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May 30, 2021

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Rising Author
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Joined: May 30, 2021
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Just a mostly blind guy writing a couple of stories.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Mar 8, 2023

I have Covid and will be out comission for roughly a week.

Tsuno · Mar 9, 2023

Oh no! Take rest.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Mar 20, 2022

Taking a short break until April 1st. RR's writathon should be starting then and I want to be well rested for it.  The two weeks of missed content will be 'made up' during the event, so everything should work out. I wasn't planning on taking two weeks originally, but this past week was hell for getting writing done, so rather than stressing to meet the self imposed deadlines, I opted for starting ym break early.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Jan 23, 2022

Bacl from my break and just woke up from an impromtu nap. I'll b uploading Ogre Tyrant in a little bit and mana SOul about twenty minutes after.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Jan 2, 2022

Will be uploading Ogre Tyrant and Mana Soul's latest chapter in a bit.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Dec 20, 2021

Uploading latest chapters now.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Dec 11, 2021

Uploading Ogre Tyrant now, mana Soul will be a bit longer.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Dec 4, 2021

Uploading OT in a few minutes. MS will be approx a half hour after that, because that's how long it takes to recolour that amount of text for SH.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Nov 30, 2021

Uploading latest content now, OT first then MS. I have taken on board some proofreaders so I will most likely be posting to Scribble hub Same Day or Day After Royal Road in future.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Nov 21, 2021

Will be posting up the next chapter for Ogre Tyrant and Mana Soul within the next few hours. Just finishing draft work on other chapters and waiting for my brother to update any corrections on RR first.

Blind_Watcher · Author · Nov 12, 2021

Next release will be another double chapter release. I think I will release Ogre Tyrant the same day as RR, Sat my time Adelaide, since it is very copy paste friendly. Mana Soul might have to wait a couple of days for the most obvious errors to get outted first, but I am setting a desktop alarm this time so I won;t forget. xD

Readerofharemandsmut · Nov 11, 2021

Hey author love the story, keep it up clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Tsuno · Nov 10, 2021

Is everything alright?  I missed you a couple weeks.  No author's note .

Blind_Watcher · Author · Nov 11, 2021

Time got away from me while writing, for which I apologise. Royal Road is having a writathon again and I have been spending most of my time writing. Updating Scribblehub slipped my mind as I lost track of time. just completed updating Ogre Tyrant, Mana Soul will take a while longer.

DUSKDEADMAN · Sep 8, 2021

Keep up the good work!  Ignore the guy below.  Do what you want.

Reisinling · Sep 6, 2021

Man. For the love of god. Split your chapters! Why would you go against reason and write 13k words chapters on web series website. 2-3k max, anything longer than that is really too much for most people, and you are less often on new releases page which reduces chances of people discovering your story.

Tsuno · Nov 10, 2021

I like long chapters.  Unless it's smut.  

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    Just a mostly blind guy writing a couple of stories.

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