, I just got busy editing.聽

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    New Author who just recently found that writing is a quite fun activity to do.




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