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May 21, 2021

Joined: May 21, 2021
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Ilikewaterkusa Jun 4, 2022

Any last words before I get deported to the Philippines for 2 weeks?

Aimzay Jun 4, 2022

Good luck, hope you don鈥檛 die, I need more bible entries Lord Cruz 馃槱

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 4, 2022

Today I fly

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 2, 2022

Glad that I've left the scribble discord. There was way too much retards and degenerates on there to count.聽 It was practically the complete antithesis of what a writing community should be in terms of all virtue and practice. A writing community should be sacred and abstinent of all sins and vices. It must be one that upholds the esoteric values created in a work.聽

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 2, 2022

It must be more than one that satisfies the flesh in moments, it must be one that burns and refines the flesh into eternal accomplishment.聽

Aimzay Jun 2, 2022

Bro didn鈥檛 you get banned for your basedness 馃え

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 2, 2022

Nope lol. Also I think there's enough chapters for you to give a call on the Civvy rewrite

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 1, 2022

The worst month of the year has begun. Time to get lectured about how pedo rights are an essential part of our democracy and is a right that we shall hold up

Aimzay Jun 1, 2022

oh no聽

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 2, 2022

Hello I'm some random corporation and I'll exclusively be supporting gay rights over this month. Don't question what I have to gain from it, and I'm totally not doing it since everyone else is doing it. Also look at how tolerant and accepting I am! It's not like we are coming for your children

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 1, 2022

I accidentally broke a door with my foot鈥

Ilikewaterkusa Jun 1, 2022

Don鈥檛 be stupid! Be a smartie! Come and join the discord party!

Ilikewaterkusa May 30, 2022

鈥淲orkers of the world unite! As you have nothing to lose other than your shackles!鈥澛

Ilikewaterkusa May 30, 2022

Hint on what the next series will be

Ilikewaterkusa May 30, 2022

Forgetting to release stories so I鈥檒l just release them on a marathon lol

Aimzay May 29, 2022

Enjoy my credit card info ;)

Ilikewaterkusa May 29, 2022


SerikoLee May 30, 2022

Bruh, don't just don't

Ilikewaterkusa May 28, 2022

I will exclusively become a Wattpad writer

Unknowingly May 28, 2022


lbark36 May 28, 2022

I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 a good idea聽

Aimzay May 26, 2022

After god knows how long of procrastination, I shall now humbly grace your discord server with my presence.

Ilikewaterkusa May 28, 2022

You didn鈥檛 join it

Aimzay May 28, 2022

I kinda forgot聽

Ilikewaterkusa May 28, 2022

He forgoe

Ilikewaterkusa May 26, 2022

Scribble retards decided to hold back Shadi but here it is.

Ilikewaterkusa May 26, 2022

Watching an anime movie on my discord 10 minutes from now.

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