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Feb 25, 2019

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Joined: Feb 25, 2019
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flucket · Author · May 13, 2019
Current status:
Keyboard gotten, but hit some pacing issues and had to delete a whole ass chapter of work. New SHLO uuuuh hopefully next week. New SDT uuuuh well the latest chapter I'm writing is 12 pages long in GDocs and I have two more to go after this so. Y'know. Pray for me.

Might start a new story, look out for chapter teasers and a poll on NUF sometime in the future, but won't start a new story until at least the SDT chapter bomb is complete.
flucket · Author · May 5, 2019
Well, a/nywa/y, a/s you ca/n see my keyboa/rd is currently fucked beca/use whenever I hit the "a/" key, a/ "/" a/ppea/rs. Considering "a/" is a/ pretty prominent vowel, this ha/s rea/lly fucked over my a/bility to write. So until I ca/n a/fford a/ new keyboa/rd, um. Well, fuck, I dunno wha/t to sa/y, a/ll stories a/re on hia/tus I guess.
Lukha · May 5, 2019
Rippu bb I’ll pray for u lol
flucket · Author · Apr 29, 2019
SDT chapter bomb progress:
3/6(?) chapters written.
2/3 addendum written.

Mental state: so fuckin' ready to DIE.
BurntOnigiri · Apr 27, 2019
sorry wrong person
BurntOnigiri · Apr 27, 2019
What happened to "I’m Just A Mob, So Why Are The Hero And Villain Acting Like This?!" ? I put it on my reading list but it says it got deleted?
flucket · Author · Apr 24, 2019
She Died Twice is not going forgotten. I'm currently hoarding a bunch of chapters and plan to do a release bomb. ETA is [hand gesture].
flucket · Author · Mar 21, 2019
Update schedule as it currently stands for SHLO (Aus. timezone):
- Weekly updates every Tuesday.
- Bi-weekly update every second Friday.
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