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Famous Author
Apr 23, 2021

Famous Author
Joined: Apr 23, 2021
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Sion_Dracul · May 20, 2024

Shame these stories could never be finished.

Dum-Dum · Feb 4, 2024

I just came back here after 2 years. Such a shame your story will never be finished, but the tale you tried to tell never be forgotten at least for me. R.I.P, you and your stories will be missed

IHASSHOTTY · Apr 21, 2023

R.I.P Mechaphobic, it’s a shame your stories will never be finished.

ToasterForkerAnonymous · Jun 16, 2023

Is it confirmed? Or are you just assuming he past away due to the pandemic?

IHASSHOTTY · Jun 16, 2023

It’s an educated guess.

Jfyish · Jan 23, 2023


monkeymongrel · Nov 2, 2022

Are they no longer writing anything? I have just finished only human and looks like it won't be giving another chapter any time soon.

filip · Oct 17, 2022

his wife killed himclear.png

Templary · Sep 6, 2022

You're healthy? nothing happened?

BroFreeze · Aug 6, 2022

Where r u? R u ded?

MadAdam73 · Jun 28, 2022

Still waiting for you.

Sadrak · Mar 1, 2022

Espero que vc não tenha morrido de covid, isso seria muito desagradável.

Karioszpl · Mar 1, 2022

the same here

Karioszpl · Feb 27, 2022

what happens you know when it will be an update?

Sadrak · Feb 14, 2022

I would like to know when you will write again I miss your stories

Booper150 · Nov 3, 2021

clear.png I come back to novel and it blew up! Congrats! clear.pngclear.png

Mechaphobic · Author · Nov 3, 2021

Yeah, it was a shock for me too while it was happening!

Caimito · Oct 15, 2021

Hello author I wish you recover from your slump soon I've binged Machine Lord, and I absolutely love how you depict Lena's yandereness and the setting is also imaginative and descriptive while it avoids overwhelming me with too much information. By the way do you recommend any good novels which I have what I'll tentatively call 'Mechaphobic Approved Yanderes'?

Mechaphobic · Author · Oct 15, 2021

Regressor instruction manual is one of the best I have read. Too many people rush into it and I feel like that is a mistake. There needs to be care and a reason to want to help the other person and that takes time to build. I plan to start posting again in the next day or two, I am currently at a beer festival on vacation.

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