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May 22, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 22, 2021
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Feel free to comment anytime.

I have Wisher Beware channel on @Tounokuraikenja Discord:

Snusmumriken · Author · Dec 16, 2021

Epilogue will be in a couple of hours. Still writing it (4k words done).

Aliosius · Dec 16, 2021

Take your time clear.png

Snusmumriken · Author · Nov 3, 2021

Gonna be a few hours later again. I was busy all weekend and i don't wanna rush trying to finish it. Would still be on Thursday.

ddz · Nov 3, 2021

Nooooooooooo. My drug dose...clear.png

LuXiya · Nov 4, 2021


Redbob33 · Nov 4, 2021

Take as much time as you need. If it has to be late then so be it. I will wait. 

Snusmumriken · Author · Oct 21, 2021

Chapter will be later today. Apologies.

LuXiya · Oct 21, 2021


Bobbert · Oct 21, 2021

clear.png  That's okay.  We appreciate all you do.  Just please don't burn yourself out clear.png

Maydae010401 · Aug 15, 2021

Loving the new Artwork for wisher beware, I literally binge read the entire series last night, I finished the last chapter and Bam! Its 05:00 am somehow, can't wait for the next chapter great stuffclear.png

Snusmumriken · Author · Aug 15, 2021

Yeah, I just got the cover finalized! so I rushed it to be updated as fast as possible, Ill drop a bigger picture later on.

Snusmumriken · Author · Aug 1, 2021

I just got a new channel for Wisher Beware on a discord: Feel free to ask questions there, if you so desire.

DrJam · Aug 17, 2021

Looks like that discord invite expired, any chance of a new one?clear.png

Snusmumriken · Author · Aug 17, 2021

I didn't realise that was a temporary one here you go:

Snusmumriken · Author · Jul 8, 2021

The first chapter of a weekly schedule. Since they won`t be that often anymore i will just put them around this time. Next one will be in a week from now. I will give heads up when i will have extra chapters.

Boarsage · Jul 8, 2021

What chapter?

Snusmumriken · Author · Jul 8, 2021

Ugh, I think SH servers are struggling. Perhaps ill post the one next week half an hour later. Try this:

Boarsage · Jul 8, 2021

It's cool, was being unnecessarily snarky.

Snusmumriken was my fave btw.

Snusmumriken · Author · Jul 8, 2021

Thank you, I liked him the most too, and as far as I could tell so did the author - her boyfriend at the time was used as the source for the character.

Snusmumriken · Author · Jun 27, 2021

Well, with today's chapter we are officially past the 100k words! 

Snusmumriken · Author · Jun 14, 2021

80k done! albeit a bit later than expected due to the new schedule.  Should be 90k by the end of the week/beginning of the next.

ZerothKing · Jun 20, 2021


Snusmumriken · Author · Jun 9, 2021

Since I hit 70k words and the vote seems obvious, the next chapter will be a transition chapter: It will be posted a bit later 17 hours or so. but it will be a double-length chapter instead of 5k words. 

The one after that will be on a new schedule.

The 80k goal by the weekend remains unchanged

Snusmumriken · Author · Jun 6, 2021

A-a-and here comes 60k...well 61k. next target is 80k words.

DevilMuffMuffin · Jun 6, 2021


Snusmumriken · Author · Jun 6, 2021

@DevilMuffMuffin wait until you learn my future plans!

Snusmumriken · Author · May 31, 2021

With the latest chapter I am finally over 40k words: 

Hopefully will hit 60k by next weekend

DevilMuffMuffin · May 31, 2021


Gacha · Jun 4, 2021


Snusmumriken · Author · May 24, 2021

Decided to add isekai genre to my story. While no teleportation, transmigration or reincarnation has occurred the style of the story does revolve around a character that is experiencing a world from an outsider's perspective.

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    Feel free to comment anytime.

    I have Wisher Beware channel on @Tounokuraikenja Discord:

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