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May 29, 2021

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Joined: May 29, 2021
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purple bunnies.

Felix921 · Author · Sep 19, 2022

Nerdcam Chapter 7 up

Felix921 · Author · Sep 1, 2022

Nerdcam Chapter 6 posted.

Felix921 · Author · Aug 9, 2022

Nerdcam Chapter 5 posted.

Felix921 · Author · Jul 8, 2022

So... finally got that next chapter of Wyrm's Curse up.

Felix921 · Author · Jun 5, 2022

(Been writing on an actual novel, so haven't been doing the smut thing so much.)

Thatsnoreason · Jun 5, 2022

Good luck and looking forward to the novel. clear.png

Felix921 · Author · Jun 5, 2022

Wrote a little on Wyrm's Curse... think this one is going to be a long chapter, but maybe it just seems that way.

Felix921 · Author · Apr 12, 2022

And, bc I didn't feel like sleeping yet, new chapter of Succubus Sabbatical up.  If anyone reads it, lemme know what you think.

Felix921 · Author · Apr 12, 2022

Sorry so slow... making some progress on Wyrm's Curse after all this time.  Also, a second chapter of Succubus Sabbatical.

Felix921 · Author · Mar 15, 2022

Aaand new chapter up for Nerdcam.

Felix921 · Author · Mar 13, 2022

Getting back to writing little by little.  Making some progress on the next chapter of Nerdcam.

ConcubusBunny · Mar 13, 2022


Felix921 · Author · Feb 27, 2022

Thanks for the kind words.  realized i had some stuff for Dirtnap and went ahead and posted that.  Hopefully more soon.

Felix921 · Author · Feb 27, 2022

sorry all - been struggling with some real health issues.  would love to be writing more.

Irlina · Feb 27, 2022

Don't go worrying about it. Your health is more important. 

Thatsnoreason · Feb 27, 2022

Rest easy don't worry. May your health recover well. Being sick is suck.

Felix921 · Author · Feb 9, 2022

need to stop juggling and focus on one thing lol.  There are chapters for Wyrm's Curse, Succubus Sabbatical, Nerdcam, and The Lizard in the works.  Any votes on which one I should prioritize?

Thatsnoreason · Feb 10, 2022

My Fav is Succubus Sabbatical but that's also the oldest from last updated from the list. Good luck!

Felix921 · Author · Feb 3, 2022

wow, i managed to forget I hadn't posted Nerdcam Chapter 3 on here yet.  So that's up now.  I've just started writing on chapter 4, but I'm working on other stories as well, so can't promise how soon that'll be done.

Felix921 · Author · Jan 23, 2022

A third short chapter on Dirtnap.  I'm not actually bothering with chapters in the story, so I'm just kind of chopping it into bits and posting as chapters for the sake of convenience.

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    purple bunnies.

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