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Apr 23, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 23, 2021
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(Work in Progress, might be scuffed)

Ruti · Oct 18, 2023

checked your total words and its at  861,437. just 138563 more for the mega one million milestone!clear.png

Teanam · Author · Oct 18, 2023

Probably need a bit more because the Author notes count for some reason, but that's quite something~ 

Could be around Chapter 100!

Ruti · Oct 18, 2023

1 million words on chapter 100clear.png

Ruti · Mar 18, 2024

929,100 words, so close!clear.png

Jaren475 · Jul 28, 2023

Got a Discord?

Teanam · Author · Jul 28, 2023

Just a private one. I decided long ago that I do not want to deal with the hassle xDD

Jaren475 · Jul 28, 2023

Fair enough

Jaren475 · Jul 16, 2023

Can I ask what you use for your character images?

Like those first three, the two of Sophia and one of Maya from before chapter 70 (I've only just reach 32)

Or if you've started using a different one since, then that instead

Pretty please? clear.png

Teanam · Author · Jul 16, 2023

What I use? What does that mean?

Every illustration in the stories is made by artists I commissioned.

Jaren475 · Jul 16, 2023

Seriously? Well, those two images of Sophia were certainly misleading- wait, ohh, I see, you replaced the old images with new ones, in which the human and tigerkin Sophia images were made at the same time?

Teanam · Author · Jul 16, 2023

Yeah, the first Sophia illustrations (including the tiger one) were made together and are quite stiff. (It was the first time I commissioned something and had no idea what I was doing xDD). Every other illustration, including the one in chapter 6 with Fen, should be quite clear to have been -drawn-.

Aschente · Jul 9, 2023

Oh shi- i got scared when i saw the chap end with a “End” since i havent got to last chap yet, since i have so many other novels to read, thank god for a continuation

calico · Jun 17, 2023

Any ideas on a next story?

Teanam · Author · Jun 17, 2023

The sequel to Boosted will start next month.

calico · Jun 17, 2023


Forgecoldiron · Apr 28, 2023

I just got an idea for an item the Chaos team might like to make and sell the idea. Magical noise makers. Imagine enchanting objects that can range from as harmless as music boxes to military flashbangs.

Truckkun · Apr 6, 2023

Yahoo, Sensei do you remember me? I am one of your fans. Actually I just recently started writing And I wanted you to judge my work (a fan fiction). Because I think your work is pretty amazing and I wanted some pointers and if possible a seal of approval too. 

Arigato gosaimasu clear.pngclear.png

Nero_Claudias · Mar 24, 2023

Can I ask when the action is. I like the fluffy but I want action also ?

Teanam · Author · Mar 24, 2023

Probably never? It's not marked as action, it doesn't have the action tag, and action was never planned or hinted at.

We'll get back to exploring eventually, but even then, action will at best accidentally happen.

Fluff is superior~

Nero_Claudias · Nov 25, 2022

What time you usually update this novel

Teanam · Author · Nov 25, 2022

Whenever I feel like it/am awake in the morning EU hours.

Nero_Claudias · Nov 22, 2022

Oh alright thanks you for replying my question clear.png

Nero_Claudias · Nov 21, 2022

You have discord server ?

Teanam · Author · Nov 22, 2022


Nero_Claudias · Nov 20, 2022

Can I ask do the MC is immortal or ageless ? It bit sad if MC died and leave fen alone clear.png

Teanam · Author · Nov 20, 2022

That becomes a topic really early in the story (within the first 20 chapters, if I remember right).


No sadness allowed in that regard


Hanger · Oct 27, 2022

I love your novel ❤️🍿 one of my favourite so far 👌🍿

Teanam · Author · Oct 28, 2022


Happy to hear!

Imaginarysmasher · Jan 1, 2022

I nearly die of cuteness every time I look at your profile and I'm OK with it... 

Teanam · Author · Jan 1, 2022

She has that power, yeah.

SorrowGrim · Apr 1, 2022

I kinda agree

General_Ackbar · Jun 13, 2022

Too true clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Closeranemone48 · Dec 24, 2021

Merry xmas!!clear.png

Teanam · Author · Dec 24, 2021

To you, too~ clear.pngclear.png

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