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Well-Known Author
May 23, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: May 23, 2021
Followers: 50
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Comments: 677

I love Yuri stories and isekai.

ZeroGiven40 Feb 5, 2024

Thank you kindly for checking out my book. 馃榿聽

Venusaur26 Dec 23, 2022

You鈥檙e alive!

Ludo Aug 2, 2022

Turn magical girl into yours pets


Eiii May 21, 2022

If someday, you read my series called "I Don't Want To Be Lonely Anymore" Do you think, those two have a chance become a lover?


(I'm still waiting on your Fox Princess, hahaha)

Ryuujisan Author May 21, 2022

sad this story is not yuri :(

Ryuujisan Author May 21, 2022

Fox princess i want publish 2-3chapter on next week. work steel my time

Eiii May 21, 2022

Sorry to say but聽


I like yuri, so every series I will write, will have yuri, haha. Maybe not every series will have yuri

Ryuujisan Author May 10, 2022

Hi im still sick sry for na update

May 8, 2022

Thanks for reading my novel! (And please don't drop it... I will post new chaps in July.)

May 8, 2022

Also, I see you're also another... R-18... Girl's Love author.

Ryuujisan Author May 8, 2022

I follow only one religion Yuri <3

May 8, 2022

Let's see what is your style...

Liber8T May 20, 2022

My nakamaclear.png

Rita152 May 4, 2022

Is Goddess of Thunder聽a Fanfiction or not? The synopsis states you'll try to capture different anime characters yet the story isn't marked as a FanFiction.

Ryuujisan Author May 4, 2022

Honestly if I have to be precise it's a hybrid between the original story and fanfic, I'm doing a cross between other series what corem is sakuroso, more of a theme because if it doesn't go like the original.聽

Ryuujisan Author May 4, 2022

I'll take a character from a particular anime/manga/novel, but will I use the whole story etc? A good example is Yumeko or her sister besides her quirk for gambling her story is completely different from the original. That's the truth as many people as many definitions of FanFiction.

auksin May 2, 2022

Dude I enjoy the premise of your story but the grammar man is killing the whole vibe. Plus you don鈥檛 describe your characters. I understand they鈥檙e from popular anime but I keep having to looking up the names to picture them.聽

auksin May 2, 2022

The conversations are kinda sloppy too with some dialogue with 鈥溾 and the next its 鈥樷. Your main character also gained a new race and gender and you just skip over it. The scene with jene and the shower straight to the kitchen is pretty bad man . It鈥檚 very confusing . Blob DizzyBut the premise is cool . This is all about your goddes of thunder story.聽

Dr3stator Mar 30, 2022

Will there be aby updates soon?聽

Ryuujisan Author Apr 24, 2022

On this week i want update my old story

Mortrexo Feb 19, 2022

Thank you for the review!

teasystemdragon Feb 12, 2022

Thanks for the follow!

You read it all so quickly...


Ryuujisan Author Feb 12, 2022

I got so hooked that I ended up at 5 in the morning

Ryuujisan Author Jan 30, 2022

i write half chapter fox princes but im sick publish will be delay mon-thu

Venusaur26 Dec 1, 2021

Are you alive?

I need more!

delete_user_26805 Sep 15, 2021

Are you alive?

I want more fox princess and magical girl!聽clear.png

Ryuujisan Author Oct 3, 2021

i have hard time to work. Fox i write half chapter magical girl 1/4. and finish chapter halfDragon half succub

Ryuujisan Author Jun 26, 2021

Return from Holliday and today publish fox princess tomorrow 2 chapter magical girl聽

delete_user_26805 Jul 27, 2021

Where is it?

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    I love Yuri stories and isekai.

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