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Apr 16, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 16, 2021
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The_Autistic_Gamer · May 6, 2024

It has been nearly 9 months since the latest chapter of WMW. Are you still writing it?

Has2Win · Author · May 6, 2024

At the moment, that would be difficult. I'm still slowly typing up when I'm free but until I can regularly write, I'm going to have to wait. I'm confident in writing again by September but it's likely to be before that.

kinggould · Feb 27, 2024

 I love this

ZeroGiven40 · Feb 11, 2024

Thank you kindly for checking out my book. clear.png

ranaltor · Dec 27, 2023

Yeah no problem at all it just hadn't heard or it about anything and real life just likes to kick in the teeth when you're not looking at it

ranaltor · Dec 27, 2023

Are you all right I noticed you stopped writing in the middle of September

Has2Win · Author · Dec 27, 2023

Thank you but I'm currently dealing with a lot of financial and inheritance issues that have erupted lately. I really don't have the mental capacity to keep writing.

I'm hoping to free some time for this by March. I'm really sorry, especially after I claimed I would be writing again

IMG_cat · Aug 21, 2023

You good dude? Noticed you havent updated ina while. Seriously take your time, just curious

Has2Win · Author · Sep 13, 2023

I'm back, thanks for waiting

epoeck · May 23, 2023

Are you ok? Just worried about you

Has2Win · Author · May 23, 2023

Thank you, just a big point in my work career and family issues that I'm working to fix. It's just going to take time, I'm also feeling stressed from not updating and I want to get back to it just as badly as my readers.

Thank you for asking though, I really appreciate it.

The_Autistic_Gamer · Mar 20, 2023

The chapter that my notifications said you just posted doesn't match up with the current chapter amount, where are chapters 41 to 43?

The_Autistic_Gamer · Mar 20, 2023

It says that it is "Chapter 44 - The Stage is Set"

Has2Win · Author · Mar 20, 2023

Odd... I haven't posted it yet but I'll do 41 earlier anyway. Just give me few hours to get home first

The_Autistic_Gamer · May 11, 2023

Are you still writing WMW? Because chapters 42 and 43 are still missing.

Has2Win · Author · May 12, 2023

I put them up and I have stopped because my job had a lot going on for a while. I should be back to writing in another week or two

aidan_lo · Mar 11, 2023

first of all, wtf were you high on when you were writing about that masochist story. 

second of all, keep up the great work. can't wait for more stuff to read. have a great day. 

Has2Win · Author · Mar 11, 2023

I wasn't high but... I was hornyclear.png

And thank you, hope your day is great too!

aidan_lo · Mar 11, 2023

@Has2Win btw ur also no 30 on trending

Has2Win · Author · Mar 11, 2023


Tsuru · Dec 6, 2022

You are in ranking of main page. Congratz

Has2Win · Author · Dec 6, 2022

Really?! Thank you! I'll go check it out!

Edit: ...I check it out and I realised I really need to hurry with the novel's image.

Tsuru · Dec 6, 2022

That is also what i wanted to say but it would feel bad to say it so didn't.

You are probably the first author to be happy and facepalming at same time when appearing on front page.

Spellsword99 · Mar 30, 2022

The novel?

Has2Win · Author · Mar 31, 2022

I might take some time but I assure you that I haven't dropped it

Tsuru · Dec 14, 2021

It is quite sad we don't see lot of "female protag become a guy and like girls/women".

There are some rare series where a guy become a girl and fall for a dude, but reverse ? NOPE.

Has2Win · Author · Dec 14, 2021

Probably because nobody writes about a gay guy turning into a girl, it's a good plot idea for those who are into that tho

Tsuru · Dec 16, 2021

Looks like you didn't understand my words... ><

Lot of romance everywhere. Which is fine itself as it's norm.

And you see some niche series where STRAIGHT MALE MC turn into a girl and fall of a guy later on.

But FEMALE MC->Male body where she already liked girls or straight and will like girls, we don't have that.

Has2Win · Author · Dec 17, 2021

No promises but I like the theme, so maybe in the future.

Spellsword99 · May 23, 2021

You forgot to put gender bender and girls love tags.

Tsuru · Dec 14, 2021

Yep Girls love tag is quite important.

Any yuri/futa series should makes this tag being quite obvious to see.

Has2Win · Author · Dec 14, 2021

I can only have 9 tags and they are all needed, I wanted to add the girls love one too but I couldn't.

Tsuru · Dec 16, 2021

Well, remove ecchi as there is already "smut". XD

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