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Apr 19, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 19, 2021
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svelric · Sep 5, 2023

Hello author

I've read what I can on your pat reon, as I can't join it, and for your question about the third character for Ken, I have an idea for you if you want.

As his first was from a movie, and the second a manga, why not having the third from a game and for that, I propose to you one of the coolest, and strongest of fighting games character : Rugal Bernstein.

I'm sorry if I've didn't write correctly but english is not my first language.

Diudisma · Jul 26, 2023

Te envié un mensaje directo clear.png

Shamiko · Feb 11, 2023

Yap yap!

Shamiko · Jun 11, 2023

Bro why did I write this??? clear.png

akaxkaxyap · Author · Jun 11, 2023

Lol.. Its fine.. Dont think too much

Shamiko · Jun 12, 2023

lol oki

URQT · Nov 29, 2022

I wish I could post this all in one but it wouldn't let me have more than 500 words, I would have had an almost full chapter's worth of message.

P.S read it from the bottom and up

URQT · Dec 4, 2022

but he made the things he changed to have a foundation of things from movies and games, like Jarvis for example instead of him bringing an AI from games or movies. I'm going to stop here, I am still trying to refind the novel, wherever he is I will find him, and the thing about Caliburn, have you seen the car in-game? almost all the vehicles from in-game do not have a windshield and you can't see through the vehicle from the outside cause it is made of metal.

URQT · Dec 4, 2022

but you can see out from the inside cause of nanite sensors, if you bring Caliburn from the game, it will not be street legal, and not only that but it will put you in the spotlight, cause people are going to take pictures and post it in social media.

akaxkaxyap · Author · Dec 4, 2022

I think i forgot to mention as Jarvis had already registered the car and it had become street legal. But yes I can understand there are loopholes and for that reason he brought out cayenne to his travel. That cakiburn car was a momentary thing. No, I wanted to know the views of public of this novel. I want to make it better because this is kind of like my dream project.

And about sigret. She isn't any love interest if that is what u are thinking 

URQT · Dec 4, 2022


URQT · Nov 29, 2022

Did you even read the first part of the review, I said I have followed your work for a little while now, and I have read every chapter since chapter 1, did I leave any review or comments before the latest chapter? I'm here for every update to read the story, I'm not here to sugarcoat my words to say all your work is great, some chapters are good and some are not, I wouldn't leave a review without reading it entirely.

what you are writing with sidget is cliche.

URQT · Nov 29, 2022

There are a lot of things I could have said more but i left a lot of gap so to not spoil it for people who is interested in reading, learn to take criticism and know that not everyone will say nice things about it.

URQT · Nov 29, 2022

Understand what forced or what's not, "speaking of assassins" do you understand what I'm saying? didn't you plays videos games to know there are assassin classes in general, it doesn't even have to be an Android.

URQT · Nov 29, 2022

Did I ask you for accelerate story progression? no, I understand he is already OP with what he has, what I've reviewed were things that he has done or could have, I never said he should get everything as well, you need to understand that readers have different point of view then the author right? I would expect you to know that judging you wrote Multiverse of Marvel.

URQT · Nov 29, 2022

What is Dignity? you know how you sent me a message about the review and you start judging me? that is dignity and self-respect, be it false, never the less it is still dignity that you have to message me to defend yourself, and start judging me instead.

URQT · Nov 29, 2022
And "Lol seems like you want to dominate everything." and here you are expecting everyone to like your novel without any criticism, Within my review, I never stated that he should dominate everything he sees, and you seem to be confused between Dignity and domination.
URQT · Nov 29, 2022

You seem to be confused, cool your head and read it calmly, first of all, sorry about the stars as I'm was writing from a phone, mistake on my part and it is fixed.

Now, you think that just because I reviewed your work and called out things that is plot holes and forced, and could be improved, you start judging me and by saying "You all expect everything from the get go."

Xaviiiiiiii · Aug 21, 2022

Question ,how far are you taking this ,cause I'm not gonna lie you kinda hyped me up with the conversation of those two ridiculous beings that stand at the top of two of my favorite verses ,so is it going omniversal ,cs thats what that Convo had me thinking 

akaxkaxyap · Author · Aug 21, 2022

It is far. With every of the Gods present in the multiverse. I won't leave it halfway and now I am in the last arc. 

carbonated_ninja · Jun 12, 2022

Aight brb gonna read 399 chapters. 

EthanPeh · Jun 5, 2022

You have no chill for posting so many chaps at once. clear.png Gonna binge this. Hope its good.clear.png

akaxkaxyap · Author · Jun 5, 2022

It's cringe in the beginning. The story is good in the later part 

jporter · Jun 1, 2022

not that i can do anything just didn't want to see work being stolen here's hoping you're you

akaxkaxyap · Author · Jun 1, 2022

Yeah it's me. Don't worry. I am fine with people publishing my work elsewhere as long as they don't copy from my patreon 

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