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May 28, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: May 28, 2021
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“Surely there must be limits to which one may sink”

Nakahara · · Author · Aug 10, 2022

Finally I turned 18 and now I can set up my own Kofi account.

Donating is optional, but it would all go to pay a bit for college.

Stack333 · Aug 6, 2022

I've been reading a ton of villain novels lately but your translation of "I Started As A Novel Villain" is so excellently done that I may have a hard time going back to the MTL stories after I run out of chapters haha

Thank you.  

marcus-beta · Jun 30, 2022

"What To Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes to Reality" looks interesing, I will make sure to take a look when reach 40 chapters :) 

Ruizu · Jun 25, 2022

Mr/ms author  will you be updating your other series?  

Nakahara · Author · Jun 26, 2022

which one exactly?

Ruizu · Jun 26, 2022

Starting from receiving 7 billion red envelope Mr/ms author

Nakahara · Author · Jun 26, 2022

I'm honestly not sure about it. However, if I do, it would only be one or two chapters a week.

Ruizu · Jun 26, 2022

I hope you can update it even if it's 1 chapter a week mr/ms author, reading the mtl make my  brain hurtsclear.png

Skorn · Jun 9, 2022

Good luck with graduationclear.png

Lustlord · May 17, 2022

Good work 

WorldofASH · Mar 27, 2022

Just wanted to let you know, love your work! Fantastic translations!clear.png

JiaZi · Mar 24, 2022

Yo, just a message of appreciation. You doing god's work man. Thanks for all the translations, esp the I started as a novel villain!clear.png

Booper150 · Feb 8, 2022

nakahara fan club moment!!!

Kenjona · Jan 5, 2022

I would like to thank you for your translations, they are excellent. Especially for someone like me who can get thrown off easily in a work if the numbers get skewed ridiculously, when measurements are not changed correctly, only their names.  Such as Yuan/Dollar/Euro, Catty/Pound/Kilogram or Li/Mile/Kilometer.

Booper150 · Dec 30, 2021

link ur kofi or something

Nakahara · Author · Dec 30, 2021

I don't do Kofi or Patreon donations. This is simply a hobby and something I like to do before my life becomes incredibly busy, a way to remember what I accomplished and provided to the world. 

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    “Surely there must be limits to which one may sink”

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