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Rising Author
May 30, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: May 30, 2021
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Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Feb 20, 2024

Wow i write more n failed all of them. But at least i got myself Skyrim ff

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Dec 28, 2023

Hey guys, just want to let you guys know ive been writing like crazy on a new series, ff, Fallout (3) series. 

Maybe you guys will be reading it in the near future. 

I am having so much fun writing it. I write many series, many failed, few got some writing in it. 

This is probably the only that i can turn into a series of 30-50 chapter easily.

If you like my first and only work, think you guys would like this one as well. I hope you guys stay around

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Jun 11, 2023

Everytime I write a fanfiction story that involve a single love interest, deep inside me wanted it to have multiple fucking love interest.  I am sorry and not sorry.

Vongrak · Jul 8, 2023

That's understandable. Having a bunch of cool characters make it really tempting to add them all. They're just so cool right?

I would offer this counterpoint. Adding too many harem members means the cool characters we already have don't have a proper chance to shine! And I like those ones more because not only are they cool, but I'm invested in them. 

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Mar 8, 2023

In case you wondering. Ya still working on it. I want to finish writing the arc only then will i statt to publish it. Good thing I didn't accept patreon or else i feel like i rob you guys money lol

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Jan 20, 2023

Hey guys I'm back, sry for lack of update and so many empty promises. After many times of thoughts, I finally concluded that i am not satisfied with my w.i.p chapter. Im not abandon it, but im gonna redo them,the chapters i have yet to release that is.

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Sep 28, 2022

Aight guys. It is official, i am now working and the schedule update will be once a year. clear.png

Jk. Maybe once a month. K bye.

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Aug 20, 2022

But again, it was quite an addiction, playing the game a bit too much lol.

Truly a blessing in disguise.

So you guys can expect more weekly update lel.

Sorry for lack of update. Really got into the game too much.

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Jul 6, 2022

I say Chapter 19 is around 90% finish, or even 95%. Just a few tweak and one more reread.

Also, I'm very tempted of downloading Skyrim just so I can install KS Hairdos to create and design the female character series LOL

Seriously, if you look up KS Hairdos, they have so many beautiful unique hairstyle.

FK IT. IM installing Skyrim, again.

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Jul 3, 2022

Hey guys. I back. clear.png (sorry for the hiatus. It was longer than expected)

Im almost finishing editing the chapter. With 6.5k words, after grammarly edit. Few more edits and proof read and we good to go.
Also, I'm thinking of putting character glossary, to remind people about the character.
Hill28 · Jul 9, 2022

FINALLYYYY! welcome back!

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Jul 3, 2022

A problem with hiatus story is that people tend to forgot who is who and what is their backstory and such.

So do consider give me a tips, suggestions and criticism and such.

I will obviously put it in the story glossary section and publish a chapter dedicate of the character maybe, or maybe just a rewind for a lack of better word.

Will looking forward of you guys reading it.

Krishu · Jun 3, 2022

Ooi. Write something will ya please

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Jun 4, 2022


*work in progress

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Mar 30, 2022

30 March.

Now, my phone screen is completely broken. What started as a small spot in the corner of the screen ends with covering 99% of the screen. No progress writing in any series, probably not until I bought a new phone. Sorry guys.

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Mar 24, 2022

Sorry guys, I have a unfortunate announcement to make. I'm dropping the series. K'bye.

CielAraragi · Mar 24, 2022

man is it true ?clear.png

Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Mar 24, 2022

Hey guys, I just want to say sorry for not updating, it because my phone screen cracked and most of my story progression comes from me typing on my phone while sitting on a toilet.

Week ago, half of the keyboard screen was covered with this blue ink, which basically mean the screen is damage but now, more than 85% of the screen is covered with blue pixil.
So now I'm just gonna write on my computer but the progression will be slowed. Forget 1 chapter a week, probably 1 chapter a month.
Bobisekaibulshitto · Author · Mar 24, 2022

Also I'm gonna one last message as a prank that I'm gonna drop the story. haha xd. So no, in case you here lurking in my profile to confirm did I actually drop the series.
No. I guess I'm on a hiatus for several month or maybe longer.
CielAraragi · Mar 24, 2022

tf man clear.png

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