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Well-Known Author
May 20, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: May 20, 2021
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A poor dude who only has PS2 as his one and only console.

plot_xc · Sep 14, 2023

you are offline for some time and i hope you are fine, i was just curious why evil lord doens't have updates but i think you are having some problems

BlackChaos · Jun 5, 2023

What about evil lord novel?

Idiot444 · Jan 19, 2023

I think they contracted Ligma...

Ruizu · Sep 10, 2022

Hope you're doing fine Author-san.

Ruizu · May 29, 2022

When's the new chapter going to be release mr/ms author

idontknowwhoiam · Feb 9, 2022

Do you have a discord server?

Zimrence · Author · Feb 9, 2022

Yes, but the server is dead.

idontknowwhoiam · Feb 9, 2022

No, send an invite my way.

ConcubusBunny · Oct 27, 2021

What is QQ, saw it in your novels description and had to ask

Zimrence · Author · Oct 27, 2021

Question Questing forum

Ray_Ghost_FACTORY · Jul 15, 2021

Yo! I just came from webnovel, I just wanna ask, which one I is I must read between adventure in nasuverse?

Zimrence · Author · Jul 15, 2021

The one which doesn't have (Rewrite is out) in the title. But seriously, don't. It is one of my dark secret.

Ray_Ghost_FACTORY · Jul 15, 2021

Is pretty good tough

Ray_Ghost_FACTORY · Jul 15, 2021

Are you gonna continue Oswald story?

Zimrence · Author · Jul 16, 2021

Yes. Slow but I am still writing it.

Ray_Ghost_FACTORY · Jun 9, 2021

so you indeed change the cover.

but why that red chick remind me of a trap dragon

Zimrence · Author · Jun 9, 2021

Atisse, right?

As a man of culture myself, of course, I know about the trap dragon clear.png

But, the girl here is Himeko from Honkai Impact 3rd.

Ray_Ghost_FACTORY · Jun 9, 2021


but you can't lie that cover look alike

Zimrence · Author · Jun 9, 2021


Agentt · Jun 5, 2021

Grrr. Another person who joined after me and got to trending.

Take this Congratulations and be happy, damn you.

Zimrence · Author · Jun 5, 2021


Agentt · Jun 5, 2021

*pats angrily*

Truesayer · May 21, 2021

And I am one of ur hardcore fans a author 

Truesayer · May 21, 2021

Stop insulting word magic I am a a fan of this series limit, restriction on word magic the what nonsense ur spouting 

SerikoLee · May 21, 2021

Please respect the author choice in story making but you can tell how you feel about concept , development and etc.

Some authors here work and put away some of their free time to publish a story they made up or trying out a story concept.

If you are  demanding something , demand  the lore for the plot holes that are found within the story the author made while mistakes should be called out.

This is my opinion but please respect others as you respect yourself

Zimrence · Author · May 22, 2021

I knew I would get a lot of hate from the readers because of the nerf. And I want to keep it that way. That magic is way too OP and MC won't have challenges during his Multiverse Travels. It will get boring quickly if it keeps going on like that. clear.png

SerikoLee · May 22, 2021

True that Zimerence 

idontknowwhoiam · Feb 9, 2022

You really shouldn't have suddenly nerfed the skill like that. I know it sounds wrong coming from a reader, but you should've rewritten that part instead. A random downgrade due to a random reason is...not very good for the story.

Vicky · May 21, 2021

clear.png Welcome to scribble hub 

Zimrence · Author · May 21, 2021

Thank you for the warm welcome! clear.png

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    A poor dude who only has PS2 as his one and only console.

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